Let's enjoy climbing by selecting the mountain of difficulty according to your level!

It can be said that the success or failure of choosing a mountain to climb depends on whether you can objectively judge your level of mountain climbing technology. To that end, it is necessary to evaluate how much you can climb now.

For example, what kind of mountain did you climb in the past and what course, when was the season at that time, and whether you were able to complete the mountain climbing plan from the beginning to the end at that time? Judgment to evaluate your own climbing level.

It is also recommended to write a mountain record because you can objectively grasp your climbing level later.

About difficulty

When choosing a mountain to climb, it is helpful to refer to the so-called `` Mt.difficulty".

The homepage of Nagano Prefecture, where there are many mountains located in the Northern Alps of Japan,Grading data of 100 famous mountains in Nagano, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Niigata, Gifu and Gunma prefectures”Is posted, so you can refer to it.

In general, mountains with lower altitudes are often less difficult to climb, so it is said to be the so-called “primary course” of mountain climbing.

However, in terms of safety, if you change your view a little, the mountain with a low altitude and a small number of climbers, the mountain with a high degree of difficulty and a well-known mountain with many climbers is a beginner's course in a broad sense of safety. Sometimes it can be said.

"elevation"not only"Altitude differenceIs also important. For example, when comparing mountains with the same altitude, the walking distance to the summit will vary greatly depending on the altitude at the entrance.

If you want to climb a mountain with a little difficulty, you should decide the mountain to climb based on your level and experience of climbing.

If the mountain is suitable for your climbing skill and physical strength, you can try to include a famous popular mountain course in your climbing plan. As you continue to climb, you will gradually understand your climbing style.

When climbing skills and physical strength are available, you can also challenge the generally hard mountains that require climbing skills, such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, and snow mountain climbing.

Let's enjoy "mountains" that match your physical strength and mountain climbing skill level without rushing.

A mountain that can be enjoyed at a low difficulty level recommended for beginners

Mt. Takaosan (Tokyo)

Mt. TakaosanMichelin guide three starsOne of the famous mountains for those who are also selected and not climbing. Located in Tokyo.

It is about 47 minutes from Shinjuku Station on the Keio Line, and there is a Mt. Takaosan trailheadMt. Takaosanguchi StationArrival in. Whatever the good access, it is attractive.

There are several mountain trails, including 6 nature research paths, and you can climb from 30 minutes to 2 hours. There are also ropeways and lifts, so it is also featured that you can have variations such as climbing and descending, using either vehicles.

Once you get used to it, let's step up to a large longitudinal walk that connects Mt. Jinma and Mt.

Check here for Mt. Takaosan information! Weather forecast for the summit
PORTALFIELD mikketa Mt. Takaosan

Nokogiriyama (Chiba Prefecture)

Mt. Nokogiri is a mountain located in the southern part of the Boso Peninsula, on the border between Kunan-cho, Awa-gun, Chiba Prefecture and Futtsu City. From the summit, you can see Mt. Fuji, Izu Amagiyama and Oshima.

You can go to the top of the mountain with a ropeway so that you can easily see the scenery from the top.

Check here for information on Nokogiriyama! Weather forecast for the summit
PORTALFIELD mikketa Nokogiriyama

Step up to an intermediate level! A mountain where you can also challenge yourself

Mt. Izugatake (Saitama Prefecture)

Mt. Izugatake is a mountain at an altitude of 850.9m in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. Masamaru Station Parking Lot-Mt. Izugatake-Kono Gongen-Asami Chaya-Hadano Station-Masamaru Station, it takes 6-7 hours, so it's perfect for walking long distances.

"Osaka”That is as long as 50mChainIf you are not confident, you should just take a look here.

After running straight,Asami ChayaIf you stop by and eat delicious udon, your satisfaction will be even higher.

Check here for Mt. Izugatake information! Weather forecast for the summit
PORTALFIELD mikketa Mt. Izugatake

3000m peak of yearning that we want to try if we become advanced

Mt. Yarigatake (Nagano and Gifu Prefectures)

Mt. Yarigatake is a mountain located in the southern part of the Hida Mountains with an altitude of 3180m. Since the top of the mountain has a distinctive shape, many people have seen it in the media without knowing the name of the mountain.

Boasting the highest level of popularity among the mountains in the northern Alps of Japan, this mountain is a long-cherished mountain peak for mountain climbers.

Check here for Mt. Yarigatake information! Weather forecast for the summit
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There is also a method that does not choose depending on the difficulty

For those who want a hard climb ...Mt. MyokosanThe mountain climbing style where you can enjoy the pleasant scenery and the beautiful air, such as strolling the flower fields and high-rise wetlands, is also fun.

"Hana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)"Or"Shin Hana no Hyakumeizan(New one hundred mountains of flowers)The mountains listed in "" include such wetlands and plateaus, so please check them out.

Check here for a list of the 100 famous mountains of flowers! Also includes pinpoint weather forecast
PORTALFIELD mikketa list "Hundred Mountains of Flowers"

Check here for a list of the new Hana no Momoyama! Also includes pinpoint weather forecast
PORTALFIELD mikketa list "100 new mountains of flowers"

Regardless of the mountain you climb, it is important to determine the level of your climb and climb according to your level. It is a trick that leads to enjoying the hobby of climbing safely forever.

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