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If you enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and outdoor, one of the things that you want to stick to gradually is mountain tools and outdoor gear.
Even if we do a preliminary survey on the net, we will visit a mountain climbing products specialty store and outdoor products handling shop in order to actually search for good products.Shop staff.
As well as knowledge about the goods, what kind of use to use, day trip, how many days to go, or is it a tent or mountain hut? Which mountain area if climbing or hiking? Because you can consult comprehensively such things such as, I think that the exchange is fun and many people go to the shop.

You are basically the shop staff who often receive consultation from customers, but what kind of activities do you enjoy in private?
During this time when you can enjoy mountain climbing in a quiet winter mountain or snowfall season, the theme covered in this corner is"Favorite Touyama" recommended by the clerk staff specializing in mountain climbing products. As we were able to talk to some of the staff, let me introduce it.

This time, it is "Okuho Takadake-Mt. Mae Hotakadake", "Amidake Nanbu", "Mt. Utsugidake" edited by Kumiko Tanaka of Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza.

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Limited company Sakaiya Sports
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Kumiko Tanaka

Okuho Takadake-Mt. Mae Hotakadake (Tent night)

Long route on the shoreline of the popular North Alps, which I want to walk during the snowfall season.

In this route, there are places where it is necessary to use a rope near the suspension ridge. As it includes points for advanced mountain climbers who need climbing skills,When using it, please be sure to accompany the experienced person and refrain from entering the area only for beginners. (PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

◆ root
Kamikochi ~ Karasawa ~Hotakadake Sanso(Tent stay)Okuho Takadake~ Suspended ridge ~Mt. Mae Hotakadake~ Oku Myozawa ~Takezawa hut~ Kamikochi

At Kamikochi area, fresh green leaves begin to be healed, and if you proceed to Serizawa, you will see magnificent views of the Northern Alps.


Sometimes I watched an avalanche falling from a slope below the top of the Mt.Hotakadake SansoRaise the altitude to


The shore line dyed with the sunset that overlooks Chogatake from here is worth seeing as beautiful as it can be admired!

Photo Kumiko Tanaka

Pass through the rocky area where dumplings and chains come out to Okuho Takadake,Enjoy the sunrise on the summit.


After you finishSuspension ridgeThe mountain trail where snow slopes are mixed, traverses all the way while putting out the rope and closing.

Photo Kumiko Tanaka

I do not feel at ease here,Mt. Mae HotakadakeBe careful because there is such a slope that Oku Myo Kamizawa is likely to be sucked in.

Photo Kumiko Tanaka

When I walked Takezawa, I would like to ask when I will come next time.


It is such a wonderful route.

X NUM X. Amida Takeshi Nada (day trip or tent night)

Snow mountain variation introductory route where you can see cool Mt. Ada.

This route is a route that advanced mountain climbers can enjoy as an introduction to the variation route, and is not a general vertical track. Depending on the situation, this is a route that requires climbing technology.When using it, please be sure to accompany the experienced person and refrain from entering the area only for beginners. (PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

◆ root
Zhoushan Crossroad-Blue Nagi-Amida South Ridge-Mount Amida-Oya ridge -Zhoushan crossroad

I carry a tent night equipment backTwo days a nightso.If the members have the same legs, you can go on a day trip.


The footprints are clear, with the main P3 being Russell at some times, and at other times enjoying crisp, frozen ice climbing.


As I was struck by the cold winds of Yatsugatake, I climbed the Iwasu Belt, and a spacious summit welcomed me.


Oya ridgeIf you look back behind while down theMount AmidaIs watching over me again.


It is a good route that is unbearable for Amidake.

7. Mt. Utsugidake (Tent night)

The route flew to change towards the Mt. Utsugidake while passing through a rocky and ice-hardened area with a magnificent view of the Central Alps.

This route is a route for advanced snow mountain climbers who have a point of doubt that requires accurate determination of the route and, depending on the situation, may require climbing techniques.When using it, please be sure to accompany the experienced person and refrain from entering the area only for beginners. (PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

◆ root
Komagatake Ropeway-Senjojiki-Gokurakudaira-Mt. Ashio~Kumazawadake~Kisodonosanso(Tent stay)Mt. Utsugidake~ Large Hell ~ Small Hell ~Ikeyama hut~ Komagatake Kogen Ski Resort

Depending on the season, high pines and rotten snow are mixed, and it will be a difficult route in different ways, so it is important to identify the season.


Snow walls andKumazawadakeRocky placeCarefully overKisodonoyamaMansionWhat.Mt. UtsugidakeWhen you go up the ridge you can not feelMt. OntakeThe great prospects including are waiting.


From there, on the way to the route finning, which is said to be a "muddy ridge".


There is snow and I can not walk on the summer road, so I will proceed with caution as I will enter the wrong ridge if I distract.


Near the head of YonazawaIs a pretty standing snow wall,In some cases, take the rope and proceed.


It is a route unique to the Central Alps where you can enjoy climbing and descent while determining the condition of the snow.

How was it. Following on from the previous session, Kumiko Tanaka at Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza introduced "Okuho Takadake-Mt. Mae Hotakadake", "Amidake Nanbu" and "Mt. Utsugidake". Every route is an attractive route that you want to walk at once, but it is a route that requires solid climbing technology. Let's enjoy without overdoing it!

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"Favorite winter mountain" recommended by the mountain climbing goods specialty store staff | "Tanigawadake-Takenodake (Wanoi Nishione)", "Shodake", "Mt. Senjogatake", "Gongendake-Akadake-Amidake", compilation

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