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Mt. Yotei Toilet Report

1. In the beginning

Mt. Yotei is calling for a road following the evacuation of a shelter hut that has been over XNUMX years old. A meeting consisting of experts from the five towns and villages) was held for a discussion called "Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut Development Project", and discussions were held on how evacuation huts should be in the future. A new evacuation hut was completed in XNUMX, and was opened to general climbers in October of the same year under the name Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut.

At the "Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut Development Project", various topics were discussed, and various opinions were raised and discussions were held from different perspectives on toilet issues. As a result of careful consideration, the first "TSS (soil treatment) system" toilet in Hokkaido has been added to the new evacuation hut.

We report on the situation, efforts, problems, and future issues of the Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut TSS type toilet that has been operating for substantially one year in this way, and report what we felt at the site.

XNUMX. Status and initiatives of TSS type toilets

XNUMX) Sediment runoff

On May XNUMX, XNUMX, we visited the annual Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut. The purpose of the inspection is to check the hut for any abnormalities, collect any garbage, and repair it before the manager's residence begins in the second week of June. When inspecting the outside of the hut, it was confirmed that sediment was flowing out to evaporate the water in the toilet (Photo XNUMX, Photo XNUMX). The cause is probably thaw water, rainwater, wind, etc. As a first-aid measure that can be done on the day, stone around the site has been used to stop the outflow of sediment. We reported this matter to the Yotei Management and Conservation Liaison Council (Kutchan Town Hall) after the descent and also told the Ministry of the Road and the Ministry of the Environment.

(Photo XNUMX)
(Photo XNUMX)

XNUMX) Proactive measures

The Yotei Management and Conservation Liaison Council, which is in charge of operating the evacuation hut, will hold a general meeting after previewing the hut. Before the general meeting, my friend Yuko Hirai, who was a friend of the mountain to think about toilets, told me what was important when operating TSS type toilets.

It was about "take-out of used toilet paper for toilet users" and "the benefits (maintenance, etc.) and environmental benefits of take-out." Since the construction of the new shelter hut, there have been no such statements from the Ministry, the Ministry of the Environment or the Council. However, Mr. Hirai was able to present this matter before the general meeting of the council.

At the general meeting, they agreed to take the used paper home. Along with that, it was agreed to prepare vinyl (manner bags) for take-out as a fixture for a certain period of time. We told these details to the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Environment, and with their consent, we were able to prepare for the full operation of the toilet before it.

XNUMX) Attention, enlightenment, oral call

Since the hut opened on June XNUMX, Mt. Yotei has entered the Mt. Natsuyama season and climbers have entered one after another. Then the frequency of using the new toilet increased at a stretch. Each climber who has used the toilet must also use it properly in order to function properly. A notice was posted inside the toilet in Japanese and English to achieve the purpose (Photo XNUMX). Announced that the lid should always be closed after use, and that the paper and sanitary goods used should be taken home.

Furthermore, in order for each climber to know the current situation of the mountain toilet, the materials of the meeting on mountain toilets were posted on the outside door of the toilet and inside the hut (Photos XNUMX and XNUMX).

(Photo XNUMX)
(Photo XNUMX)
(Photo XNUMX)

XNUMX) Manufacture wooden box to put manner bags.

When using toilet paper and manner bags in the toilet, shelves and a manner bag were created to make it easier to work (Photo XNUMX).

XNUMX) Smell

When the temperature became high, the odors filled the toilet room at night. If you open the windows and change the air occasionally or use the toilet frequently during the day (opening and closing the door will help ventilation), you will not notice the bad smell, but it is strong enough to stimulate your eyes at night Many users are troubled by the smell of ammonia, and it is thought that measures are needed.

XNUMX) Insect

In the summer months when the temperature rises, many flies have appeared in the toilet. An incredible number of flies flew frequently from inside and outside the toilet and were very unsanitary.

XNUMX) Climber morale

Not a few climbers discarded toilet paper, sanitary supplies, plastic bags, etc. in toilets despite having notices and manner bags. Some people hated insects coming out of the toilet and covered them with a lot of paper like a lid before adding something. There was also a case in which the “changing” commonly used while using the toilet was followed by a rush to cover the toilet with a large amount of paper to prevent fishing. We collect paper that was discarded in the toilet, if possible, such as when cleaning.

XNUMX. Achievements / problems

XNUMX) Sediment runoff

I think it is necessary to conduct a periodic investigation by experts to determine if sediment runoff will affect the function of the toilet. After that, there are no specific measures or reactions to sediment runoff.

XNUMX) Advance measures

Without such information in advance, the operation of the toilet would be delayed, and the TSS function could be impaired and the environment deteriorated.

XNUMX) Attention, enlightenment, oral call

Most of the mountain climbers did not recognize the carry-out of paper. I think that alerting, enlightenment, and verbal calls were very effective.

I also felt that many mountain climbers became more aware of the environment by learning about the reality of the mountain environment surrounding the toilet. I felt that such daily accumulation was very important.

XNUMX) Manufacture wooden box to put manner bags

By making it easier to work, there was an effect of reducing the frequency of discarding paper etc. in the toilet.

XNUMX) Smell

When a group of people thinking about a mountain toilet came to visit the hut, they were advised to install a screen on the small window in the toilet. I told the Shimoyamago Council and the Ministry of the Roads and the Ministry of the Environment, but there were no subsequent measures or reactions.

XNUMX) Insect

The installation of screens on small windows in the toilet was thought to have some effect on preventing fly infestation, and we told the Council and the Ministry of Roads and the Environment. There are no subsequent measures or reactions.

XNUMX) Climber morale

Over the course of the year, it seemed that a considerable percentage of voluntary collections of paper and other materials were made, unlike the situation in the previous toilets. I think it is necessary to further raise the awareness of each climber in the future. "Change" may involve not only the morals of climbers but also structural issues. I think it is necessary to take measures for experts.

XNUMX. Future tasks

Regarding the TSS type toilet, there was a brief explanation from the construction company Mr. Seo Construction, but there was almost no detailed explanation, so I felt that sufficient explanation was needed on site to operate properly.

I also thought that regular inspections by specialists were essential for checking toilet functions over a long span.

I also felt that measures had to be taken in advance to deal with possible situations such as clogging of pipes and pumping of flight layers.

In addition, I thought it was necessary for each climber to bring a portable toilet in case the toilet became unavailable due to an accident. At the same time, I thought that it would be necessary to improve the infrastructure at the mountains and at the foot, such as selling, providing and disposing of toilet booths, collection boxes and portable toilets.

Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment, managed by Hokkaido, and operated by a council consisting of five towns and villages adjacent to Mt. Yotei. It doesn't seem to be working smoothly. There may be some reasons, but if the result is slow contact and response, we need to improve. I think that it is important to establish a communication network so that we can respond promptly, and to get advice from nature conservation organizations and others to "work together and solve problems quickly as a public and private sector."

XNUMX. At the end

I have been involved in Mt. Yotei for XNUMX years as a refuge shelter. During that time, the members of the Mountain Toilet Society have been receiving many efforts for many years.

Thank you for taking this opportunity.

The environment surrounding the toilets on Mt. Yotei is improving with the help of everyone from various positions. In the future, everyone must work together to ensure that the new toilet system works properly.

In the hearts of our climbers, there must be a feeling of "I love mountains" and "I love mountains". If beautiful mountains and wonderful nature can be passed on to the next generation, nothing is so wonderful.

We hope this report has helped some degree in the conservation of mountain toilets.

Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut 2014.8.3/XNUMX/XNUMX

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In this article,Meeting about mountain toiletIs also a PORTALFIELD expertHideki KondoReproduced with consent.

The issue of toilets and garbage is mentioned in an article written by Hideki Kondo in the " Kokuritsu Kouen(National Park) " related to the Ministry of the Environment as "XNUMX-year-old Shikotsu-Toya National Park at the turning point".You can read the full text of your contribution here.

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