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[2020 latest review paper second part?] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X climbing map navigation field review and purchasing tips

In this review paper, the fenix6X purchased the other day, while intermingling the actual feeling of use based on climbing and hiking, was compared with other models that are likely to be candidates for functions, comfort, operation methods, and candidates. We will review the tips and know-how of comparison, usage, etc., and introduce them in detail into the first part, the second part, and the second part.

There aren't many blog posts in the fenix 6 series that provide close-ups and manual explanations on the fenix 6X, so I hope you'll be able to create images when considering purchasing and refer to the operation method after purchasing. This is a paper level if it is based on the number of characters rather than a blog post, but it has been made readable.

There is considerable volume because the flow of the story is connected throughout. Use the table of contents as needed. The table of contents includes the first part, the second part, and the third part.

table of contents

[Review article first part] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Function usage detailed review and deciding factor of purchase

About GARMIN fenix6 series

Motivation for purchasing fenix6X

Compare the differences between the models of the fenix6 series

Features of fenix6X

Features of fenix6X
・ Smart watch
・ Music playback
・ Settlement function
・ Safety function
・ Body Battery

Smartphone linked app
・ Garmin Connect Mobile
・ Connect IQ Store
・ Garmin Explore App
・ About apps and web services

fenix6X battery performance

fenix6X GPS performance

[Review article second part] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Climbing map navigation complete manual

Maps and navigation
・ If you only use the trace log of GPS, you will not find GARMIN.
・ Navigation about navigation once.
・ Preparation for navigation by climbing (fenix6X and handy GPS)
・ How to use in actual mountain climbing (until departure)
・ How to use in actual mountain climbing (after departure)

Compatibility problem between fenix6X and "BaseCamp"

Fatal weakness of "Connect"

How to perform route navigation to destination via multiple points with fenix6X?

[Review article third part] GARMIN GPS watch fenix 6X Climbing map navigation field review and purchasing tips

Finally opening ceremony & setup

Come to the field! (①Mt. Jinbasan → Mt. Takaosan longitudinal run)

Come to the field! (②Minano Station → Mt. Happusan Loop)

Comparison with GARMIN's Handy GPS

Troubleshooting fenix6X

purchase fenix6X

replacement band for fenix6X

in conclusion

Finally opening ceremony & setup

Here is the model I purchased this time." GARMIN fēnix 6X Sapphire Black DLC ''.

I bought a replacement band to match my watch. It is a leather type. When you use it on a daily basis, this band changes your image.

Making is solid and it is a good impression.

When you change to a leather band, it looks like this. The calm atmosphere is irresistible.

Photos from GARMIN official website

This leather band and the standard band, depending on the situation,Easy replacement with almost one touch with no equipment requiredSo it is a recommended dish.

By the way, there is also a type of leather band from the beginning. That type also comes with a regular black silicone band. This time, I was worried about what the leather band box would look like, so I purchased it separately (laughs). The replacement band will be described later.

Since the function was introduced earlier, the order was reversed, but the fenix6X just arrived is finally opened.

The package is a cube. The design emphasizes the presence of the watch.

The photos on the box are from the top, left and right. I compared it with the real thing but it is almost full size.

The thickness of the watch is thinner than the previous model, fenix5X Plus.

The fenix6X was thinner when compared with the real traverse of SUUNTO (Suunto) and the actual fenix6X, a GPS watch used in everyday use. I feel the flow of the times.

It also complies with the US Department of Defense's MIL standard "MIL-STD-810G" (US Army Standards Test).

On GARMIN's product introduction page etc., I thought I was wondering what would happen because I did not remember seeing this display (after purchase, I often found it properly) Was. If you're worried about this, are there any other? This achieves high heat resistance, impact resistance and water resistance.

Aside from how much mil specs you need, the sense of security will change.

It is finally meeting. A film of the display image of the watch face is stuck on the display. It also protects the screen.

It seems that accessories, warranty card, instruction manual etc. are included under the watch.

It is a set of contents. As for the instruction manuals, only a very simple "Quick Start Manual" is included. This feeling has become quite normal.

After that, a dedicated USB cable. This is a proprietary standard. For fenix6X (not only other models), cables of general standards such as USB-C and micro USB cannot be used.

A detailed manual can be downloaded from the GARMIN official website as a PDF file. There was a feeling that they just listed the functions for the time being, and I thought it would be difficult to understand intuitively unless you actually tweak the watch in various ways. I was pretty nervous, so I tried to write this article as easily as possible (laughs).

Support: Getting Started with the fēnix® 6 Series

(Support: Getting Started with the fēnix® 6 Series)

The setup itself is almost completed by answering the questions. The image of this video is OK.

Come to the field! (①Mt. Jinbasan → Mt. Takaosan longitudinal run)

The first field test is usually used"JR Chuo Main Line Fujino Station → Jinma Trailhead → Jinma Mountain → Keishinzan → Kobutsujoyama → Mt. Takaosan → Kasumidaien (at the cable car station)"Root.

The reason for this route is that all the points and distances on the way are memorized, so if the navigation of the fenix6X does not come to mind, you will be able to know it immediately. However, we will use the Tochio ridge, which is the first time to climb Mount Jinba. I was a little worried about what kind of navigation would be done on a road I had never walked.

So far, we have explained that two points that are greatly related to the navigation of fenix6X, compatibility problems with “BaseCamp”, and fatal weaknesses of “Connect” have been revealed.

At what point was this "Jinmayama → Mt. Takaosan vertical run" at the time of the test,Not long before the two issues became apparent. Just created a route and waypoint in BaseCamp and sent it to fenix2X.

No way, I did not dream that it would be such a development, so even on this day, unexpected situations including local response occurred, as a result, the problem became clear and it was a test Was good.

So it's time to depart!

Today we start from Fujino Station. Most people go to Jinba Kogen by bus from Takao Station and then climb via Wada Toge, but there are many other routes to climb Jinba. There is

One of them departs from Fujino Station, and you can start walking at Jinba Tozanguchi by bus from this station to Wada for about 5 minutes.

One of the reasons I like this route isIn the case of access from under Jinba Kogen, the bus is quite crowded from Takao Station to under Jinba Kogen, and in addition to that, it is necessary to ride for a long timeThere is a point. The bus fee will be higher accordingly.

This is only about 5 minutes by bus from Fujino Station. It is overwhelmingly close. As you may have wondered, "Isn't it okay to walk that distance?", There is a slightly longer tunnel along the bus street, and the width of the tunnel is quite narrow. Buses and cars pass each other, so it's a hard time, so I want to avoid walking. We recommend that you go by bus for the first time.

We have arrived at the trailhead. This is the start of the mountain trip.

Even though you are used to walking, you will see the map of the day. this is""Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu" map 27 Takao / Jinma".

Select today's route, "Jinba Tozanguchi-Kasumidaienchi", which was created in advance with "BaseCamp".

GPS positioning was completed and the map was displayed. The waypoint of "Jinba Tozanguchi" is displayed on the map. The next stop "Jinya Onsen Branch" is also displayed. Since this display part shows up to 5 double-byte characters at maximum, it is "Jinya Onsen". "1.06km" at the bottom is the distance to "Jinya Onsen Branch".

I thought everything was OK, something strange.

That's right.No route on the road. It is a straight line to Jinya Onsen branch. In other words, this distance should be a straight distance. Oops.

By pressing the middle button (or below) on the left side of the watch, you can change the screen display. Such a training page (information screen that can be displayed during activities including climbing) can be customized freely, and the content to be displayed can be selected.

The currently displayed page is a screen divided into seven, and the largest number in the middle is the altitude (7 m). In the case of mountain climbing, I would like to display the highest altitude after all.

From the top, "Next Waypoint (Journey): Jinya Onsen Branch"

Left "DIST.NEXT (distance to the next waypoint): 1.06km"

Right side "ETA NEXT (estimated arrival time of next waypoint): 8:48"

Below the middle altitude, on the left "Destination name: Kasumidaen"

"Destination distance: 13.44km" on the right

"8:44" at the bottom is the current time. As described above, you can display any item anywhere you like.

In this state, at first glance it looks like everything is displayed without any problems, but as long as the waypoints are connected in the first place, the distance to the destination is not the actual walking distance.Completely failed.

Route creation using "BaseCamp" is not possible without a PC, so new routes cannot be created or adjusted here. That's the end of what I wanted to do (laughs).

That said, I was doing something unexpected at this point, so it seemed worth trying a lot of other things, so I changed my approach.

If it is not ah, it will be tens of minutes to wrestle, so it is necessary to depart, so I will leave.

Today I will walk via the right route "Tochiya ridge". While walking, I was thinking about other possible ways. I don't feel like walking around (laughs).

I've come up with one method, so let's try it.

The map is displayed on the screen, and the route is drawn along the road. The distance to the next waypoint, Jinya Onsen Branch, is 593m.

This is a "course" created with the watch itself. Create a course by connecting the waypoints created in advance. As long as the waypoint is in the watch, you can make it anywhere or anywhere.

This seems to have no problems, but I haven't done what I wanted to do.

First, the name of the next waypoint disappeared. This happens because we don't recognize waypoints as waypoints or coursepoints. As mentioned earlier,GARMIN's Handy GPS doesn't do what we can do for granted.

Next, this route guidance method, this is the routing method setting"Map priority"I am. As mentioned earlier, if map priority is given, a route along the road is drawn,Just pass through a point on the way and the final destination, but do not necessarily go as you created during that time. There is a possibility that you do not use the usage route created in advance.

Basically, you cannot use "map priority" for mountain climbing. At this time, it seemed normal at first glance because there was no other way, but if there is a place where multiple routes can be selected, the display may have changed.

If you stand there, this will not stand. That is exactly the situation. I found that creating a course on the watch itself did not work, so let's just keep it running and walk first.

When I walk a little`` Tochiya Garden Rest Area ''Signboard. There seems to be a toilet here. There is a public toilet in the vicinity after getting off the Jinba Tozanguchi bus stop, but it is in a different direction from the course and slightly away, so if you use via Tochiya ridge, it may be more convenient to come here Hmm.

At first it is such a road, but it will increase rapidly. The neighboring Ichino-one ridge can be calm, but there are many places where you can open your view. The road with a bright atmosphere follows.

Arrived at the summit of Jinba. Again, I tried various navigation settings, but since it is not particularly different from before, I will re-create the course with a clock and start again.

I climbed up Mount Jinba in time, but at this point it was a few tenths behind the standard CT. Yeah (laughs).

The traversing of Mt. Takaosan from Mt. Jinma is particularly attractive for such a leisurely mountain walk along the section from Kobutsujoyama. Mt. Takaosan can be accessed in about an hour from the city center, but there are many types of plants, such as flowers, and you can enjoy plenty of fresh air. Perfect for a change of mind.

After the Meio Pass, go to Mt. Kagenobuyama.

From the summit of Mt. Kagenobuyama, you can see the view toward the city center. This is where you can get the widest view on this route.

It was busy on Saturday. You can also eat at a teahouse. It is famous for its wild grass tempura.

I just take a rest break and continue walking.

Since the name of the next waypoint cannot be displayed, I try various other display items. At the bottom, the distance to the next can be displayed, so here is the current time.

Another item can be displayed next to it, so if the point name is displayed, it is perfect. I hope we can do it in the next field test.

In this photo, the sun is shining in direct sunlight on the watch. During mountain climbing, the backlight is not lit because the backlight auto light is set to off. It is obvious how easy this liquid crystal is to see.

Try changing the display items on the training page. You can display most of the information you can think of.

662 is the elevation at this point. The profile of the whole course based on elevation and distance,

The highest and lowest altitude points, the amount of climb and descent, and where you are in the course are color-coded, making it intuitive and easy to understand at a glance.

Confirm that there is a raccoon dog and go further. Even so, this figurine has been around for a long time, but who brought it?

Lake Sagamiko can be seen from Kobotoketoge Pass. Next to that is the Chuo Expressway. The traffic spot "Kobotoke Tunnel" passes right under this area.

This vertical run is finally at the end, the next is Mt. Kobotokeshiroyama!

Soon, we arrive at Mt. Kobotokeshiroyama!

Mt. Kobotokeshiroyama" Shiroyamajaya ''And another teahouse. I've become quite familiar with the owner of Shiroyama Chaya, and I'm looking forward to seeing him after a long absence.

First of all, a New Year's greeting. It was talked about last year's typhoon, but it seems that this area was also heavily damaged.

I've been waiting! This is my first goal today (laughs).

For Shiroyamajaya,OdenOther specialty"Nameko soup"And other menus are also substantial. Nameko soup is not soy sauce but soy sauce. Pick up the Shichimi. The body is warmed because it is thickened.

What I am happy about is that you can choose the brand of beer. My classic is the Sapporo black label. It is a hat to choose bottle beer which should be hard to bring to here.

I became familiar with my husband, though there are some factors, but probably the most important thing was that I always ordered many. The story will bounce while doing a cup (laugh).

You can eat everything here, so if you plan on having rice here, there is no problem if you do not bring food (behavioral food and emergency food are different). However,Basically, it is open on weekends and holidays, so be careful when going on weekdays.

Mt. Takaosan, the last mountain of today's traversal, enjoying Mt.

The photo warps suddenly from Shiroyama Chaya, and it looks like the sun has already tilted a lot, but please take a look around that (laughs).

You can see Mt. Fuji when it is clear from the mountaintop "Omiharashienchi". If it is sunny in the morning of winter when the air is clear, it is perfect.

Visit Mt. Takaosan Yakuoin and go to the summit station of the cable car. Today's vertical run & field test is also over.

When you finish the activity, you can save the recorded data collectively. What is shown in the photo is today's time (including break time), total rise and fall. It also works with the Connect app and web services, so you can see detailed results later.

In the field test of this day, various behaviors of fenix6X became visible. This result was the basis for finding the subsequent improvement measures mentioned earlier. After all, field testing is necessary to learn how to operate.

Come to the field! (②Minano Station → Mt. Happusan Loop)

Two weeks after the last field test of "Jinmayama → Mt. Takaosan Longitudinal", we headed to "Gappayama" in Saitama Prefecture. From Minano Station of Chichibu Railway to the summit via the Minano Alps. The descent goes down another route.

In the past two weeks, we have been conducting trial and error based on almost all the information that could be found at this time, referring to overseas sites. as a result,The problem revealed in the previous field test was eventually solved by devising the above workaround.

Here is the second field test that has been tested and tested to see if it works as expected. When I introduced it quickly, I was able to make it look like the photo below.Success!

Today, first, take the "Limited Express Chichibu" from Ikebukuro on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line / Seibu Chichibu Line to Minano Station on the Chichibu Railway, which will be the starting point for mountain climbing. I was looking forward to the new vehicle"Laview".

Whether you are on an express train or a bullet train, it's not only me that gets excited when you stand at the platform.

Raview is the first meeting. While there are many pointy designs that are conscious of the sense of speed, this round design that can not be said anything is also this.

Get in the car. There is only the latest vehicle and it is sophisticated. The atmosphere is good with indirect lighting.

This "Lavue" is a world-class architectKazuyo Sejima (Kazuyo Sejima)Worked on interior and exterior design. Recently, famous architects are increasingly working on railway designs in various places, and this is one of the pleasures of going mountain climbing.

This seat also has a unique design. I was wondering how to recline, but it was. The armrest also moves in conjunction with reclining. It feels more like a regular sofa than a train seat. The seat pitch was wide and comfortable.

In addition to the typical large tables mounted behind the front seats, the armrests have a small built-in table. It is completely different from having or not having this when facing the seats.

What is this unique looseness (laughs).

With a cute design, it's really nice. Anyway, the window with the height that spreads to your feet is big. Ahead of Hanno, when you enter the Seibu Chichibu Line and drive through the mountains, you will feel as if you are at the level of the Kurobe Gorge Railway's trolley train. It feels like only the chair is moving. The window is white, but this is a mask of the image because various reflections were reflected. Actually it is ordinary transparent glass.

If you relax while having breakfast, you will reach Chichibu Seibu at the end in a reasonable time.

I switched to the Chichibu Railway and arrived at Minano Station, the starting point for today's mountain trip.

The operation method is the same as in the previous field test. From the "Course" menu, select the route "Minano Station-Mt. Happusan" that was previously created with "BaseCamp".

I did it! It is perfect. It was so long (laughs).

The displayed screen is a training page where various information can be displayed. Display items have been narrowed down based on the results of the previous field test.

The top of the order is the name of the next waypoint,

Left: distance to next waypoint, right: sunset time


Left: Destination name, Right: Destination distance

The bottom is the current time.

In this setting, the display is almost the same as the handy GPS that I usually use. In my case, this screen is displayed while walking, and the map screen is displayed if necessary.

There is no problem with the map screen. "" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map" -based topographic map, route display along roads (colored roads), name of next point (Maehara), current time, time to next point Distance (1.13km)it is perfect.

If there are several intersections in the city for the first time, it may be difficult to understand which way for a moment, but this guide was practical enough to reach the entrance.

The course profile is easy to understand.

I did not use it last time, but what is displayed on the screen"ClimbPro"Function. It shows uphill data in the middle of the route. The number of uphills, the average slope, the distance to it, the amount of climb, etc. are displayed.

In the case of mountain climbing, there were many small ups and downs due to the nature of the road, so I felt that the number of uphills was not very useful, but I felt that the slopes were strong.

From Minano Station to the mountain climbing entrance (Obuchi mountain climbing entrance), walk a little, crossing Arakawa on the way.

I am approaching the mountain. The route was shaped from the mountain in front of it.

It is the entrance of the trailhead. Looking at fenix6X,

Coming! A sense of accomplishment already before climbing (laughs)

There is no problem with the training screen. This is exactly what we were looking for.

We have arrived at the Obuchi Trailhead. Come to the Minano Alps!

The first mountain,"Mt. Maehara"is. A steep climb continues from the starting point to the altitude. Although it was sunny and dry, the fallen leaves were slippery and I didn't want to use it too much.

A variety of roads where you can feel different impressions at different places follow. In the photo above, it seemed a little thin ridge-like atmosphere.

This is a nice atmosphere.

This route is" Yamagutsu no michi (Road of mountain shoes) "It seems to be called, and cute signposts with mountain shoes as a motif appear in some places.

When climbing a little rocky place,

" Nantaiogami "is. The view is open and you can see the distant mountains. The Minano Alps (paths of Yamagutsu no michi (path of mountain shoes)) have open visibility in some places, and the sun is generally bright and the road is bright.

There are quite a lot of this route, up and down. The state of the altimeter does not change much while the numbers go up and down.

Gable mountain is low mountain only if you look at the altitude, but you can not understand this feeling alone. After all it is a real feeling that you can not despise the mountains. Satisfaction will increase on the road worth walking.

Today's climbing plan is like this. This is based on "" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map" and is a service of YamarekoYamapuraYou can easily create with. (The image is from Yamapura)

At 11:6, it is the point of "" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map"`` Kazeto branch ''Has arrived. Since the waypoint has been created in advance with "BaseCamp", it is displayed like this.

Here, check the expected arrival time of "Kazato Fork" in the mountain climbing plan. The scheduled time is 11:20, so at 11:6 of the current time it means that you can walk a little earlier than the course time.

This is exactly the navigation I want to achieve.

This is what we are checking the time etc. at the waypoint called "Kazato branch",By realizing this, various information such as the remaining distance can be referenced at any point in the mountain climbing, and it is easy to make a future outlook. Of course, route navigation is also performed, so you can see at a glance the way to walk at the branch point.

After that, repeat this at each point until the destination (in this case, the summit of Mt. Happusan).

The road from Mangan no Yu merges and from here" Kanto fureai no michi (Road of Kanto contact) "It will be.

There is a signpost of the type in the side. The Minano Alps, also known as Yamagutsu no michi (path of mountain shoes), was a fun road. At this altitude, I am very satisfied with the roads that are so varied. I want to walk again slowly.

On the way,"Saruiwa rock"I walk while looking at the place like a famous place on my right.

I came to the last branch on the road to this gable mountain. This is where there is a small arbor. Here, "" Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu "map" does not have point names, but "BaseCamp" can be set freely, so I named it "Happu Kita Bunki". The key is to store the maximum number of characters that can be displayed in five full-width characters.

Information on the way of Yamagutsu no michi (path of mountain shoes) is out. There are new roads in various places, but there is no easy road on the road that is named Shindo, and my personal image is (laughs).

It is arrival at Mt. Happusan Peak!

Many people have already walked from various routes, more than I thought. Unless I walked up to this point and saw a couple of aunts near the station, I had only met a Toleran-style uncle so far in the Minano Alps that day.

The view from the summit is good and you can overlook the surrounding mountains. The view behind the summit mark was also open, so the view was almost 360 degrees.

At this summit, the "Minano Station-Gable Mountain" route created in advance is completed.Navigation automatically ends when you reach your destination.

Up to this point, I have taken quite a few photos and checked the fenix6X in detail, so I have no time to spare, so I will eat a light meal and go down the mountain.

In the first place, it was not planned to be late (rather early), but the strategy is to go to Seibu Chichibu by one train earlier, about an hour earlier than planned, and to have time to enter the day spa.

We went downhill to another route, so we will test the navigation of fenix6X there as well.

So, I want to select a course and start navigation of descent, but here I can not imagine.

As mentioned above, the fenix6X can record various data during climbing and activities. The button for starting and stopping is the button at the top right of the clock, and pressing it stops recording once (temporary saving and can be resumed later, separate from the lap function).

I mean,In fact, use this same button to select a course (start navigation). Then, what kind of inconvenience occurs during the activity, even if you press this buttonYou can only choose whether to pause the activity recording (restart mode later) or restart it.

From any screen, press the "BACK" button at the bottom right of the clock to return to the normal clock screen. On that screen, you can select a course and start navigation without any problems (that is, the same state as before the start).

When you pause, it will return to this normal clock display,If you select a course here, even if you press the button on the upper right, you will only be asked if you want to resume the activity, you can not select the course. Pressing the "BACK" button will return to the same state.

In this climb, "Minano Station → Mt. Happusan → Minano Station" is a series of activities, so I want to save the series as one data. If you stop here, the activity record will be split into two for climbing and descending. (It is technically possible to combine two FIT files, but I would like to avoid it if possible).

Also trial and error begins. I want to descent early (laughs).

I was fortunate that I had read through the manual PDF, so I came up with a method here!

The fenix6X has five buttons and each has a role, but apart from pressing the buttons normally, there are various actions about the operation of "press and hold one button" or "press the two buttons at the same time" You can customize and register function shortcuts.

I came up with the idea of ​​assigning the course selection function (navigation function) to another button as a shortcut, right? Then you don't have to press the upper right button, right? something like.

To do that, go to Settings-> System-> Shortcuts. It could be set even in the paused state. Then, "Navigation" function is assigned to "Press and hold BACK button" at the bottom right. So, when I try it terribly,

During pause, "Press and hold the BACK button" worked!Depart immediately.

When you descend a little from the summit, a branch comes out. Today's route descends to Takahashizawa"Takahashizawa course".

It works without any problems. The remaining distance "4.7km" to Minano Station is also displayed normally.

The departure at the summit was delayed for several tens of minutes, and we came down in a hurry, but the actual situation was that we wanted to take the train departing at 13:20 at Minano Station.

The current time is 12:10. 2/3 is 70km on mountain road & 4.7 minutes. There is a subtle sense of despair (laughs).

From the point directly below the mountaintop to this area, there were about three branches in a short section, and it was necessary to walk a little consciously, but the map display was accurate and I could pass without problems.

There is an unmanned direct sale in Yuzu GardenSo, if you sell it, you definitely want to buy it.

It became clear that the area was gradually getting bigger and I entered the Yuzu Garden site. Good scent drifts.

Unmanned sales offices are located along the route. Not so noticeable, but found without looking.

Fortunately it was sold.Anyway, 100 yen!

I am surprised at the price of this organic pesticide-free citrus, and I am really grateful to the producers. I bought one bag.

This" Happu Yuzuen "Mr. Yuzu, I got it at the time of hot pot cooking after returning home, but the skin was thick and the fragrance was wonderful. It was popular with my family. If you have the chance, please.

Regarding time, if I was forced to hurry and get injured, I wouldn't have any children or children, and I had to get off at a slightly earlier pace in the middle.

...thought at first, but as I descended, the road became wider and there were no other people walking, so eventually I was in a tolerant state...(Lol).

"Takahashizawa Trailhead"I came down safely. 12:39. You can do it (laughs).

I am looking forward to seeing what the recorded heart rate data looks like because I went into a tolerant state unintentionally. The course time from here to Minano Station is about 30 minutes. I was able to get on the train at 13:20 with plenty of time.

Arriving at Minano Station, stop and save the activity record.After this, the saved data will be automatically transferred to the “Connect” app on your smartphone and synchronized with the Connect web service.

The above image is a web version of the record of this trip. Although it did not fit in one image, other,More detailed altitude, heart rate, temperature, estimated loss due to sweat ml, training effect (aerobic / anaerobic exercise / exercise load), average speed, maximum speedAre also displayed. You can always see them later.

I've been preparing as much as I can for the past two weeks and this time I was half convinced at the start of the walk that the field test was going to work, but one at the summit was just unexpected. After all, it is something you can not understand unless you actually walk.

With the explanation so far and the report of the results of the two field tests, the use of navigation has been completed. I hope you find it helpful.

Comparison with GARMIN's Handy GPS

Until now, it has come up sometimes, especially around navigation"Handy GPS"However, this is what is called a GPS dedicated machine. In GARMIN products, they are collectively referred to separately from product names.

When purchasing the fenix6X this time, what I was looking for the most was whether it could be operated in the same way as this handy GPS. As a result, it worked as described above, but it seems that some people were interested in handy GPS during the explanation process, so let's focus on comparison with fenix6X You.

Handy GPS is roughly divided into the series currently sold"GPSMAP" series"ETrex" seriesThere are two. Other than this, Iridium satellite communication is available"InReach" seriesThere is, however, that is a product whose main function is communication, so I will leave it here for now.

The only big difference between the two series isMainly screen size and whether there are physical buttons assigned to various functionsIt becomes. This makes a difference in the size of the outer shape. "GPSMAP" is larger than "eTrex" because the screen is bigger and there are physical buttons. "ETrex" also has a "click stick", which can be operated by physically moving it.

Both of the data management can use "BaseCamp", so the operability around that is basically the same.

"GPSMAP" has an advantage in positioning performance because it has an antenna protruding from the main unit, but it is quite large. Recently, I used eTrex or DAKOTA20 which is a little smaller than it (the liquid crystal surface is relatively large, not yet available in Japan). If you are considering purchasing a handy GPS,"ETrex 32x"Is one of the candidate models.

The most interesting thing when comparing fenix6X and handy GPSScreen sizeit might be. The area of ​​the liquid crystal surface itself is one round or two round for Handy GPS.

However, the situation changes a little when actually used. Look at the following image.

This is adjusted according to the actual size of each model so that the ratio is the same. Then, they are arranged so that the lower part of the LCD screen is aligned.

This is obvious at first glance, but it is.

Although the screen of the Handy GPS is large, it uses up to two steps of space for data items such as elevation and distance on the map. This data item can be reduced by setting, but if you display various information at once, you can see it quickly without switching the screen, so I display four items in two columns.

What if that happens? Except that the actual area on which the map is displayed, fenix6X, is circular, isn't it almost intuitively visible?

In addition to area, LCDs have the concept of resolution. The larger the number, the finer the display can be for the same area. When comparing in terms of resolution, the models in the photo above are ordered from left to right,

・ GPSMAP64scx 160 × 240 pixels
・ ETrex 32x 240 × 320 pixels
・ Fenix6X 280 × 280 pixel

It looks like this. In other words, the finest display with the same area isfenix6XIt will be.

Of course, when actually using it on the mountain, the handy GPS has a more relaxed display than the fenix6X, so it has a part that it is easy to see it, but even if it is a clock type, the map display function is an extra bonus. I understand that it will not be.The 6 inch LCD of fenix1.4X can fight enough!

Earlier in this article, I explained the motivation for purchasing fenix6X,Actually, this was somehow expected, so this is one of the major reasons.

In the two field tests this time, there was no point of dissatisfaction with the display surface compared to the recently used DAKOTA2.

Doesn't the fenix6X map function feel like an ant at all? If you don't use navigation, you can't help (laugh).

Troubleshooting fenix6X

Troubleshooting that covers various situations is posted on the GARMIN support page for each model, including this fenix6X.

One common problem with fenix6X is its ability to work with smartphones. Typical examples are that you cannot connect or that you do not receive a notification.

In that case, there are many cases where it can be fixed by restarting the device or re-pairing it, and it is not so much trouble, but there were cases that I could not solve during the experience So I will introduce it.

The case is"I can connect to my smartphone's Connect app, but I don't get any notifications."It was that.

This was due to the smartphone settings. The operation of the so-called power saving setting resulted in unexpected behavior. Some smartphone models automatically set power saving settings, which limited the functionality of the “Connect app”.

In this case, the problem can be solved by excluding the "Connect app" from the power saving target in the smartphone settings.

There is also a page on GARMIN's support page that can be used as a hint to solve this case.

"Notice: How does the smartphone's battery saver or data saver feature affect the performance of the Garmin Connect app?"

purchase fenix6X

Up to this point, GARMIN GPS watch" GARMIN fēnix 6X Sapphire Black DLC ''Has been described in detail. If you're worried about whether to buy it or not, I think it's time to decide whether to buy it (laughs), so let's briefly touch on where to buy it.

This watch is basically a list price (was). There may be points on e-commerce sites such as electronics retailers and Rakuten Ichiba, but we have not found any cases where the prices themselves are discounted as of now (*).AmazonThen the price is about the real price minus the points of the electronics retailers. (※ I checked it while writing this, and it seems that more than 1% has been discounted.

Therefore, if there is a shop that has accumulated points, I think that it should be used there. If you are not particular,GARMIN Official Online ShopSize: XNUMX mL

With regard to breakdown repair systems, users can now directly interact with GARMIN, so it is not necessary to go through the purchase store. Unless the store has its own warranty, it is generally not sent to GARMIN even if you bring it to the store, so there should not be a big difference in the number of repair days.

When to buy? Is often the case, but this one is"When you want it, buy it"It is an impression. If you wait for a new model or expect a price drop, you can't buy it forever. The price went down and I was shocked (crying), but I was able to use it sooner. If you like, click here ↓ (laughs).

replacement band for fenix6X

(Photo from GARMIN's site)

The fenix6X is designed for easy band exchange. The bands that can be worn are limited to genuine GARMIN (recently there are similar bands of Chinese type), but they are divided according to materials such as silicon, titanium, leather, nylon, etc. There is.

(Photo from GARMIN's site)

The leather band version of the fenix6X was actually shown at the shop before the purchase, but what is this presence? I was releasing an aura (laughs).

So I was completely worried about it, and decided to use a leather band when I was using it everyday. I purchased a leather band in addition to the black silicon band model of fenix6X.

At first, the leather was hard, and I took care when removing the watch, but it got used to my arm in about a week. It is a type of leather that seems to become deeper in color as it is used, so I'm looking forward to growing it in the future.

The fenix6X has a leather band type version from the beginning, in addition to the black silicon band that you often see. Then the black band comes with it as an accessory.

If you want to use both bands, you may be wondering which version to buy. For that, compare the prices of the "black silicon band model + optional leather band" and the "leather band model". I think that there is no problem because I buy cheap one.

When I bought it, it was a little cheaper to buy it separately. Earlier, I mentioned the purchase of the main body, but as of this writing now the black silicon band version is a bit cheaper and the price difference with the leather band model is opening up, so in this situation It is recommended to purchase separately.

The leather band is 11,500 yen (excluding tax) by itself. Most of the shops here were ordered and sold, so there were many prices based on this.

in conclusion

At first, this article, which started with the intention of writing a general review article, has gone beyond the level of an article.

For information on fenix2020X as of February 2, I feel that I have checked the GARMIN website in Japan, official websites and forums in the United States, bulletin boards such as Reddit, and other websites that are displayed by search. I feel that I was able to cover all the questions that I had doubtful since I purchased this time, and the system-related know-how that maybe only a few people are still trying.

I have used various models for the clocks used for mountain climbing, but this time the fenix6X is the most fun. Although the personal navigation feature is the most enjoyable, this watch is usually very good as a smart watch.

Although the situation has been changing recently, the battery life of conventional smart watches is not very practical, so daily charging is essential, and in some cases it can be removed during the day and recharged. (Laughs) In that sense, the fenix6X has a powerful battery, a smart phone notification function, a payment function and music playback. If you give a score, isn't it a watch that is close to perfect score at the moment?

About a month has passed since I started spending time with this watch, but my daily life has changed a little. If you put it on your arm, it will continuously check the data like a life log, but it is good that you can objectively see sleep time in that data. I didn't take much time to sleep yesterday, so I'm going to go to bed early today. It's nice to see that the body battery value rises next time if that improves (laughs).

In the coming days, such as mountain climbing, snowy mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, etc., I am expecting what kind of activity will be shown in such scenes, I feel that I met a good gear for the first time in a long time.

It has become a full-length feature, but thank you for reading this far. We hope that it will help you choose a smart GPS watch to accompany your climb. If there is a story that seems to be an article, I would like to introduce fenix6X in the future, so thank you.

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  1. The first part, the second part, and the second part were very helpful.I read this article and am struggling with FENIX 6X.I would appreciate it if you could ask me a question.With the current latest wear 13.30, it is possible to guide along the map road by transferring waypoints and routes from BASECAMP to FENIX 6X, but even if you set some waypoints, you will be guided along the two points of start and goal. It will be.I contacted the Garmin Support Center because what is described in the second part is exactly what I want to do with this FEIX 2X, but it is a reply that it is not supported. I think that it is because the conversion from GPX file to TCX file is done by external software ... However, Mr. Takahashi tried and realized what I would like to do, but Mr. Takahashi was also supposed to be outside. It seems that software support has already ended and it is a big hurdle because it is an overseas site.I am aware of my own responsibility, but do you have any ideas?
    I know that it is very unpleasant to suddenly look at the Web and ask questions, but I would appreciate it if you could reply.

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