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On this page, we will introduce PORTALFIELD at what site and what kind of service it has, along with what we are thinking.

PORTALFIELD and its philosophy

What is necessary to enjoy various activities safely, such as mountain climbing and outdoor activities, may be mentioned as knowledge and accurate information backed by experience as important elements?

PORTALFIELD is the first step in each field, including helping to create opportunities for you to enjoy the field more enjoyable and safer by bringing together "knowledge backed by experience" and "accurate information" and them. It is necessary to work to improve the environment surrounding the field such as mountain climbing and outdoor as a media to transmit information and knowledge from people who are passionate about the line, work experience and attraction etc. from various angles. I think.

Background where PORTALFIELD was born

Just looking on the web, there are many highly specialized services in the genres such as mountain climbing and outdoor.

Just think, for example, when trying to plan or prepare for some field activity.

Even if it is an activity record, it is the price and information of gears and products, which mountain hut looks good, and if you buy a product or if you use a mountain hut you should check if there is a review, a guide What kind of person is there if you ask for? If there is a person who seems to be compatible, I would like to know if there is an event such as a briefing session or a workshop, or I would like to buy it quickly if there is a recommended gear, etc.

It takes time and effort to closely interrogate the individual information. Can't improve it somehow?

That led to the birth of PORTALFIELD, which has the property of being a portal site that can access various information from one place.

Services provided by PORTALFIELD

We will close up the experts who are active in various fields, and introduce the information that everyone sent and supervised, advice and reviews for enjoying the activity, etc.

In addition, we offer a one-stop service with comprehensive access to purchasing mountaineering and gear for outdoor activities, a database of accommodation facilities such as mountain huts, introductions of mountain guides, related guided tours, and various event information.

Does it cost to use it?

It is available free of charge.

PORTALFIELD is operated based on advertising and sales commissions, and it is one of the merits and major features that end users do not charge. We aim to be a bridge between those who are active in various fields and those who enjoy activities, and we hope that as many people as possible use PORTALFIELD.

In the future, in addition to current services, we are considering whether we can offer paid services with more features and information.

I'm focusing on "people"

By presenting the activities, passions, and attractiveness with the face of the experts working in various fields visible, we want you to feel the presence closer to you, want to be a bridge to increase contact points for professional services, etc. From the thought, we are focusing on the wonderful "people".


Please introduce us such a person

There are people who want to introduce what they are passionate about, have an effort that they want to know, and offer wonderful services.
We want to spot such people. There is no need for self-recommendation or other-recommendation, please let us know.


in alliance with


GearBank (Gearbank) is a long-established store specializing in outdoor products in Kanda Jinbocho, Tokyo.

Based on the products handled by Sakaiya Sports Rakuten market store, you can check the gear while looking at the product reviews, stock information and original reviews by experts in each field. It's easy to buy the gear you care about as it is. As settlement is performed in Rakuten market, it is safe.

With GearBank, you no longer need to re-search the information of the gear you are interested in.

PORTALFIELD Alliance Partner

Alliance partner

In developing innovative services at PORTALFIELD,
We have alliances with people, companies, mountain huts, guides, etc. with passion and presence in each field.

In order to expand better services in the future, we are looking for everyone who wants to be together.
Please contact us if you are interested.

mikketa (rich)

One of the most important things in preparation for going to the outdoor field, including climbing, is to make a plan. It brought together all the fresh information needed.

If you can get the information you were looking for with "mikketa!" Here, when you are planning where to go. I created mikketa with such thoughts.

As a supporter of everyone who enjoys mountain climbing, mountain trips and outdoor activities, please use it as a mountain hut and mountain weather forecast and up-to-date information site that can be used free of charge without registering as a member, in order to enjoy full climbing and activities.


PORTALFIELD has content "Otosoto" with the theme of "playing outside of adults". We publish people and stories related to various fields as well as climbing and outdoors.

Requests for postings and interviews on Otosoto are welcome regardless of individuals, shops or companies. Please feel free to contact us if you wish.

2019 year 2 month 10 day, finally PORTALFIELD service has started.
We would like to thank you for your support, cooperation, and guidance in constructing the service. Thank you very much.

From now on, meeting with nice people, being able to introduce them to you,
The PORTALFIELD staff is looking forward to providing you with new services.

We aim to be convenient and familiar services that can be used freely by many people alone, so please do not hesitate to give me a favor.
I hope your field activities will be further enhanced.

Representative of PORTALFIELD Kohei Takahashi

An irreplaceable field of life.