Anti-cold measures of wear are layered system liver! XNUM X Theory for Enjoying in Cold Weather (Part 2)

In the first part"Layered system" "Underwear (base layer)" "mid layer (inner)"I told you what kind of thing it is. I think that you can understand that the sweating of the body is closely related to the wear, what is the base of the layered system, and the relationship between the two.

Then, continue"Wear protection against cold is a layered system at its core! XNUM X theory for enjoy even in cold weather",Outer (shell)And finallyXNUM X TheoryClose to

Outer (shell)

LayeringWear the outermostShell jacket and outerwearOuter (shell)ToWindproof,WaterproofIs required.

However, although windproof performance and waterproof performance are required,Sufficient ventilation and breathability must always be ensured.

A typical material used as a fabric material for shell jackets with breathable waterproof performanceGore-Tex.

By using the property such as rain that does not pass water and moisture allows it to be worn when worn, the moisture content of sweat is effectively discharged and evaporated, and the feeling of wearing becomes much more comfortable compared to non-breathable wear You

For Gore-Tex,Emphasis on durability,We aimed at lightweightness,More flexibleThere are several types as well.

The picture is Norrøna (Norrona) 's Trollveggen (trollveggen) GTX light pro jacket. It is a product of Trollwegen series which is the flagship series of Norona. Although it uses Gore-Tex Pro as a material fabric, it is a model that aims to be lighter than previous jackets.

In addition to Gore-Tex, companies have developed materials with breathable and waterproof performance. There are also manufacturers and brands that use Gore-Tex and in-house breathable waterproof materials depending on the product.

"Ever Bless" adopted by Finetrack is also one of the materials with breathable waterproofness, but the height of the stretch is one of the selling points, and models that pursue ease of movement have been released.

Shinichi Miyabe

Sakaiya Sportswear Co., Ltd.

Ease of movement of the ball

Wearing a flexible, flexible and easy-to-wear nylon fabric with a hard-shell specific hardness. Although it is waterproof and windproof, there is little sense of steaming, and it is an essential wear for activities in winter and snowy mountains.

However, as with other layer layers such as the mid layer, the amount of sweat increases when it is too warm, so wear clothing appropriate to the perceived temperature and the amount of exercise.

During activity activities, it is better not to have too much insulation on the outerwear itself.

Recently, the types of shells have increased, and various products such as soft shells and wind shells have been released from various manufacturers and brands.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it is safe to consult with the shop staff when making a purchase.

Layered System XNUM X Theory

So far, we have introduced the functions and roles of the XNUM layers that are the basis of layered systems. Well, what are the XNUM X theory?

It refers to the 2 elements that are important when assembling this system.

First theory

First of all, as the first theory

"The shell should be of a certain size"

Is required.

Especially when considering a layered system with high efficiency for mountaineering etc.The point is to make it so that you can wear all your hands on at the same time.It will be.

An efficient layered system can of course lead to a reduction in the weight of the package, but let's consider the case where you encounter a problem that you can not act because you are lost or injured.

Whether it is Takayama or low mountain, even if it is scheduled for a day trip, if it becomes necessary to carry out an emergency enclave (bivouque) and bring an overnight show if you become incapacitated,You must avoid the loss of body temperature and the resulting loss of strength.

In order to do so, it may be necessary to wear all the clothing you have on hand.It must be a shell that can be layered even when all the midlayers on hand etc. are wornIt is

This is"Promenade'Known forColin FletcherAlso in the work,

Choose a shell that's a bit bigger and you feel a bit bigger.

There is a nuance of that,

"Taizen Noyado The ultimate outdoor invitation'Then,Yoshihiro MurakamiThe teacher

One size larger is better. It is less stuffy. A baggy look is practical outdoors

You said.

It feels subtle to say whether it is okay to say that it is up to another rank or another, but the nuance may not have been transmitted.

Second theory

"The shell should be of a certain size"The first theory is the second theory

"Only one shell on the outside"

It also leads to

The shell or cover isBasically, you can not exert its functions sufficiently unless you wear the outermost part.

From the perspective of the required breathability of the shell, it can not be best to put the shell inside or double. Basically, the shell is the outermost one.

These elements are more alive in cold weather and are situations where layered systems are more powerful.

With regard to hats, gloves (gloves), socks, and other equipment that are even more important during snowy or cold weather, it is important that they are related under the concept of this system.

It is often heard that clothing such as UNIQLO or Workman can be used for mountain climbing? Point.

This meansFully understand the advantages and disadvantages of layered systems and various materialsIf you are experienced in the activity,Partially used as one of the wearing operation methodsThere is no problem if it is.

If you are not familiar with beginners or activities, wearing with only UNIQLO clothing is more advantageous than the advantages such as low price, etc.There are many disadvantages, such as not designed for climbing in the first place, and the risk of trouble increases, so it is not recommended.

The clothes and gears that I have described so farMountain climbing equipment specialty store,Outdoor shopYou can buy it at

The staff will consult with you, including budgets, when you want to compare each maker, brand, or coordinate a set of clothes as a set.

There are various shops in various places,Jinbocho in TokyoIt is in"Sakaiya Sports"ToStores that specialize exclusively in wear for men's and women'sThe PORTALFIELD staff also use it often to find bargains such as sale items.

If you do not know where to buy the clothes, there are various mountain climbing equipment specialty stores and outdoor shops in the area from Tokyo in Jimbocho to Ogawamachi if it is in Tokyo. It is fun to look for a store.

Comfortable wear leads to speedy behavior. Speedy behavior helps reduce risk.

Make good use of layering and take effective measures against cold.

Supervisor Sakaiya Sports Co., Ltd. Keiichi Kaneko
Composition / sentence PORTALFIELD Kohei Takahashi

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