Now, in Reiwa, the hot water bottle that feels like Showa seems hot ... SNS topics? On earth, why

Photo: You can see the transition of hot water bottles side by side (left ... made in Showa. Middle ... popular product "hot water bottle A". Right ... large diameter makes it easy to put in and take out water. It's easy to put in ice. Can be used even in summer)
For some reason, "hot water bottles" are now popular. On SNS, people who like camping mainly say, "It's definitely a must for winter camp ... Read more

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I also love hot water bottles that give me a natural warmth.If you put it under your feet shortly before going to bed, your feet will be wrapped in just the right amount of warmth and you will feel indescribable.By the time I wake up in the morning, the hot water bottle's hot water is getting cold, and I've heard that when hot water didn't come out of the faucet, I used to wash my face with that lukewarm water in winter.

Also, unlike air conditioners that circulate air and stoves that burn fuel, the air does not need to be dried or ventilated, so it is one of the cleanest things to keep warm.

I use plastic ones, but the most popular ones are metal ones.When I bought it, I wanted to choose a metal one that would satisfy my desire to own it, but I remember giving up because the plastic one was definitely cheaper.

The details are in the article, but even so, I had no idea to heat the hot water bottle over an open flame.I see.When this happens, it certainly seems convenient to use an auto camp-like camp.I am convinced that some outdoor shops sell it.

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