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[Defeat NHK Special! ] TV Asahi's 60th anniversary commemorative "150 days of close contact with the Himalayan tribes in the heavens, a land of seclusion closed by ice and snow"


Amazing director “Nas D” goes to the deepest sacred place in the Himalayas! Over 150 days of long-term coverage, "Defeat NHK Special ...

On March 3th, TV Asahi celebrated the 8th anniversary of the opening of the station, "The Himalayan Tribe in the Heavenly Land, a Hidden Land ...Read more as it is

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Speaking of Takahide Tomoyori director, "I suddenly! Golden Legend. Is it the only one who remembers (TV Asahi)? That's why Yokoko lives for 1 yen per month and 1 yen for uninhabited islands. I didn't know that K0 had made any achievements, such as the world's first ascent of Seiryo and the first ascent of Rakaposi-North Ridge in Pakistan.

This time, `` 150 days of close-contact coverage of the Himalaya tribe in the sky, a desert place closed to ice and snow, '' which will be a commemorative program for the opening of the station, TV Asahi will also increase its total power, March 3 I am looking forward to the broadcast.

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