"Favorite winter mountains" recommended by the mountain climbing products specialty store staff | "Southern Alps · Mt. Kai Komagatake Kuro Toonone" "Mt. Ibukiyama" compilation

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If you enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and outdoor, one of the things that you want to stick to gradually is mountain tools and outdoor gear.
Even if we do a preliminary survey on the net, we will visit a mountain climbing products specialty store and outdoor products handling shop in order to actually search for good products.Shop staff.
As well as knowledge about the goods, what kind of use to use, day trip, how many days to go, or is it a tent or mountain hut? Which mountain area if climbing or hiking? Because you can consult comprehensively such things such as, I think that the exchange is fun and many people go to the shop.

You are basically the shop staff who often receive consultation from customers, but what kind of activities do you enjoy in private?
During this time when you can enjoy mountain climbing in a quiet winter mountain or snowfall season, the theme covered in this corner is"Favorite Touyama" recommended by the clerk staff specializing in mountain climbing products. As we were able to talk to some of the staff, let me introduce it.

This time, "Kai Komagatake Kurotoone", "Mt. Ibukiyama" edited by Naoki Matsuda of the Sakaiya Sports Mail-order Division continued from the previous session.

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3 Southern Alps, Mt. Kai Komagatake Kuro-Toon

There is more snow than the altitude 1500 to 2000m, so you can enjoy full-fledged snow mountain climbing

One of Japan's largest mountain ridge trails boasting an elevation difference of approximately XNUM x m. In winter, snow cover is higher than around 2200 to 1500m,You can enjoy full-fledged snow mountain climbing.

Schijo GoyaIs open in winter and can be operated with relatively light luggage. It is possible to climb snowy mountains with great physical strength in the course of XNUMX days and XNUMX night.

 It is possible to climb on a very physical well-equipped snow mountain on a two-day trip.

Photo Naoki Matsuda

However, on the other handThe amount of snowfall is small compared to the Northern Alps and YatsugatakeSo you can enjoy comfortable snow mountain climbing on the trail, with very little Russell.

 Snow mountain climbing is the main peak of the Yatsugatake mountain rangeAkadakeIs a major, but there is no danger of sudden climbing or rock climbing as much as Akadake.Mt. Kai KomagatakeThe technical difficulty is easier.

AndNot to mention the scenery from the summit is wonderful, and the sense of accomplishment is also intense.

Photo Naoki Matsuda

It can be accessed by taxi from the car / rental car or Chuo Main Line Hinoharu Station.

4 Mt. Ibukiyama

Japan's 100 Famous Mountains in Shiga Prefecture. It is a heavy snowfall area, and it turns into a splendid snow mountain quite in winter

It is in Shiga PrefectureNihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains).

I think it's very far,"Moonlight" of night bus and JR Tokaido LineBecause you can move cheaply and efficiently if you useA relatively accessible mountainIt is also.

In realityMt. IbukiyamaIs one of the heaviest snow areas in Japan, and it turns into a fine snowy mountain during the severe winter season.

Photo Naoki Matsuda

Although the elevation is as low as XNUM x m, the appearance of the beauty and the steep but not difficult climb of the snow,Perfect for the first snow mountain climbingIt seems to be.

 またOn a clear and sunny day in winter, the vast Lake Biwa from the top of the mountain, Noo Plain and Ise Bay in the southeast, and far eastMt. OntakeYou can face up to the Northern Alps, and you can be impressed by the scenery.

Photo Naoki Matsuda

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Ibukiyama was very far from Tokyo and there was an image that it was difficult to access.Night bus,"Moonlight"So if you access Nagoya, it may be surprisingly familiar mountain.


From Nagoya,Omi Nagaoka at JR Tokaido Main LineIf you go toFrom Omi Nagaoka to Ibuki mountain climbing outletYou can get on in about 15 minutes.


Please note that "Moonlight" has a fixed operation day. You can also use a youth 18 ticket.

◆ Operation day with moonlight (spring in 2019)
○ From Tokyo 3 / 15-23
○ From Ogaki 3 / 16-24
Because "Moonlight" is fast, you don't need a limited express ticket. It is available with ticket, youth 18 ticket,As all cars are reserved seats, designated tickets 520 yen (320 yen during low season) are required.Please keep in mind that designated tickets are easily sold out during busy periods such as before the weekend and before public holidays.

How was it. Following on from the previous session, Naoki Matsuda from the Sakaiya Sports Mail-order Division introduced "South Alps, Mt. Kai Komagatake Kuro Toonone" and "Mt. Ibukiyama". Next time we look forward to!

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