The trend of early spring of Mt. Tsukubasan reaching the 46 this time"Mt. Tsukubasan Plum Festival"

Mt. Tsukubasan Meirin is located in the middle of Mt. Tsukubasan (altitude around 250m), and about 4.5 plum blossoms, including white plum blossoms, red plum blossoms, and green plum blossoms, bloom in the garden of XNUM hectares. A large boulder of Tsukuba stone is interspersed all over the garden, and the contrast with the plum is wonderful and is a great photo spot against the background of Mt. Tsukubasan. From the top of Umebayashi, you can overlook the whole of Umebayashi from the "view gaze" at the top of the plum blossoms, and you can overlook the landscape of the foothills and the cityscape of Gakuenshi, the skyscrapers of Tokyo and Mt. It is one.
In addition, in the garden, the connection power spot "Furugi (Furry) Plum Branch" which prays at Mt. Tsukubasan Shrine appears for a limited time!

In Mt. Tsukubasan Meirinen, there are also Mt. During the period, a hearth and a hearth are installed, and you can enjoy viewing plum blossoms and local products while warming up, and at a nearby restaurant you can add "ume" to a "meal" of Tsukuba and add "ume" to a bento or "mee plume" menu Provide. Mt. Tsukubasan Specially-planned ume festival period special projects utilizing local ingredients and products, such as local gourmet using "Fukuki oranges" special product, will be implemented.

Local gourmet × plum gourmet

Baked marshmallow in the hearth

Mt. Tsukubasan special product "Fukuki oranges" gourmet

■ "Viewing plums! Toasts! Plum feast !!! Mt. Tsukubasande local sake festival" held
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sun) X NUM X: X NUM X to X NUM X: X NUM X Mt.
Tsukubasan water system XNUM X-Ryo gathers in Mt. Tsukubasan plum grove and can enjoy squeezed freshly brewed wine while watching plum blossoms!
※ Participating stores (brands): Inaba Shuzo (male and female river), Urari Shuzo (mizuki), Nishioka Shoten (flowering well), Ayase Shoten (white chrysanthemum), Ishioka Shuzo (Tsukuba)

Ticket sales: Ticket advance sale from e + (e plus)
Advance ticket regular: 2,800 yen Half: 1,800 yen (totally limited to 300 sheets)
Same-day ticket Regular: 3,000 Yen Half: 2,000 Yen
Ticket contents
XNUM X. Local sake (XNUM X cc) exchange coins × X NUM X sheets (half is X NUM X sheets)
2. Local snacks exchange coin × 2 sheets (half is 1 sheets)
XNUM X. Original New York XNUM X etc

Beautiful hot water with very high pH value in the vicinity"Mt. Tsukubasan hot spring"Because there is also, you can also enjoy the hot spring slowly with the plum festival.

また"Forest Adventure"Also adjacent. It can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Mt. Tsukubasan mountain climbing, plum festival, local gourmet to local sake, hot spring to forest adventure.
There are many ways to enjoy. There is no doubt that you can enjoy it a full day.
"Tsukuba Plum Festival"It is a necessary check.

'X NUM X Mt. Tsukubasan Plum Festival "

Organized by: Mt. Tsukubasan Ume Festival Executive Committee (Secretariat: Tsukuba Tourism and Convention Association)
place: Mt. Tsukubasan Bairin