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Climbing and outdoor genre talented media, blogs and news gather here.

Not only can you access all broadcast articles, but also experts and media writers, as well as reader-participated pickup comments and real-time point evaluation can be checked in one place at the same time.

Yamamedia is a media for people who love mountain climbing and the outdoors, as a base for readers to enjoy articles in each field and a platform for registered members to distribute content.

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The popular outdoor brand eco bag is now a magazine appendix! This is Heavy Rote confirmed

The appendix of "Otona Mews July issue" is an oversized cash register bag from LL Been! A popular outdoor brand's bag ...

Immediately before the ban on fishing, about the size of ayu released around fishing "Enjoy the outdoors at Corona"

June XNUMX is the ban on sweetfish fishing. On the XNUMXst just before the Kamo River in Saijo city, fishing-sized ayu was released. body…

Shizuoka police continue to search for mountain distress or missing man going to mountain climbing

A XNUMX-year-old man from Yaizu who left home saying he would climb a mountain on the morning of the XNUMXth was missing and the police are searching ...

For mountaineers, "Please" reserve a mountain hut. Choose mountains with reduced difficulty "Shinshu safe mountaineering action" Toyama, Yamanashi ...

Nagano completed the request for consideration of suspension of the mountain hut at the end of May, and after June, the principle of advance reservation for mountain huts and climbers ...

A XNUMX-year-old woman was found in distress at Shichikashuku

A XNUMX-year-old woman from Shiraishi City was successfully discovered. On the morning of the XNUMXth, the woman said, "I will go hiking alone in Mt.

Enjoy the outdoors ♪ Smile and cheers at Kobe Mt. Rokkosan

A tourist facility on Mt. Rokko (Nada-ku, Kobe), which had been closed for about two months due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, is open on the 2th ...


There are more than 2000 records registered, including accommodation related to mountain areas such as mountain huts throughout the country, and numerous mountains including Japan's Hyakumeiyama and Hyakutenhanayama of flowers.

One of the things you ca n’t miss is the “Mountain and Mountain Weather Forecast”. Pinpoint weather forecast for mountain huts and mountain peaks.

Time series forecasts every 24 hours up to 1 hours, detailed forecasts every 48 hours every 6 hours, and detailed long-term forecasts displayed every day up to 8 days ahead. From the PC, weather reports can also be printed on 1 sheets.

All of these can be used free of charge at any time for 24 hours without registration.

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6月1日キャンプ場再オープン! 休暇村裏磐梯キャンプ場ご利用予定のお客様⋯

Kyukamura Urabandai-2020 year 5 month 31 day (Sun) 16 hour 35 minute

ホテルニセコアルペン 2020夏季営業開始のお知らせ

2020年5月2日(土)よりメンテナンス、臨時休館しておりましたホテルニセコアルペンですが 2020年6月1日(月)より夏季営業を開始いたし⋯

Niseko Grand Hirafu-2020 year 5 month 31 day (Sun) 12 hour 0 minute

I found a telephone interview article with Sayaro Yuki

Currently, the Matsumoto City Museum of Art is holding a special exhibition "Sayaro Yuki's Now". I am very happy that the period will be extended until July 7th (Sun). Today May 12st ⋯

New Matsumoto story-2020 year 5 month 31 day (Sun) 11 hour 41 minute

Mt. Yoteizan, Niseko area

The winter season has begun. Winter Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut). (Photo taken by Hideki Kondo on December 2019, 12)
It is sunny and sometimes cloudy
2020/05/29It's cloudy and sunnyNoneIt was cloudy from the morning, but it started to shine from the afternoon.
2020/05/29It is sunny and sometimes cloudyNoneIt was sunny and pleasant throughout the day.
2020/05/27Rain sometimes cloudy10 to less than 20 cmIt rained all day.

Mt. Yoteizan, Niseko area

The winter season has begun. Winter Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut). (Photo taken by Hideki Kondo on December 2019, 12)
It is sunny and sometimes cloudy
It's cloudy and sunny
It was cloudy from the morning, but it started to shine from the afternoon.

The PC will display 1 weeks.

mikketa listed facilities


Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut)

It is located at the entrance of Shikotsu Toya National Park Mt. It is a quiet and green environment. Mt. Mt. Yotei mountain climbing, trekking to Lake Half Moon, and Mt. Yotei mountain back country skiing can also approach directly based on Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut).


GearBank (Gearbank) is a long-established store specializing in outdoor products in Kanda Jinbocho, Tokyo.

Sakai ya Sports Rakuten market storeBased on the products handled in, you can check gears while looking at product prices and inventory information, as well as original reviews by experts in each field. It ’s easy to buy the gear you ’re interested in.

[New 1 rank] ○ Jack Wolf Skin W1111141_6000 · Stormy Point Jacket Men (Black) [65% OFF]

6800 Yen (tax included) [PORTALFIELD GearBank partnership "climbing equipment and outdoor fishing" Newest 1! -A lightweight, soft and durable shell jacket with a retractable hood so that you can have fun outdoors on rainy and windy days ... A shell jacket that is counted as the lightest in jack wolf skin. Pleasant soft material, durable. The material adopts Texapol which protects the body from various weathers with reliable waterproof and moisture permeability. The hood is useful for blocking rain and can be stored inside the collar when not needed. ・ Texapol

Update date: 2020 year 5 month 31 day (sun) 15 hour 44 minute

News from Kanda Jimbocho Sakaiya Sports Stores

The old model of BC ski, old model is a bargain price!
Come expect it for snowfall next season!

Sakaiya Shoes Museum-March 2020, 3

PORTALFIELD Alliance Partner


Experts and professionals who are passionate in each field