🥾 | Sae Yamamoto is inundated with criticism for climbing with her navel out "Licking mountain climbing"

Talent Sae Yamamoto (34) updated her Instagram on the 15th.The posted photos are flooded with criticism. ...

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Distributor PORTALFIELD Hamasaki

I enjoy mountain climbing, running, and tap dancing.

The most memorable mountain trips to date are the Shimono-no Corridor, and the “overpass” from early ridges to Kendake and Murodo.

The tap dance that I have been learning all the time started the day after I saw the stage “Crazy For You” (laughs)

Nice to meet you.

Do you want me to play

🥾 | Tokai High School Overall Mountaineering Competition, Women's Championship Yokkaichi Men's Shizuoka Mie