Documentary movie started following paraclimer Koichiro Kobayashi and partner

Photo: A documentary film started following a partner with Koichiro Kobayashi, a paraclimer.

Documentary movie started following paraclimer Koichiro Kobayashi and partner

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  1. Para climbing is a climbing competition for people with disabilities.
    I was not ashamed.
    There are various types of disabilities, and there are three categories of paraclimbing: visual impairment, amputation, and neuropathy. Among them, it is said that classification is performed according to the degree of disability.
    The para-climbing world championships have been held simultaneously since 2011 at the IFSC (International Sports Climbing Association) -sponsored world championships, and Japanese athletes have performed excellently.
    The film's main character, Koichiro Kobayashi, has regained the top spot on the podium by winning four consecutive victories in 2019 at the Para Climbing World Championships, where players from around the world compete.
    Despite the fact that there are Japanese people who have been active in this way, attention to para climbing is low. Not much talked about. Even at Tokyo Oripara, paraclimbing was not adopted even though sport climbing was adopted for the additional competition of the Tokyo Olympics.
    I hope that this film will make para-climbing more noticeable.

    The official website is

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