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If you enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and outdoor, one of the things that you want to stick to gradually is mountain tools and outdoor gear.
Even if we do a preliminary survey on the net, we will visit a mountain climbing products specialty store and outdoor products handling shop in order to actually search for good products.Shop staff.
As well as knowledge about the goods, what kind of use to use, day trip, how many days to go, or is it a tent or mountain hut? Which mountain area if climbing or hiking? Because you can consult comprehensively such things such as, I think that the exchange is fun and many people go to the shop.

You are basically the shop staff who often receive consultation from customers, but what kind of activities do you enjoy in private?
During this time when you can enjoy mountain climbing in a quiet winter mountain or snowfall season, the theme covered in this corner is"Favorite Touyama" recommended by the clerk staff specializing in mountain climbing products. As we were able to talk to some of the staff, let me introduce it.

This time, “Kitayokodake” and “Necodake” edited by Mt. Ooyama Akihito of Sakaiya Sports Camp & Climbing Hall.

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Limited company Sakaiya Sports
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Mt. Ooyama Akihito

XNUM. Yatsugatake Kitayokodake

Recommended course for beginners

<Reference course time>
Kitayatsugatake Ropeway – 1 hour → Kitayokodake Hutte -25 minutes → Kita Yokodake summit

It is the best course for the first snow mountain with all the equipment.


If you get off the ropeway, it is a world of white silver.


As course is the same as summer wayThe signpost is also solid.


Suddenly there is a steep climb, but you may try without Eisen.

There is no place to slip off,Trekking poles are easier than pickels.

Various people are walking with chain spikes, XNUMx nailed nails, XNUMx nailed nails, snow shoes.

If it is covered in snow and there are traces, it may be easier to walk than summer roads.

But,There are steep slopes and traverses, so it is not without danger at all.

Because the wind is strong near the summit, measures against cold are firmly!

From the top of the mountain, a 360 degree view of the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, as well as the mighty figure of Yatsugatake are recommended points.

② Shinshu Nekodake

Recommended for beginners to mountain skiing and snowshoeing

This route is the back country (BC) area from Kotohira ski resort. The backcountry area is out of control of the ski area and is not a general slope. By skiWhen using it, please be aware of the area where you are required to be responsible. (PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

<Reference course time>
Oku Davos Slope Top – 2 hours 30 minutes → NekodakeMountain peak

It is a course recommended for the first mountain ski.

Because it goes to the slope top by the ride only for lift XNUM times, it is cheap.

In the first half of the course, there is a trace of a snowmobile, and we will follow it and climb. It is an easy-to-understand course in the second half.

I put a seal on the slope top,As the wind may be strong, so as not to fly the sheet of the seal.

There are no tall trees and the scenery is the best.


Take a break from 2 times to 3 times to the summit. You can go to the summit while wearing skis.

Of course the panorama of the summitYou can see the mountains of Shinshu from a 360 degree perspective.


It is finally downhill, but there are also some coursesIt is safe to ski the course you climbed at first.

of course,Self-responsibility at all because it is outside the slope courseSo let's slide carefully.


This course is also recommended for snowshoeing and mountain climbing.

How was it. This time, Mt. Ooyama Akihito of Sakaiya Sports Camp & Climbing Center introduced “Kitayokodake” and “Necodake”. Next time we look forward to!

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