Anyway, it is light and compact. Rapid Carbon Blue (2 book set) Grip Well (GRIPWELL)

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Keiichi Kaneko

Gripwell (GRIPWELL) Rapid carbon

Lightweight design using carbon material for all shafts inherits the traditional grip well trekking pole. On top of that, Gripwell Trekking Pole adopts the first "folding type (※)" to improve portability while securing the strength as a trekking pole.

Storage length at the time of folding is only XNUM X cm. Convenient for storage when going out with a small backpack.
While maintaining the "light and simple" unique to Gripwell Trekking Pole, this model emphasizes portability and ease of adjusting the length.

※ This refers to a structure in which divided shafts are connected by a flexible and high-strength wire.

・ Length adjustment method: lever lock type
· Shaft material: carbon
・ Weight: X NUM X g (per X NUM X ・ end rubber not included)
・ Use length: X NUM X cm-X NUM X cm
・ Storage length: XNUM X cm
・ Length adjustable strap
・ Accessories: Point rubber ・ Normal ring ・ Carrying case ・ Velcro band

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Anyway lightly

Keiichi Kaneko

Sakaiya Sports Director


ease of use

Storage size is compact anyway by folding. Moreover, because all the pipes are all carbon, the lightness is also outstanding.



If you get used to it, you can assemble it almost instantly.

From the item description of the manufacturer (Gripwell)

Made of carbon, anyway, "light!"

GRIPWELL Trekking Pole (Carbon Super Light, Gem Carbon) XNUM X weight is XNUM x g. The carbon part is adopted for the shaft part. Carbon is a lightweight and durable material used in aircraft and F1 machines. It can be made lighter without losing its strength.

It is approximately XNUM Xg lighter in pair compared with general aluminum trekking poles, and it is the lightest class in telescopic trekking poles. It is also excellent in weight balance and easy to swing lightly in the extended state.

Lightness is the most important point for trekking poles that you carry for a long time. Recommended for all those who do not have confidence in physical strength, "I want to lighten the equipment a little."

It is a trekking pole where aluminum is superior in terms of price etc., but carbon is a big advantage when considered from the viewpoint of “lightening even a little”. I am satisfied with the high rating.

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An excellent product that has been brilliant in the past by Yamakei's Gear Report as “BEST BUY” in 1. Gripwell carbon pole

Yamaki's gear report in the past is a superb thing that also won the "BEST BUY" of 1. In the late fall Tanigawadake. It is safe because it will be lightly and securely tightened even if your hands are cold due to cold. More

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It is safe because you can purchase while comparing various products while receiving advice from experts who are rich in product knowledge.

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