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[Hundred Mountains] Climb today at Mt. Yotei Crater! Latest video

(Photo: Wangel OB, Muro Tech)


December 12 Mt.Yotei latest video


PORTALFIELD ExpertBut alsoHideki KondoIs located at the foot of Mt.Yotei in Hokkaido, whereEzofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut)Kondo-san's friend stayed in the winterMt. YoteiWas climbed successfully.

The peak of Mt. Yotei is a crater. If the weather condition and your feet are not bad, you can walk around the bowl. However, it is impossible to see the magnificent crater if gas is applied to the top of the mountain, and many people would not be able to see the scenery even if they climbed.

It is a crater on such a mountaintop,We have provided you with the latest video that we just shot today on December 12th.

The video was provided byHideki KondoIs a friend of"Muro-Tech Wangel OB"Mr. is.This clear, clear and clear winter peak image is very valuable.



If you are planning to climb Mt. Yotei at the end of the year, please refer to this section for the latest information.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Wangel OB of Muro Institute of Technology and Mr. Hideki Kondo of Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut) for providing the video. Thank you very much.


Click here for pinpoint weather forecasts and updates on Mt. Yotei and Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut)."mikketa mountain hut and mountain weather forecastIs the associationYou can see it for free without member registration.

Mt. Yotei weather forecast and latest information (from mikketa – PORTALFIELD)

The winter season has begun. Winter Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut). (Photo taken by Hideki Kondo on December 2019, 12)

Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut) Weather Forecast and Latest Information (from mikketa – PORTALFIELD)

Mt. Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut weather forecast and latest information (from mikketa – PORTALFIELD)


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