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Pursuing the Tateyama Kurobe World Branding Project ② “Voices Waiting from Men Living in the Mountains”-Azohara Onsen Goya and Mr. Izumi Sasaki submit a written opinion

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Izumi Sasaki

Azohara Onsen Goyamaster

For this series of matters,Azohara Onsen GoyaMaster of theIzumi SasakiSanSubmits a written opinion summarizing the voices gathered from people in the mountains and on-site from within and outside the prefecture.

Mr. Izumi Sasaki, who submitted this opinion, once served as a prefectural police mountain guard in 13 years, and is currently serving as a prefectural mountaineering instructor and prefectural police mountain guard cooperation chief.

We strive to ensure the safety of many climbers, and face the harsh nature in Tateyama Kurobe throughout the four seasons, while carrying out operations such as disaster relief, mountain trail maintenance, disaster recovery in mountainous areas, etc.It ’s a person who lives in the mountains..

The outline of the opinion is as follows.

Members of the Tateyama Kurobe World Brand Promotion Committee

“Tateyama / Kurobe” Statement on World Branding Tourism with safety measures! A tourism strategy that fully considers the characteristics of Tateyama Kurobe!

1. About Kurobe Alpine Route

(1) Has the alpine route weather conditions during winter been verified?

(2) The avalanche risk increases if the period is extended

(3) There is concern about avalanche in winter season from Ogizawa (Nagano Prefecture side)!

(4) Will ordinary tourists be able to enjoy the extremely cold region?

(5) Is the section without a vehicle all right?

(6) What about climbers, skiers and snowboarders?

(7) About the ropeway

(8) What should be done with the mountain guard system for rescue?

2. About Kurobe Gorge Railway Can you extend the operating period based on experience related to the Kurobe Gorge Railway opening preparation work and disaster recovery? Opinions about the proposal

3. About Kanden / Kurobe Route

(1) Is there a discussion about ensuring safety? (Kurobe is alive!)

(2) Can I use it as it is?

(3) What are you most worried about!

No safety measures will be taken instead of collecting the usage fee for this section! I feel strongly uncomfortable with the operation method that can be taken.

Can you say that there was no danger perception in the event of an accident even though it is going through the high tropics and mostly tunnels of bare rock?

(Is it possible to upgrade to a safe route in the first place?)

4. For the future

Needless to say, Tateyama and Kurobe are important tourism resources.

However, we must not forget that we have the “severity that is different from others” only when we become “Tateyama / Kurobe”, including the overwhelming amount of snow.

For the promotion of usage, we should have enough discussions by incorporating the voices of experts and the field without making a quick conclusion.

There is no excuse for “unexpected” in the event of an accident when you use it while you are worried about safety. Furthermore, if the review committee does not seem to be responsible at the time of the accident, and it is assumed that the operation operator is responsible, it is natural that the operator will be tempted.

It is important to formulate a plan from a long-term perspective.

But isn't there a lot to do now?

Measures to alleviate congestion at alpine route stations during the busy season are urgent issues. In this spring's Bijodaira, the waiting time of Tateyama Cable was too long, and a fall accident occurred while strolling around. Last year's Silver Week, the Shimoyama bus queue from Murodo lined up from the plateau bus station to the first floor with ninety-nine folds, the stairs extended from the third floor to the rooftop, and Mikurigaike Pond I heard that it was an incredible state when I continued to the promenade.

There should be something that can be done by improving and polishing the existing tourism resources. I want people all over the world to be impressed by the wonderful “Tateyama / Kurobe”. That ’s why I ’ve been involved in mountain rescue.

I sincerely hope that this opinion made with the wish of having an accident in the mountains will be used in future discussions.

Following this written opinion, Mr. Sasaki newly"My personal view on how to use the Kanden Kurobe route"Will be announced. The outline is as follows.

Personal view on how to use the Kanden Kurobe route

1. Safety measures

・ Safety measures are the most important

・ If you want to release the product with commercialization, it is natural to use it after taking measures in line with national safety standards.
→ What do you do with the huge costs?

・ Risk of running in the high tropics
→ Has a full-scale survey of geological experts been conducted so far?

・ Unearthed rock tunnel
→ The fact that the amount of spring water from the cracks of unearthed rocks increases considerably when the rain continues

・ How to secure an evacuation route?
→ If there is a problem such as a vehicle fire, are there many places where you can go outside? If it is necessary to improve the transportation system and send various people (climbers and tourists other than skiers) to the mountainous area, is it natural to arrange safety measures?

2. Usage charges

Although it has been reported that it is operated like a public recruitment as before, and it operates without taking a fare from the user,The main point is to collect usage fees for safety measures and operating expenses.

In that case, will tourists come up to pay 10,000 yen in the darkness of most tunnels?

There is an opinion that the current decrease in Japanese customers on the Alpine Route is too expensive.

3. Is it for Toyama in the first place?

In the morning, the first Unazuki / Ogizawa time will be faster to get on the first Kurobe route train in the morning.

Isn't there a way to attract customers without spending more money?

4. Although it is a promise with the country

Although there is a contract at the time of dam construction completion, public opinion at the time of contract is completely different from the current time.

Isn't it a big problem to have a heightened awareness of rights and soaring costs that couldn't be imagined at that time?

First of all, safety must be the top priority?

Never say openness is useless

Izumi Sasaki

However, if you think calmly, even if you spend a huge amount of money, if you are still worried about safety and the effect of attracting customers is not expected, there will be room for rethinking and other ideas?

I would like to stop here and make a trial calculation including re-verification and cost burden.

If you continue to do so, you will surely have a day to regret.

2019 year 5 month 12 was held in Akihabara"Mountain Summit"In addition, the PORTALFIELD editorial department also visited us and was able to talk about the “opinion sheet” submitted by Mr. Sasaki and a series of projects.

At that time, Mr. Sasaki,

The summer of two years ago when I submitted an opinion on the global branding of “Tateyama / Kurobe”, I was able to open a hut in a disaster on September 16th.

If it was normally open from July, there may have been no time to create this opinion. I feel something like "a mysterious meeting".

This time, if the project proceeds in a way that ignores the opinions of the field, it will inevitably spread to other national parks such as Mt. Fuji.

It's not just Tateyama's problem.

I was really impressed by that.

Mr. Sasaki's personal opinion about how to use the Kanden Kurobe route, a written opinion submitted to 19 members of the Branding Promotion Committee, which examines the concept of “Tateyama Kurobe World Branding”Azohara Onsen Goya homepageYou can read from

“Tateyama / Kurobe” Statement on World Branding Sightseeing with safety measures! A tourism strategy that fully considers the characteristics of Tateyama Kurobe! Personal view on how to use the Kanden Kurobe route

Please take a look at this opportunity.

PORTALFIELD reports on a series of projects in multiple parts.

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