Serizawa Kazuhiro "Yamakei Bunko Introduction to backpacking"

An illusionary book that looked like an era was reprinted as a paperback book.

Now by Kazuhiro Serizawa,It is an epoch-making book published in Showa 51.

Until this time,Speaking of outdoor sports in Japan is almost mountain climbing,It also centers on France,The so-called alpinism was central.
Or rather,There was not even the word "outdoor".

Just a few years before this book came out,There are also American-style climbing and camping equipment in Japan,It has been gradually changing since Europe was overwhelmed.

Shuinard climbing equipment, Kelty's pack frame,Jean Sport Dome Tent,Mountain Parka in Shera Design, etc.Items of sense that did not exist until then appear one after another, and the traditional "Yamaya"I was confused.

At the same time, the concept of 'backpacking' comes in,It is different from the conventional mountain climbing while covering the conventional general mountain climbing,However, the form of foot travel different from Wonder Vogel etc is gradually recognizedCame to be'S.

However, backpacking on a commercial basis isAlthough the style as a form centering on supplies has prevailed,It is hard to say that the philosophical aspect that became the essence was widespread.

Hippy Commune with tail from Vietnam anti-war and beatnik,It is supposed to appear in a series of flows such as counter cultureCame out, butIn Japan, there is a feeling that only the trend of gears such as pack frames has stayed.

It is far behind in Japan that the concept of its essence has been disseminatedIt may not be XNUM X's after the bubble collapse.

This book is a book that beautifully represents those "things".

Thoroughly American style,It is a catalog book like the essence of material civilization,In addition, there is also a face to be deceived by the list of thorough horizontal letters.
But it is also a new concept from the US "backpacking"The author thought that it was necessary to have a new understanding of

One side of the result appears wonderfully,The subsequent mountaineering equipment catalog in Japan has changed'S.
The climbing language, which was mostly occupied by European languages, is becoming predominantly English.It was.

The word "outdoor" and the concept have also spread.

The way of dealing with nature and the environment has also changed.

Philosophy that enters from "thing".

As with the "Hall Earth Catalog"It could not be said that it is an approach unique to the superpower of the world's top material civilizationWould you like it?

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We will introduce one book that you would like to read together with "Samazawa Bunko backpacking guide" written by Kazuhiro Serizawa.

Yuho Daizen (Yamakei Bunko) Paperback

Colin Fletcher (Author), Kazuhiro Ashizawa (translation)

"Outdoor" Akebono

There are "mountain climbing", "camping" and "walking trip" in Japan,There was no "outdoor" XNUM X's.
When a backpacking movement comes into Japan,The illusionary book which became a bible with "Introduction to backpacking" by Kazuhiro Serizawa is back publication!
In Japan at that time, American outdoor goods such as Kelty's pack frames and Jansport's dome tents were hit explosively, but it seems that the concept and philosophy of backpacking did not always follow.
Rather, such a cultural aspect seems to have spread to Japan only after 10 years 20 years later.

It is a great book that gives you a taste of the era of the time between Colin Fletcher's lines of context, which provides a detailed introduction to how-to's and gear in backpacking.

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