Yuichi Saito


Yuichi Saito

I enjoy climbing, backcountry and trail running.

I like the outdoors in general.

Recently, when there are companions, it is a leisurely schedule with priority given to the time to enjoy with friends even if the luggage is a little heavy, and when alone it is a lightweight luggage and tolerance tile, XNUM X night XNUM X days I enjoy the mountain-bound style according to the occasion, such as a walk course with one night XNUM day.

In winter, I did snowboarding in BC, but recently there are many BC cross-country. I like going to the northeastern mountain and skiing style for winter mountain climbing while carrying lodging equipment.

As a student, I belong to the basketball club.

Completed the 1st UTMF (Ultra Trail Mount Fuji).

Qualification, occupation

Shoes charge

Company organization
Limited company Sakaiya Sports
Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2-48
Chief of the shoe building
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