Mr. Izumi Sasaki of Azohara Onsen Goya received the Minister of the Environment Award

In this year's natural park-related distinguished person environment minister commendation,Azohara Onsen GoyaManageIzumi SasakiWas selected.

“Natural Park-related Merit Minister's Commendation”The Ministry of the Environment


“Recognize and honor those (or organizations) who have made significant achievements in protecting and properly using nature parks.”


This is what we do every year.

27 people and 1 organizations were selected in the first year.

Izumi Sasaki is located in the back of Kurobe Gorge.Azohara Onsen GoyaAs a member of the Prefectural Police and Mountain Guards, he has been serving as a prefectural mountaineering instructor and the Prefectural Police and Mountain Guards Cooperation Corps Leader, who has been helping many disasters for 13 years.

This achievement was commended for its efforts to prevent accidents by providing continuous mountain distress prevention activities, saving lives, providing climbing guidance to natural park users, providing appropriate information, and managing and repairing mountain trails. It was.

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Izumi Sasaki

Azohara Onsen Goyamaster

It ’s all about being happy if the number of people who go back home is happy.

So for that,

I think I should do what I can do little by little.

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations on this award, again thanks to the warmth of Mr. Sasaki who thinks about the mountains and the people, and that the safety of us climbers is protected.


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