About Creative Commons License and Copyright

You may be familiar with the concept of copyright, but as a keyword related to copyright"Creative Commons License (CC)"There is a thing called.

Usually used in the sense of exercising all copyrights"All rights reserved"There is a notation."C"The same applies to the mark. In addition to this "All rights reserved", Creative Commons License is able to control the copyright by providing freedom of use.

I have heard about it somehow, but sometimes I hear that there are various types and I do not understand well. In fact, PORTALFIELD also uses many images in articles, and there are many opportunities to be aware of the copyright and royalty (the royalty of patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.), so the meaning of memorandum and confirmation again I would like to comment on that.

With Creative Commons License

Creative Commons is a general term for an international non-profit organization offering Creative Commons License (CC license) and its projects.
The CC license is a new copyright rule for the Internet age, and it is a tool for the author of publishing works to indicate that "If you obey this condition you are free to use my work."
By using the CC license,The author can freely distribute the work while maintaining the copyright, and the receiver can redistribute or remix within the terms of the license.

Let's look at what Creative Commons licenses are like, one by one.

This figure shows the relationship between Creative Commons license and copyright.

From top to bottom, usage restrictions become stronger, and "All rights reserved" does not use Creative Commons license.

CC0 (do not exercise copyright)

Public domain. The copyright has been lost or will not be exercised.

CC BY (display)

If you display the poster's credit (member name, work title, URL, etc.), modification and secondary use for commercial purposes are permitted.

CC BY-SA (Display-Inheritance)

If you display the poster's credit (member name, work title, URL, etc.) and publish it with this license, even if you modify it, you can use it for secondary purposes for commercial purposes.

CC BY-NC (Display-non-profit)

It displays the poster's credit (member name, work title, URL, etc.) and can be used for non-commercial purposes as well.

CC BY-NC-SA (Display-Non-Profit-Inheritance)

The credit of the poster (member name, work title, URL, etc.) can be displayed, and it can be used if it is disclosed under this license even if it is for non-commercial use and modification.

CC BY-ND (Display-no modification)

The poster's credit (member name, work title, URL, etc.) will be displayed, and secondary use for commercial purposes is permitted if it is not modified.

CC BY-NC-ND (Display-non-profit-no modification)

The poster's credit (member name, work title, URL, etc.) can be displayed, and it can be used on the condition that it is not for profit and does not alter the original work.

C All rights reserved

All copyrights are exercised, and any unauthorized use or reproduction beyond the scope of copyright law is prohibited.

How was it.

As a familiar example,Stock photoThe concept of "CC" that you can see when using etc. comes from here.

If you are looking at PORTALFIELD, I think that some of you have established a mountain climbing and outdoor related blog, but when you write a blog, the corner where you collected the photos of "CC0" will be used. I think there are more people.

Such "CC" is not only easy to understand when you use something that someone else owns has a copyright,Of course, you can use it for photos you own copyright.

With the Creative Commons License, you can use copyrights, such as photos and images, toThose who own the copyright can set and control their own freedom.

"I want a wide variety of people to use photos taken by myself, but please write only what I shot."

If you write Creative Commons at such time, it will be used according to the level.It is also an opportunity to be published in various media compared to the "C" mark display. I think that you can use it conveniently when you want to appeal your work.

"CC BY-ND (display-no modification)"Etc may be relatively easy to use.

Depending on how you use it, it is also effective as a means to widely distribute your work, so if you are interested please take advantage of it.

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