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Daitenso where you can enjoy delicious meals and stylish tea time

1.Daitenso Dinner

Upon check-inYou can choose whether the main dish is fish or meat.

On this day, the person who chose the fish was “Saba miso boiled”. The person who chose the meat was “hamburger”.

“Hamburg” is full of volume. Most of the people staying in the room chose “hamburger”.
Are there many people who want to eat something frankly at dinner in the mountains? I'm glad that I can get protein well.

The main hamburger was also very delicious, but what I want to mention is this "Boiled. "
Annually,From 9 month to hut closingIt seems that you can have.
The manager's parents are from Tohoku, and Mr. Tsuji has often eaten since childhood.
Every day preparation is difficult, but he added to the menu that the people who came to the hut would be pleased.
I want you to eat this once! It's really delicious.

Salmon is also contained in small bowls of vinegar. It was a very luxurious dinner.

2.Ramp coffee room

When dinner is over, the cafeteriaLamp tearoomWill change to
The cafeteria where the lights are turned off and the lamps are turned on is an adult space.
Jazz was flowing and it was a very nice atmosphere.

The menu also includes a set of roast beef and wine and manager special mulled wine.
Cake set etc. Very fashionable. And the price is also a conscientious price.
Manager special mulled wineI receivedIt was better than any mulled wine I've ever had.

3.Daitenso Breakfast

Breakfast seems to change depending on the season, sunrise, sunset time and the number of guests on the day.
In the high season, it seems that 4 hour and 15 minutes. When I stayed on 2019 month 9 year of 6, it was 4 hour 45 minute, but actually it started from 4 hour 40 minute. The sunrise time on this day is around 5 hours and 20 minutes. Even after having breakfast at the hut, it is nice to leave before sunrise.

“Most customers who stay overnight are those who travel longitudinally, so most people leave early in the morning.
They are also serving breakfast early because they want to leave after eating breakfast. ''And Mr. Tsuji, the manager.
If you have a warm breakfast, the power of the 1 day will be different. Nice service.

However, at night, coffee is served and breakfast is early in the morning. The staff of the hut will be hard.
Nevertheless, it is a mountain hut full of hospitality that always touches me in a friendly manner.

Daitenso is a mountain hut far from the starting point. A blissful moment that only those who have been able to visit here can enjoy it.
Why don't you stop by when you run in the Omothinza line?
Lunch businessIndian lunchIs also very popular.

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Know the weather forecast and mountain hut information of Daitenso!

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