Depending on the season, the mountain looks completely different! Precautions when creating a mountain climbing route

The mountain you climb also changes to a completely different expression and situation depending on the season.

The best season of the mountain varies depending on the mountain and purpose. By selecting the climbing time for the same mountain, you can capture the mountain from a different perspective than the difficulty level, making it more memorable.

Also, if you want to take pictures of mountains, it may be more appropriate for autumn to winter when the air is deeper than for spring or summer, where the distant view is generally abundant.

Once you get used to walking, you may choose to take off the “best season”. When the same mountain is crowded and when there are few people, the mountain atmosphere changes completely.

Depending on the season, it is common for the same mountain to have completely different conditions on the south and north sides.

As one example, it is one of the popular areas around KantoTanzawa mountain rangeOne of the main peaksTanzawa(Click here for PORTALFIELD mikketa TanzawayamaBut the relatively bright south sideOkura OneCourse to climb viaNorth course along the Nakatsu RiverThen, the state of forests and trails and the number of climbers are completely different. The difference is especially noticeable when there is snow. There is a lot of snow on the north side where it is not exposed to sunlight, making it difficult to melt snow.

In mountains with low altitude, frost pillars melt in the daytime and the mountain trails become muddy, and it may be difficult to walk in the morning and evening.

It is not uncommon for a mountain that has no snow on the south side in early spring, but on the north side, the snow on the mountain trail that has been squeezed by climbers becomes partly ice, and a light cramp is required to walk. Then not only will the equipment increase,It takes longer than the course timeThat is often the case. It is a point that you should pay attention to in early spring in low-intermediate mountains.

It has been a long time since the number of places where transportation to the trailhead has developed has increased, but it is one of Japan's top 100 mountains.Mt. Norikura(PORTALFIELD mikketa Click here for Mt. Norikura) Is the base for climbingTatami flatUntil the highest altitude in JapanNorikura Skyline(General cars are not allowed to pass due to restrictions on private cars), and you can arrive at once by bus.

From there, it is possible to walk to the summit if you are in the summer. It should be noted here that the tatami parallel buses run from mid-5 to late 10. Except for that time, it is closed due to snow.

In other words, around the middle of the 5 month just after opening, the area around the tatami flat is still a silver world. Of course it depends on the year.

It is the same as the situation of climbing snowy mountains. It is not a mountain where you can walk in a very hiking mood.

It's easy to think that if you already have a bus, you'll be able to walk in the same way as Natsuyama, but not only on Mt. Let's do it.

In spring and autumn, when conditions vary greatly depending on the season, such as large fluctuations in temperature and snowfall, special attention must be paid to the selection of climbing routes and equipment.

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