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Pursuing the Tateyama Kurobe World Branding Project ③ From Various Positions-What Tateyama Town Can Do for the Tateyama Kurobe World Brand

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Izumi Sasaki

Azohara Onsen Goyamaster

After a study meeting to consider the conservation and use of “Tateyama Kurobe” three times: 2016 year 11 month 13 day, 2017 year 1 month 13 day, 3 month 27 day, Toyama Prefecture“Tateyama Kurobe World Brand Promotion Conference”Installed.

2017 year 6 month 1 day, the 1 meeting was held in Tokyo.

After this meetingAzohara Onsen GoyaMaster of theIzumi SasakiTo 19 members of the branding promotion meeting“Safety measures should be considered first”Various opinions come out from various viewpoints, such as submitting a written opinion that summarizes the voices gathered from the people related to the mountains in and outside the prefecture and people on the ground.

PORTALFIELD wants many people to be interested in this project by sending opinions of people from various angles and various positions to as many people as possible.

This time about the “Tateyama Kurobe Project” promoted by Toyama Prefecture,TateyamaHome Page"Mayor column"Introducing the opinions of Mayor Tateyama posted on.

The outline of the contents posted in the “Mayor Column” is as follows.

Mayor Column “Tateyama Kurobe” What Tateyama Town can do to become a global brand is part 1 2017 Year 8 Month 31


・ About the first "Tateyama Kurobe" global branding promotion meeting

At the meeting, it became a fierce discussion with Kansai Electric's officers who were disappointing in terms of safety measures against the governor of Toyama Prefecture, who was pushing for the commercialization of the Kurobe route (from Kurobe Gorge Railway Sugadaira Station to Kurobe Dam). Was also featured.

On the other hand, there were many remarks from the “safety aspect” about the early opening of the alpine route from the chairman of the Tateyama Sanso union and the director of the Nagano Natural Environment Office, the Ministry of the Environment. I felt that this article would not be communicated to the general public as an observer.

・ At the Toyama Prefectural Hall, the 1 working group of the branding promotion meeting and media handling

If you read the proceedings (remarks), the president of Tateyama Sanso Cooperative and the head of the Nagano Natural Environment Office had serious comments about safety and the natural environment regarding the early opening of the Alpine Route and the expansion of business hours. I understand. However, it seems that the handling in the local newspaper of 7 month 29 date is small.

・ Introduction of opinion by Azohara Onsen Goya Izumi Sasaki

In the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, the number of domestic customers has decreased in recent years, mainly for group customers, and this is managed by increasing the number of inbound customers (overseas customers) that concentrate on the snowy Otani season. As a result, there is a growing demand for the opening of business, but in the event of an accident, everything is ruined.

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route has various ways to enjoy not only in the Snow Otani season (until late 6) but also in other seasons.

Although it is Tateyama-machi with a small financial scale, I will introduce what I can do in Tateyama-machi and what I want to do in the next issue.

What Tateyama Town can do for the “Tateyama Kurobe” world brand is part 2 2017 year 9 month 27 day publication

This is why the operator of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route wants to extend the snowy Otani season, which is not canceled unless it becomes inoperable due to bad weather that day, even on 1 days.

Because the parking lot near Tateyama Station is full from early morning, you may sometimes see an elderly person walking from a temporary parking lot more than 900m away.

Therefore, a few years ago, we proposed to conduct a proof experiment for Toyama Prefecture, which manages the nearest parking lot (for 230 cars) from the station, even in the high season alone (about 1 day 500 yen). I refused.

Those who come with “Beautiful weather, even famous waterfall and coffee” can walk long hills because the parking lot close to famous waterfall is full. However, this was also NO from the prefecture.

I couldn't help, so I thought Tateyama could do something else to make tourists happy.

One of the 1 is the removal of utility poles from the Tateyama station square. We will brush up the scenery suitable for the entrance of Tateyama Kurobe.

However, although the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has relied on a grant of approximately 1 / 2 for the project cost, the rest will be borne by the town. Therefore, we ask for support from Tateyama Juan nationwide through hometown tax payment (donation).

PORTALFIELD reports on a series of projects in multiple parts. Please have a look.

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Pursuing the Tateyama Kurobe World Branding Project ② “Voices Waiting from Men Living in the Mountains”-Azohara Onsen Goya and Mr. Izumi Sasaki submit a written opinion

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