Tokai area largest class "Nagoya Camper Fair XNUM X Spring" XNUM X Moon X X X X (Sat) X N X X (Sun)

"Nagoya Camper Fair XNUM X Spring"

The Port Messe Nagoya XNUM X Building will be held.

The event is held 2 times in spring and fall, but it exhibits about 150 cars that can be enjoyed outdoors, such as campers and camping trailers, and boasts the largest in the Tokai area. MostNot only can you see the car, you can get insideIs the feature of this event.

Pets are also allowed to enter this time with the 5 building being held for the first time in a half year. A corner will also be added to display 1 photos of travel destinations and pets that were recruited in advance.

In addition, there are also plenty of outdoor content that children are likely to enjoy, such as "Segway Experience", "Free Climbing" and "Reverse Bungee".
Entrance fees for elementary school students and below are free. It is a perfect event for outdoor-oriented families!

Food booths are also fulfilling. Airstream cafes will be opened including Shrasco and Lin Issa (very thick sausages). You can taste the coffee slowly in front of the lavish silver body.

Kaminari, a popular TV program, also participated in 3 Mon 9 (Saturday) first war. It will stimulate the venue a lot. There is also a stage on the Youtuber that loves camping and traveling, so check it out!

"Nagoya Camper Fair XNUM X Spring"It is a perfect event for outdoor-oriented families!

"Nagoya Camper Fair XNUM X Spring"

Venue: Port Messe Nagoya XNUM X Building (Kinjo-Fu 2nd Street XNUM X, Minato-ku, Nagoya)

Organized by: Nagoya Camper Fair Executive Committee (Special sponsor: Japan RV Association)

Entrance fee: Adult advance sale 800 yen On the day 1,000 yen

Free admission for elementary school children

Advance tickets: FamilyMart, Seven-Eleven, Lawson, etc. Sold at convenience stores