"Favorite winter mountains" recommended by the mountain climbing equipment specialty store staff | "Yunryu Valley" "North Yatsugatake Mt.

If you enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and outdoor, one of the things that you want to stick to gradually is mountain tools and outdoor gear.
Even if we do a preliminary survey on the net, we will visit a mountain climbing products specialty store and outdoor products handling shop in order to actually search for good products.Shop staff.
As well as knowledge about the goods, what kind of use to use, day trip, how many days to go, or is it a tent or mountain hut? Which mountain area if climbing or hiking? Because you can consult comprehensively such things such as, I think that the exchange is fun and many people go to the shop.

You are basically the shop staff who often receive consultation from customers, but what kind of activities do you enjoy in private?
During this time when you can enjoy mountain climbing in a quiet winter mountain or snowfall season, the theme covered in this corner is"Favorite Touyama" recommended by the clerk staff specializing in mountain climbing products. As we were able to talk to some of the staff, let me introduce it.

This time, "Kunryu Gorge", "Kita Yatsugatake, Mt. Tatheshinayama" edited by Naoki Matsuda of Sakaiya Sports mail order division.

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1 Nikko Yunryu Valley

Snow hiking while watching the powerful ice floe

It is not so-called snow mountain climbing, but ... forceGroup of iceSnow hike while watching the view promises a fulfilling day again.


There is almost no difference in height, so you can hike on a flat slope with a little snowfall, so even if you are not confident in your physical strength, you can enjoy a pleasant walk while stepping on the snow. Still, on both sidesAn impressive and beautiful natural ice monument.

Photo PORTALFIELD editorial department

Was there such a wonderful place in Japan?There is no doubt that you will be impressed.


In the innermost part of the gorge there is a huge "Xun Longue" with a huge height of 100m, and a scene worthy of the climax of the Ice Hall of Fame.

Photo PORTALFIELD editorial department

Perhaps you may see ice climbers boldly challenging this cloud dragon!(Please check the situation carefully if you can actually try it. PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

Photo Naoki Matsuda

◆ How to access by public transportation (from Tokyo)

Asakusa → Tobu Nikko (Tobu limited express Liberty use)

About 1 hours 54 minutes

IC priority X NUM X yen (ticket X NUM X + reserved seat X NUM X)


◆ Access from Tobu Nikko Station to the mountaineering exit

Take a taxi from Tobu Nikko Station to Takio Shrine (about 1,500 yen)

I think that it is better to request a taxi from the Forest Road Gate to Takio Shrine by phone (about 1,900 yen).

From PORTALFIELD editorial department

I have been to the Yunlong Valley, the PORTALFIELD editorial department, but I was overwhelmed by the beauty and power of the iceberg. Although there is no place to climb a steep slope,EISEN (depending on the situation of the foot 12 nail nail EISEN), pickaxe, helmet, etc. Winter mountain equipment is essential.In particular, only the helmet should be remembered, as icicles of ice can fall.Depending on the date, the ice may already begin to melt. It is very dangerous when it happens,Please make sure to collect information in advance.

<A little knowledge to enjoy access to luxury>
A train on the way back enjoying the Yunlong Valley. I went to Asakusa from Tobu Nikko at Tobu Spascia, but at this time I was a little extravagant, longing for"Private room (compartment)"I tried to use.
The limited express spacia (at that time) private room (compartment) charge is 3,090 yen on weekdays, 3,900 yen on Saturdays and holidays. It is ant enough as an option because it can be used for about 1,000 yen per person when used in a group of 3-4 people.

We enjoyed toasts in a very luxurious space. It is recommended!

2 Kita Yatsugatake ・ Mt.

It's a mountain that you want to climb up indifferently as you look from afar

It is a beautiful mountain with a conical shape, and it is a mountain that you want to climb innocently as you look from a distance.

Snowshoes and wakans are essential because there is a large amount of snowfall, but rather than snowshoes hiking, it will be a responsive snow mountain climb with a height difference of about 800m.


... butThere are no technically difficult points and it is easy to climb, so it is recommended for beginners.

Photo Naoki Matsuda
Photo Naoki Matsuda

Because the snow is so deep, it might be fun to try with Darlingly. ! (Because it is easy to get rid of)


The ice climbs the clear woodland zone to near the summit. When you climb early in the morning, "diamond dust", in which fine ice flies in the air, is often seen, and it is a scene where you can be moved by the beauty of nature.


The climbing itself can be reciprocated on a day trip. From the summit you can enjoy the great view of the 360 degree.

Photo Naoki Matsuda

How was it. This time, Mr. Naoki Matsuda of Sakaiya Sports Mail-order Division introduced "Kunryu Valley" and "Kita Yatsugatake ・ Mt. Tateshinayama".

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