Documentary program "Silence Mountain" following "Shade" of "Tateyama Kurobe World Brand" wins Galaxy Award

Those who live in the mountains have never been able to resist the mountains and have passed away the ferocious nature by leaving the mountains during the winter.

However, there are now plans to attract tourists to Tateyama in winter to become a world-class mountain resort.

From Tulip TV production "Silence Mountain"




Documentary program that chased the shadow behind the global branding concept"Silence Mountain"(Tulip TV production) won the "56 Galaxy Award".
As a personal impression, I've done so often. This is a work that focuses on the confrontation between the proponents of Tateyama Kurobe World Branding and the oppositions taking into account safety, and raises issues for viewers. It has become.

The director of this show,Yukio, 500 head of tulip TVSays about this program in his blog.

“Our job is not to give viewers an answer, but to present a diverse view of things. If most people see the problem from one direction, then it ’s different I think the essence of documentary is to capture the problem from the direction. "

"Those who see the program and think that 'I didn't know this, it's impossible to do business in the winter,' and those who think that 'it's good to call tourists in winter in Tateyama', there are many ways to catch it. On top of that, if you have a chance to think about the issue of global branding, it is worthwhile to make this program.Toyama, who recognizes various ideas and discusses them, rather than eliminating people with different opinions. I want it to be. "

I spell it. (Blog of Okibe once in a while

In addition, an opinion was submitted to Toyama Prefecture requesting a re-examination of this project for safety reasons.Azohara Onsen GoyaIzumi SasakiOn the Galaxy Award nomination for this show,

This is a big theme, and it may have been difficult to understand for those who visited only when there was good conditions. To protect vested interests! There may be people who are interpreted like this, but if you look closely, you should be able to see how to use "Tateyama Kurobe"!

○ Why hasn't it been used in winter?
○ The difference between the European Alps and Tateyama?
○ How did you get along with Tateyama, who has been climbing as a sacred mountain?

And so on, those who know the situation should have understood it, but couldn't they speak?

In the first place, there were various controversies / conflicts in the local TV stations that questioned the prefectural government. You must pay homage to the courage and power you have created.

And even as an amateur, I was impressed with the fact that “we compiled it well within the limited program time”.

The feeling of “Tateyama / Kurobe” is the consensus of the people concerned, “I want many people to come and be impressed!” I hope to share wisdom and go in the right direction.

When,Your own (Izumi Sasaki) blogThe opinion was sent out.

I hope that this program will be broadcast nationwide and reach the eyes of many people. If there are many voices that want to watch a program, it may become a movement to national broadcasting.

In addition, PORTALFIELD hopes to encourage more people to watch this program.

Congratulations to all of you for making the Tulip TV and “Silence Mountain,” the Galaxy Award.

I look forward to your future success.

* Galaxy Award

This award was established in 1963 since the establishment of the Broadcast Critics Roundtable. The works selected by the Broadcasting Committee and members recommended by the Selected Committees (except for the CM category) The following awards will be given once a year for the 4 category of “TV category”, “Radio category”, “CM category” and “Media coverage” category.

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