Really one touch. Choose for ease of use! Field hopper SOTO ST-630

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It's easy to open and close quickly!
The stand of 4 books pops out with one action that only pops up!
It is a solo table that can be reduced to half size of A4.
It is also convenient for use in tents as a solo hike or a meal at solo touring, as a sub-table for a family camp.

Country of origin: Taiwan
Body size: Width X NUM X depth X NUM X height X NUM X cm
Body weight: 395g
Material: Top plate = aluminum, stand = stainless steel, exclusive storage case body, string = nylon, stringing = resin
Storage size: Width 29.7 × depth 11 × height 1.9 cm
Load capacity: XNUM X kg

Expert review

One touch

Keiichi Kaneko

General Manager Sakaiya Sports Headquarters


ease of use

It is very convenient because the assembly is complete just by opening the fold.



Perfect for solo touring camps.

Easy to use
If you choose, this is it!

Kubo Yasunori

Limited company Sakaiya Sports


ease of use

The lightness of the luxurious full carbon specification is outstanding.

Also, the unique locking mechanism is secure and always comfortable.



Unlike aluminum, it does not rust even if you leave it after it gets wet.

In love

Nobuhiro Yokota

Limited company Sakaiya Sports


ease of use

Weight reduction and compactness are being done by any manufacturers.



Hit the motion of the foot when opening in one action! Maybe the person who designed this is the person who made one action table of the brand there ...

... I think so finish.

If you see reviews with high ratings one after another, this is definitely a buy! It is an article of

This product is also available at Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza. (Please pardon if out of stock)

It is safe because you can purchase while comparing various products while receiving advice from experts who are rich in product knowledge.

The size and weight of the product, the sense of size at the time of storage, etc. can be actually checked for the hand, so those who are concerned should check at Echo Plaza!

About Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza

Store name Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza
Address 101-0051 Showa Building 2F, Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-3262-0583
FAX 03-3262-0486
Opening hours 11: 00-20: 00 24 hours a day, except the first day of the year
Handling product Backpack, Shruff, Trekking Accessories, Clock, Compass, GPS, Hat, Gloves
● For customers coming to the store by public transportation
・ From JR Chuo Sobu Line "Aqueduct Station" East Exit, walk 10 minutes.
・ From the subway Hanzomon Line, Mita Line, Shinjuku Line "Jimbocho Station" 4 exit, walk 7 minutes.● For customers coming to the store by car
There is no parking lot in our shop. Please use the coin parking near you.
 store information
"Echo Plaza" is a proposal shop of Sakaiya that provides information on the latest trends in outdoor products, as if it were echoing in the mountains.
In a wide space of about 280m2, we have developed big items such as Shack Pack with 550 items or more, as well as goods such as shuffling, camping equipment, GPS and lights.

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