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[2020 latest review paper first part?] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Function usage detailed review and deciding factor of purchase

In this review paper, the fenix6X purchased the other day, while intermingling the actual feeling of use based on climbing and hiking, was compared with other models that are likely to be candidates for functions, comfort, operation methods, and candidates. We will review the tips and know-how of comparison, usage, etc., and introduce them in detail into the first part, the second part, and the second part.

There aren't many blog posts in the fenix 6 series that provide close-ups and manual explanations on the fenix 6X, so I hope you'll be able to create images when considering purchasing and refer to the operation method after purchasing. This is a paper level if it is based on the number of characters rather than a blog post, but it has been made readable.

There is considerable volume because the flow of the story is connected throughout. Use the table of contents as needed. The table of contents includes the first part, the second part, and the third part.

table of contents

[Review article first part] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Function usage detailed review and deciding factor of purchase

About GARMIN fenix6 series

Motivation for purchasing fenix6X

Compare the differences between the models of the fenix6 series

Features of fenix6X

Features of fenix6X
・ Smart watch
・ Music playback
・ Settlement function
・ Safety function
・ Body Battery

Smartphone linked app
・ Garmin Connect Mobile
・ Connect IQ Store
・ Garmin Explore App
・ About apps and web services

fenix6X battery performance

fenix6X GPS performance

[Review article second part] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Climbing map navigation complete manual

Maps and navigation
・ If you only use the trace log of GPS, you will not find GARMIN.
・ Navigation about navigation once.
・ Preparation for navigation by climbing (fenix6X and handy GPS)
・ How to use in actual mountain climbing (until departure)
・ How to use in actual mountain climbing (after departure)

Compatibility problem between fenix6X and "BaseCamp"

Fatal weakness of "Connect"

How to perform route navigation to destination via multiple points with fenix6X?

[Review article third part] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Climbing map navigation field review and purchasing tips

Finally opening ceremony & setup

Come to the field! (①Mt. Jinbasan → Mt. Takaosan longitudinal run)

Come to the field! (②Minano Station → Mt. Happusan Loop)

Comparison with GARMIN's Handy GPS

Troubleshooting fenix6X

purchase fenix6X

replacement band for fenix6X

in conclusion

About GARMIN fenix6 series

Garmin: Introducing the fēnix 6 series

(Garmin: Introducing the fēnix 6 series)

The "fenix6 Series" is a multi-sport GPS watch that can be used for various activities such as mountain climbing, running, swimming, etc., developed by GARMIN, a major GPS device manufacturer. In addition to the functions of the previous series "fenix6X Plus", the battery life has been further improved, a performance measurement function has been installed, and a large display has been realized.

With the fenix6X series, the watch has become more sophisticated than the design, and has a thinner watch thickness than conventional models, making it easier to use not only for outdoor activities but also for everyday use.

Motivation for purchasing fenix6X

(From fēnix 6 series | Garmin page)

"I want to use high-quality ones that can be used both in mountain climbing and in everyday use."

Although the basic performance of GARMIN's handy GPS "GPSMAP" and "DAKOTA20" currently used was not a problem, the visibility of the liquid crystal outdoors was inferior to the recent new liquid crystal (reflective Chroma display). Considering that the map data used by GPS is getting old, we need to consider updating it, but one of the reasons is that updating the map data costs less than 2 yen.

Secondly, Casio's Protrek (PRW-3000), which is currently the main watch used for mountain climbing, does not have a GPS and cannot check the GPS altitude.

In addition, the time of the SUUNTO GPS watch "Traverse" that I usually use is apt to be out of order, but even if I correct it with GPS, the receiving sensitivity is poor and I can not grasp the GPS at all, practically GPS You have stopped using the function. Similarly, the notification function of the smartphone was not very easy to read and was not used anymore.

When thinking about this area as a whole, if you try to renew them individually, the 10 yen will quickly overrun it. In the first place it is not realistic to buy a new one at a stretch.

After that, I mentioned the map a little earlier, but the pre-recorded map was attractive.

The fenix6X has Shobunsha's"" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map"The data is recorded for the whole country. “Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu” map has 60 books nationwide, but it costs about 1000 yen per book.About 60 yen for 6 books. Actually, we also need a paper map, so we'll buy "" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map" in the future.

Since it is built-in from the beginning, there is no need to download maps and put them in."Danger"And"Stray"Or "" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map", but this information can be seen on fenix6X.The course time is displayed as it is on the map, and when I saw it, I was already surprised (laughs).

At this point, there is no reason not to buy or not to choose.

I'm sometimes asked,"SUUNTO 9"Did you compare with? Talk.

Of course we did. Even before "Traverse", I liked SUUNTO as much as I used "Vector".

However,The final deciding factor is the map. There is no point if the map is not useful because it is used for mountain climbing.

At that point, the match between GARMIN fenix6X and SUUNTO 9 has already been completed.

There are Protrek smartwatches too, but I'm not going to use them for climbing on AndroidWear or AppleWatch unless the battery consumption problem, which is the problem of backlighting, gets better. Battery performance is important. Details will be described later.

Compare the differences between the models of the fenix6 series

In addition to the fenix6X purchased this time, there are two other models of different sizes in the fenix6 series. The order is fenix2S, fenix6, fenix6X.

The feeling of size of each model of the fenix6 series is like this. The size around the wrist is based on the silicone band.

The fenix6 series uses a large display with improved visibility. The fenix5X is equipped with a 6-inch display that is 36% larger than the conventional fenix1.4X. Similarly, fenix6 has expanded from 5 inches of fenix1.2 to 1.3 inches.

If you look at the pictures, you can see the comparison of the three models at a glance. The actual dimensions are 3 inches (1.2 mm diameter), 42 inches (1.3 mm diameter), and 47 inches (1.4 mm diameter), respectively. The 51X large display has a larger display area than the 6S and 6, so the visibility is good even when glanced at a map or data while climbing the mountain.

This display uses a new type of liquid crystal that can be viewed without a backlight,You can see clearly even outdoors on a sunny day. For example, if you look at the screen of a smartphone outdoors on a sunny bright day, the screen will appear dark and difficult to see, but this display does not have that.

Since it is no longer necessary to turn on the backlight when displaying the screen,As a result, it greatly contributes to longer battery life. Of course, you can turn on the backlight in dark places.

Features of fenix6X

03 Designated Animation JP

(03 Designated Animation JP)

This video is based on the old model, so the data in the video is different from that of fenix6X. Nevertheless, what I can do can be helpful.

Also, the mode used during activities, which is one of the important functions of this watch, is, for example, climbing, hiking, running, trail running, pool swim, cycling, golf, climbing, skiing, backcountry skiing, SUP boat, etc. Preloaded apps for various activities. This is also quite substantial. You can add or remove them later.

The so-called ABC function (altimeter, barometer, compass), which can be said to be essential for watches that can be used outdoors, is of course normally equipped.

[Specifications] Widgets: Altimeter and Barometer

([Specifications] Widget: altimeter and barometer)

Due to the large screen, the data items that can be displayed on one screen in the activity have beenUp to 8 divisionsUp to now can be displayed.

As shown in the picture above, each item can display various information such as training data, heart rate, guidance during navigation. The number of displayed items is not limited to eight, but can be smaller.

Features of fenix6X

I am a type that loves precision equipment and gadgets of this te, but the many features of this fenix 6X are those who like such things and those who are strong at machines,It's more than a level where you can see everything at once.

Actually, I think that it will be a way to learn how to use only the functions necessary for that person. Here we will pick up some features and introduce them.

Smart watch

The fenix6X is neither AndroidWear nor AppleWatch, but it also has a smartwatch aspect.Watch face(Display design of clock face)Training page(Information screen that can be displayed during activities including mountain climbing) can be edited freely, and it is possible to finish it to your personal preference.

It is easy to change the watch face depending on the mood and situation of the day, and this area holds down the popular functions of smart watches.

Also, because it is always connected to a smartphone,Notifications received on smartphones can fly to fenix6X with almost no time lag. For example, emails such as Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp and other message systems, Twitter and other SNS systems, and other incoming calls.

Gmail displays not only the title but also the number of characters to some extent, so you can read almost the entire text with short emails. In the message system, you can not only read the contents of the message, but also reply to the received notification with a fixed phrase you have created in advance.The same applies to SNS systems. Of course it is displayed on a color screen.

This alone covers all the important features of smartwatches such as AndroidWear and AppleWatch.Another important thing is that it supports both Android and iPhone, and there is no restriction on the function in either case. Is this area a strength?.

Music play

fenix6X also supports music playback function. Currently, you can directly install music apps such as Amazon Music, Spotify, LINE MUSIC, AWA, etc. (supported services are likely to increase in the future), and you can save up to 2000 music data from your PC etc. to your watch . It can be paired with a Bluetooth compatible earphone or speaker for listening.

I did a lot of trial and error for the music playback function. I amApple MusicAfter all, I ended up listening to Apple Music.

GARMIN is not yet compatible with Apple Music at the moment, and some people may think, "Well, can you listen?"It is possible to listen with a little devising.

Although it is not officially supported (it is just a story that there is no app yet), there are actually several ways to play music,Music provider"Can be selected in the setting item.

Items include "Amazon Music"And listening to music data saved on the watch"My Music"And"Operate smartphone"Can be selected.

By using this "operate smartphone", you can operate from fenix6X if you launch the Apple Music application on your smartphone.

At that time, if there is a standard music playback application on the Android machine, it may be started, so it is necessary to stop those applications or uninstall them if unnecessary.

And, of course, Bluetooth earphones can be paired with the fenix6X, but music playback with the fenix6X directly connected consumes quite a bit of battery.

The only way to listen to music without a smartphone is to connect directly to the fenix6X, but if you have a smartphone,It is recommended to pair the earphone with the smartphone and play the music on the smartphone only.

Even in that case, you can still control the music playback with fenix6X, and this method will not consume the fenix6X battery for music playback. The picture above is playing that way.

Payment function

So-called"Garmin Pay"is. It supports contactless payment like Suica and PASMO. Use this feature in conjunction with your credit or debit card.

However, currently available cards in Japan are "Mitsubishi UFJ VISA debit"When"Japan Net Bank Visa Debit"only. Unfortunately, you can only pay with a watch, but you can only use a debit card. Unless it can be linked to a wide range of general credit cards, it will not be useful. I look forward to future developments.

Safety function

A function to send a message in an emergency.It does not automatically report to the police or fire department.

The watch senses the impact of a fall or a strong G, and sends a message and location information to a pre-registered contact. If no rescue is required,Can cancel transmissionTherefore, it will not be sent automatically due to a slight fall.

Activities that support automatic submission are currently hiking, trail running, walking, running, and biking. I'm sorry that climbing does not support. You can also manually send a message and request assistance at your own discretion. In that case, regardless of the type of activity, you can send it at any time.

The mechanism of this safety function is to send e-mail and SMS from the paired smartphone,Cannot be used outside of mobile phone area.

This is an urgent message, even if the GPS of the fenix6X is not received, it seems that the location information is being transmitted if the smartphone is capturing the location information (there is no confirmation). In that sense, it could be used as a way to communicate in an emergency, even during activities.

A message with the above content will be sent to the pre-registered emergency contact. If you are an emergency contact, you will receive a rather exciting message.

This message has a link to GARMIN's emergency website where you can check the current situation. From the site, you can not only see the location on the map based on the coordinates sent, but also display heart rate data. It was a very good mechanism.

Body Battery

This index indicates the amount of energy remaining in the body based on the fluctuations in the heart rate measured by a heart rate monitor.Feeling like HP of role playing gameis. It gives you a visual indication of whether you should rest, exercise, or when.

In the first place, there is no other way to measure objectively, so it is not possible to verify whether the numerical value is correct, but it is a guide to what kind of state. This function is used daily. Like other items, you can see more detailed data from your smartphone.

Smartphone linked app

Garmin Connect Mobile

Garmin Connect MobileIs the core application that connects fenix6X and smartphone, and via this app you can receive smartphone notifications on fenix6X. You can also use this app to configure your fenix6X.

[Operation method] Garmin watch device: Pairing procedure with a general smartphone

([Operation method] Garmin watch device: pairing procedure with a general smartphone)

Activity results can be viewed with various data including graphs and maps, and daily log data such as heart rate, steps, sleep quality and body battery can also be viewed with this app. You can see various data from the watch itself, but it is much easier to see if it is the size of the smartphone screen.

In addition, "Garmin Connect, And the app data is automatically linked to your page on that site,Information displayed on Garmin Connect Mobile can also be viewed from a PC.

Connect IQ Store

fenix6X allows you to customize your watch face and use various apps with various functions. In this case, it is necessary toConnect IQ Storeso,Images like "Google Play" or "App Store".

New ConncetIQ

(New ConncetIQ)

By using this, you can find various apps and watch faces for fenix6X.Most apps and watch faces are free to use.

Garmin Explore App

Garmin Explore AppIs for PCBaseCampIt is an application that is positioned like a successor. You can manage data such as routes, tracks, waypoints and synchronize them with fenix6X. This is also a web service linked to the applicationEXPLORE"there is.

However, this app and web service are halfway. You can check various data as usual, but when you create a route or draw a track, it will not be mapped to the map but will be based on a straight line. Mountain climbing maps such as -To-Kogen-Chizu "map are not available, so they are not suitable for creating data that you want to put in fenix6X before going mountain.

I will explain about that later,In the case of climbing or hiking, if you want fenix6X to have functions and usage like GARMIN's handy GPS, it is much more efficient to use "BaseCamp" on PC.

About apps and web services

These two services are also compatible with the web,Connect is great for managing training activitiesWhen,"Explore" to use like GPS for mountain climbingBecause it is a double feature, it is troublesome and difficult to understand how to use each one at first.

This is because the concepts of the functions aimed at by the two are slightly different.Even with GARMIN, there is an impression that it is not possible to unify the direction suggested to users how to respond to watches that can be used for various activities like fenix6X.

Here, "Connect" and "BaseCamp" will be described later.

fenix6X battery performance

fenix6X battery life is amazingso,

Turn on most features and use while climbingUp to 60 hours in GPS mode (epoch-making long time!),

Also turned on almost all functionsUp to 21 days in smartwatch mode (a long time unlike any other smartwatch on smartphone OS!),

Up to 64 days in battery saving watch mode (long term no longer possible! Lol)

In practical use, you will hardly feel any stress in how to keep the battery.

As my usage, I take off the clock when taking a bath or shower, so by charging during that time,There is almost no need to consciously charge the battery every day, and it is about 100% on the day before mountain climbing.

How to Use Power Manager on Garmin Devices to Extend Battery Life

(How to Use Power Manager on Garmin Devices to Extend Battery Life)

The fenix6X can be used in GPS mode for up to 60 hours, compared to the conventional fenix5X Plus for up to 30 hours.Battery life is about twice as goodIn addition, it has a new function called "Power Manager".

With this function, you can freely set ON / OFF of GPS, map, heart rate measurement function, etc., so you can customize how to use the battery according to the purpose of the activity.

Another convenient thing isIt is possible to display not only "percent" but also "remaining time"is. For example, if the remaining battery capacity is 86%, it can be displayed as "86% 18d", indicating that it can be used for another 18 days. In the photo above, it says "100% 21d".

fenix6X GPS performance

As a satellite positioning system (GNSS),GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Michibiki (complementary signal) and almost all satellites can be used.

The modes are "GPS", "GPS + GLONASS", and "GPS + GALILEO" (GPS also includes "Michibiki" reception), and the battery life varies respectively. GPS only has the best battery life, and when combined with GLONASS or GALILEO, the power consumption will increase a little, but it is not a level that cares much unless you walk for more than a few days without charging .

In addition, there is also a mode called "UltraTrac", which can reduce the frequency of GPS reception and reduce battery consumption.

The time until positioning is almost nowhere outdoors. Once the positioning is done, the satellite's orbit information data seems to be temporarily stored in the main unit (image like A-GPS). It is an impression to be completed.

When the sky is open, you don't notice much difference in any mode,Is it slightly faster to combine with GPS + other systems in valleys etc.It is a feeling.

As for the positioning accuracy compared to the handy GPS, there is a feeling that the handy GPS is also recorded more accurately along the route, but this isIt also depends on where you are wearing itShould be, even with fenix6X, it seems to be different depending on whether it is worn on the arm or attached to the backpack.

[Specifications] Data recording mode: Recording per second / Smart recording / UltraTrac

([Specifications] Data recording mode: Recording per second / Smart recording / UltraTrac)

Also, as for the data recording mode, basically we should record every second. Just because every second doesn't mean that battery consumption is increasing. Of course, smart recording and UltraTrac use less battery, but the track data becomes rough, so you need to use that area properly.

Here is the model purchased this time." GARMIN fēnix 6X Sapphire Black DLC ''.


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  1. Te Fu @'s world of cur, Hello. Thank you for your comment.

    Apparently, the firmware update was coming on March 3th, and the behavior changed a bit.

    I tried it at once.
    Both waypoints and routes can be transferred to fenix6X, but the routes have been converted into courses.

    Therefore, when performing course navigation, the waypoints and destination names were not displayed because the waypoints were not recognized as coursepoints.

    However, with the conventional firmware, the route was converted to a track and it was displayed straight without knowing the altitude in the middle and the actual route it would pass unless it was converted. It was there.

    After that, if the fenix6X can automatically convert waypoints as course points, this series of navigation is the solution. Expectations for future firmware updates! ^^

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[2020 latest review paper second part?] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X climbing map navigation complete manual