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0. Check the weather in the mountains!
1. Mountain weather forecast (Yamaten)
2. Mikketa Climbing / Mountain / Camp Weather + more Premium Member
4. mountain climbing weather (paid smartphone app)
6. Weather Navigator Climbing Navi
7. SCW Weather Forecast / Observation Information
8. SCW weather forecast / observation information (paid member)
9. Mountain Weather Forecasts
10. Yamakei Online Mountain Weather
11. Impressions of listing the services of each company
12. Click here for a better understanding of the mountain weather
13. Recommended outdoor watch that can measure pressure and altitude

0. Check the weather in the mountains!

One of the information you must know before climbing"Weather in the mountains".

Even if the mountain is not as difficult as you walk when the weather is stable, it can be life-threatening if the weather conditions get worse. Also, the weather in mountain pass and mountain weather are often very different.

The weather agency is indispensable for weather forecasts, but there are several services that provide mountain weather and weather forecasts.

Here, not only mountain climbing, camping, outdoor, but also the mountain forecast weather forecast site and smartphone app that can be used conveniently for climbing and hiking, etc., carefully selected 10 services including paid services as well as free services I will list and introduce.

In order to make it easier to understand what points are recommended for each service, we have independently evaluated the “excellent” and “this is subtle” points for easy comparison. The mountain weather is also important when thinking about clothes when climbing. Some of them have recently appeared, so not only beginners who are unfamiliar with mountain climbing and mountain weather forecast services, but also advanced users who are familiar with previous services are a must-see.

(The service and its contents are based on the survey as of early 2019 year 7, so the service may be changed when using it. The latest when using each service Please carefully check the service content of)

1. Mountain weather forecast (Yamaten)

Specialized weather forecaster for mountain, who is also a climber himselfTakayuki Inokuma (Inokuma Takayuki)A paid site specialized in mountain weather forecasts run by him.

It is available by monthly basis XNUM X yen + tax. (For general climbers)

If you become a member, you are familiar with the weather, temperature, wind direction and wind speed every 6 hours in the forecast until the next day, mountain weatherCommentary comment of the weather forecaster,Great rough informationYou can browse e-mail etc.

<Main Contents>

Weather radar / rough weather information / weather forecast comments / 6 hourly hourly weather at the summit of 18 mountain area and 59 mountain (weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / live camera / mountain mountains) Meteorological information / Yamareko record of the mountain

Official Website Mountain weather forecast

<Superior place>

・ We can understand the approximate weather conditions by a weather forecaster who is familiar with mountainous weather.
・ Because you can see your own commentary such as what kind of thing you should be cautious on that day, it will be very helpful in grasping the weather of the mountain.
・ A detailed analysis is possible with specialized weather maps such as high-rise temperature and wind forecasts and high-rise forecasts.

<This is subtle>

・ I was able to see part of the mountain area even before by non-members, but now it is completely charged.
・ It is difficult to reschedule on the day before Yamayuki because the update is delivered around 17 the evening of the previous day.
・ The forecast for 3 days at the longest. Mountain area targeted for forecasting, applicable summit, less forecast items.

2. Mikketa Climbing / Mountain / Camp Weather

Operated by “PORTALFIELD”, a media that closes up to mountain climbing and outdoor experts. A site that gathers all the information necessary for mountain climbing and travel, including the summit weather, in one place.

No member registration required-all available for free.

Mt. Hundred Mt., Mt. Two hundred Mt. Mt., Mt. Hundred Mt. of Hana, Mt. Happiness Mt. Mt. Hm. Mt. Mt. Hundred Mt.

As a source of information for weather forecast, it corresponds to an organization like the Japan Meteorological Agency,Norwegian Meteorological Research Institute (MET: Norwegian Meteorological Institute)It uses the weather forecast provided by and displays it under the CC4.0 license designated by the laboratory.

As the contents of the weather forecast,

・ 24 hourly forecast up to 1 hours ahead (weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / precipitation)
Detailed forecast every 48 hour ahead (weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / precipitation / humidity / atmospheric pressure / fog / total cloud cover / low cloud cover / middle cloud cover / high cloud cover)
・ Detailed forecast for daily 8 days (weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / precipitation / humidity / atmospheric pressure / fog / total cloud cover / low cloud cover / middle cloud cover / high cloud cover)

Detailed and long-term forecasts are available. In addition to weather forecasts for mountain huts and summits, various information is gathered comprehensively, including information required for mountain climbing and travel, along with SNS and Yamako's latest mountain records.

<Main Contents>

Weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / precipitation / humidity / atmospheric pressure / fog / total cloud cover / low cloud cover / middle cloud cover / high cloud cover / sunrise time / sunset time / time of 1 hour by 24 hour Forecast / 48 hourly detailed weather forecast for 6 hours / long term weather information for 8 days

Official Website mikketa mountain hut and mountain weather forecast

<Superior place>

・ If there are mountain huts, accommodation facilities, and campsites from the weather of the summit of 1000 and above in Japan, there will be many forecast points such as 2000 points and more.
・ There is a wealth of information from 1 time forecast to weather 8 days ahead.
・ There are many forecast items such as fog and clouds.
・ Besides the weather forecast, useful information such as maps, tents (campgrounds) information, bathing facilities, access methods etc. are summarized.
・ This weather forecast is determined by the Meteorological Agency"Specific forecast *"It can be communicated to anyone, and it is highly convenient.
・ All available free of charge despite the overwhelming amount of information.

* For information on specific forecasts, see the Meteorological Agency website.Frequently asked questions"There is an easy-to-understand explanation.

<This is subtle>

・ This weather forecast uses the forecast announced by the Meteorology Institute of Meteorology (MET), a governmental agency of Norway, and is published as a weather forecast in Norway, but in Japan it is also interpreted as a numerical forecast Because there is, it is necessary to keep that in mind.
-Some weather indications are not translated into Japanese because the weather forecast announced by MET is displayed without making its own judgment.
-Among companies that provide 10 day forecasts, forecasts up to XNUM X days at maximum.
・ As a forecast trend, it may seem that the predicted wind speed is low, and it may feel inaccurate for sudden weather changes such as guerrilla heavy rain.
・ It is not a story that is limited to mikketa, but it can not confirm warnings and warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

<More convenient with Chrome extension>

As for this “mikketa” mountain climbing / mountain hut / camp weather, as an extension of Chrome browser"mikketa mountain and mountain hut weather'Is provided (free of charge), and once installed, searching for each point is very easy.

When using mikketa on a PC, if you install this extension in the Chrome browser, you can see the weather forecast and the latest information of each point directly without searching the mikketa site or Google search etc. .

It's easy to use, and when you press the button displayed on the Chrome browser, a search window like the one below will appear, so you can search just by entering the name of the mountain or hut here.

To use this extension, use the Chrome browser on your PCmikketa mountain and mountain hut weatherOr go directly to "Chrome web storeFrom "mikketaYou can also go to the detailed explanation page by typing It is an extension that is officially registered in Google ’s official Chrome Web Store, so you can use it with confidence. + more Premium Member

Membership service run by the Japan Weather Association. A weather forecast site for people who want to know more about the weather. Long-term forecasts up to 1 months ahead, world weather, mountain weather, sea weather, and thunder forecasts essential for mountain climbing, bathing and golf.

As for the weather on the mountain, we can obtain the weather forecast of the summit and foot of about X NUMX point and the numerical calculation result of the temperature, wind direction and wind speed for each altitude.

Paying members monthly fee 100

・ For mountain weather, you can search for mountains by "altitude", "by prefecture", or "hundred / two hundred / three hundred mountains" (we display weather forecasts for mountains over 900 nationwide)
・ We understand weather forecast of mountaintop.
・ Numerical calculation results of weather forecast for each 3m altitude from 300m to 4200m every 300 hour of today and tomorrow.

<Main Contents>

Weather / temperature / wind direction / wind speed / sunrise time / sunset time / moon age / high-rise weather map

Official Website + more

4. mountain climbing weather (paid smartphone app)

A paid app of operated by the Japan Meteorological Association and ALiNK Internet. You can see the weather at the top of the mountain, the forecast for rain clouds, and the degree of lightning hazard. You can also check detailed weather forecasts and weather maps and high-rise weather maps for the summits and mountain climbers of all three hundred famous mountains.

Paying members monthly fee 240

-Detailed weather by 3 hour and weather forecast for 3 day.
・ Mountain condition ・ Pinpoint forecast ・ Rain cloud radar ・ High-rise weather map.
・ We publish mountain index and clothes index calculated by Japan Meteorological Association original logic.
・ We can see weather commentary of mountain by region by weather forecaster. (Summer only)

<Superior place>

・ We can understand weather forecast by elevation as well as foothills.
-As the price is set for each service content, it is possible to select the required service.

<This is subtle>

・ In addition to being divided into free site, paid member site + more, paid application, it is the weather forecast of the summit such as the summit and the numerical calculation result of the weather forecast which is not the weather forecast Because the weather forecast is mixed with each other, it is difficult to understand which is the weather forecast of the mountain if you do not read well.
-In order to register paid members of + more, it is necessary to use NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank, Ymobile's mobile phone XNUM company, or to use Rakuten ID. If I did not use them, I could not find an explanation of their availability.


Weather and life information site that is popularly known as “Tenkura”. The mountain weather can be viewed from the weather forecast for the resort.

Member registration unnecessary · free

・ Today and tomorrow's three-hour weather (climbing index / weather near altitude 3100m, wind speed / weather near altitude 2000m) (around 1, 7, 13, 19)
・ Weekly forecast (climbing index / weather near altitude 3100m ・ wind speed / weather near altitude 2000m ・ wind speed) (around 1, 7, 13, 19)
・ Lightning information near the summit.
・ View information near the summit.
・ Weather information of neighboring municipalities (weather / temperature / precipitation)
・ Today's weather is updated 1 days 4 times (1, 7, 13, around 19)
・ The first half of the weekly weather is updated 1 days 4 times (around 1, 7, 13, 19), and the second half is updated 1 days 1 times (around 4)

<Major posted items>
Temperature / wind speed / precipitation / sunshine hours / mountain climbing index / weather near altitude 2000m / weather near altitude 1500m / weather information of neighboring cities and towns

Official Website Living with the sky

6. Weather Navigator Climbing Navi

This is the paid page for “Tenki To Kurusu”.

Paid membership system Standard member (per month 108) / PRO member (per month 282)

・ Climbing weather forecast ・ Thunder information ・ Scenery forecast
・ Mountain weather forecast Wind direction wind speed / temperature / cloud cover / atmospheric pressure
・ Map rain conditions and forecasts
・ Expected weather map
・ High resolution radar, etc.

<Superior place>

・ The mountain climbing index which is put out independently will be helpful in setting up a mountain climbing plan.
・ It is easy to understand the icon of mountain climbing index.
・ There are many publishing sites even in the free version.
・ The paid version can get more detailed information such as weather forecast on the route.

<This is subtle>

・ Information of temperature and wind is published as a mountain climbing index, but there is no indication such as so-called general weather, cloudy weather, and rain.
・ Because the impact of the icon of the mountain climbing index C is large, if it is out, it does not feel like going to the mountain.
・ There are mountains where mountain climbing index is listed and mountains that are not listed.

7. SCW Weather Forecast / Observation Information

A new weather forecasting site replacing high-resolution weather forecast GPV weather forecast predicted by supercomputers. 2017 Year 6 month release.

Local model / Cloud observation map / Rainfall amount map SSI display / Wide area model XNUM X day XNUM X times updated / Smartphone compatible / Detailed model / wide area model provided by GPV weather forecast is also displayed.

Member registration unnecessary · free

Selection of map display range
Details (until after forecast display 39 hours)
Wide area (up to after the forecast display 264 hours: 1 day 1 times updated)
Wide area 2 (up to after the forecast display 84 time: 1 date 4 times updated)

Official Website SCW


8.SCW weather forecast / observation information (paid member)

Monthly tax excluding 280 yen

・ Forecast to 10 time ahead of local model
・ Displaying cloud observation map latest information
・ Hide advertisement

Official Website SCW

<Excellent (free / paid common)>

・ It is easy to understand the prediction of the movement of rain clouds and the intensity of rain.
・ Because the amount of clouds is displayed overlapping with the map, it is easy to understand.
-You can see information that is not limited to a specific point.
・ Even in the free version, the same information as the paid version can be seen basically, except that the prediction time is different.

<This is subtle (free / paid common)>

・ There is no commentary on the weather.
・ There is no difference between the paid version and the free version, except that the ad will not be displayed and the prediction time will be longer.
・ Contracts and payments can only be made via Yahoo !.

9. Mountain Weather Forecasts

Provides weather forecasts for mountains all over the world. The number is11300As mentioned above, many Japanese mountains are listed.

Member registration unnecessary · free

・ Morday, afternoon, and nighttime information show weather for 1 week.
・ We publish weather chart.
-Weather forecast for nearby 5 locations.

<Major posted items>

Temperature / Wind direction / Wind speed / Weather map / Precipitation / Snow cover / Highest temperature / Lowest temperature / Freezing level / Sunrise time / Sunset time

Official Website Mountain Weather Forecasts

<Superior place>

・ Freezing level (the line where the rain turns to snow when the altitude is exceeded) is displayed, so it is useful when going to winter mountains and snow mountains.
・ We can see the weather of mountains all over the world.
・ We can see forecast according to altitude.
Despite abundant information, it can be viewed free of charge.

<This is subtle>

・ The wind speed is hour and it is difficult to understand intuitively if you are used to the second speed.
・ As a forecasting trend, it may be thought that the predicted value of the wind speed is high.
・ There are some unfamiliar weather icons, and some are confusing.
・ Basically all English.

10. Yamakei Online Mountain Weather

“Mountain pinpoint weather forecast” service provided by Yamakei Online, a mountain climbing information site operated by Yamato and Shibuya.

Member registration required · Free

・ Peak XNUM X day forecast (weather / maximum / minimum temperature / wind speed / wind direction)
・ Forecast until 1 weeks for surrounding area (weather / maximum / minimum temperature / probability of precipitation / forecast accuracy)

Official Website Yamakei Online "mountain weather"

<Superior place>

・ By registering as a free member, you can view the "Pinpoint Weather Forecast at the summit" free of charge.
・ You can use the weather forecast mail service on the scheduled date of mountain climbing.
-Services provided by sites with overwhelming popularity.

<This is subtle>

・ Some forecasts such as “Pinpoint Weather Forecast at the Peak” can not be seen without Yamakei Online's free membership registration.
・ The forecast point of the summit weather is relatively small compared to other services at 50.
-Although there is a description of the time when the forecast was released, for example, it was not a forecast such as morning, afternoon, by time zone, etc., and it was not possible to know what forecast it was on 1 day.

11. Impressions of listing the services of each company

・ As so-called expression of the weather"Weather" "Weather forecast" "Result of numerical calculation"Also, there are differences in what we usually think of as weather forecasts together, and each company uses different words (for example, the words "weather" and "weather forecast" are the same page) (Some cases have been mixed)It is necessary to be aware in advance of confusing points for general users who are not familiar with legal and industry customsI thought.

-Peak weather, especially pinpoint forecastTo announce what is saidSpecific forecastAlthough some services show that they need to be "specifically," they do not necessarily have to be "directed forecasts", and depending on the conditions "General forecastIt also seems to be. There is an easy-to-understand commentary on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page of the Japan Meteorological Agency.

・ At the beginning of the "Frequently Asked Questions" page, there is an explanation of the weather forecast definition. If you are not a weather forecaster in the process of investigating this time,It is impossible to transmit any "forecasts" or what is forecasted to an unspecified number of peopleA website that says "Sometimes" was found. this is,Specific user(User definition: target for which a contract has been signed)Announce your own expected results"To another corporationIt is not necessary to take permission unless it is provided. It seems like.

・ As a supplement, “The forecast of the Meteorological Agency announcement and the permit companyIf you just explain the forecast, you do not need the forecasting business permission. "There is. It was very helpful because I had the impression that I could not explain the forecast itself if I was not a weather forecaster. Certainly, if this is not recognized, there will be restrictions on displaying the widget or blog part that displays the weather on the home page, and there will be problems in adding your own opinion and commentary .

・ The nuances of “This is not a weather forecast but a numerical calculation result,” which many of the weather forecasting companies refuse, and this is a human being, as described in the Japan Meteorological Agency.AnticipationAdded ""forecastThere is no doubt that this is the case, but if you carefullyCalculation results based on various observation data."Numerical calculation results (we call them numerical forecasts in the Japan Meteorological Agency)" sometimes sees and hears the notion that it is more unreliable than "weather forecast", or that it requires attention, but it can not be generally stated I thought it was not there.

・ Even if it is the result of numerical calculation, it is not a bad thing to think about yourself on the basis of the weather of the day, whether it is the mountain area or the plain area.I felt it would be much more useful than forecasting the weather based on weak information with insufficient knowledge of the weather.

It became a long time, but it was a good opportunity to deepen our understanding of each company's services, including the fundamental part of what the weather forecast is. We hope this list is helpful.

Then, by all means, safe and fun climbing and camping!

12. Click here for a better understanding of the mountain weather

Don't be fooled by the mountain weather! Do you know the pitfalls of weather information?

It is a book written by Takayuki Inokuma of "Yamaten" introduced at the beginning.

Book description (from Rakuten Books)
[Content information] (From "BOOK" database)
A weather forecaster specializing in mountain weather thoroughly explains weather risks that cannot be prevented by general weather forecasts alone. A must-read book for climbers to prevent disasters, leading to disaster mitigation and crisis management.

Mountain Meteorological Encyclopedia (Mountain Daizen Series)

This is also a book that Takayuki Inokuma from "Yamaten" commented on.

Book description (from Rakuten Books)
Explaining everything from basic weather maps to the latest digital data utilization, from the basics to the development of mountain weather, making full use of the 500 points in the chart. Commentary by season and domestic / overseas area is directly linked to the mountain plan. With flowchart of specific measures! Currently, the most detailed “mountain weather book”.

13. Recommended outdoor watch that can measure pressure and altitude

A long-established shop for mountaineering and outdoor products specialty stores in Tokyo, JimbochoSakai ya Sports"ofJunichi KanekoThis is an easy-to-understand expert review. If you are checking a watch for climbing, camping, or outdoor, please read it.

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