Keiichi Kaneko


Keiichi Kaneko

Since I went to Oze camp with my friend in junior high school, I have been active in the Wanger club with the charm of the mountains and nature.

After graduating from university, I spent a lot of money doing truck driving, and I joined Sakaya Sports after Nepal trek and Indian wandering alone.

Involved in product planning and public relations, launched a website in 1996 years and currently works in the mail order department.

Recently I'm concentrating on the photos of Noyama's flowers.

Qualification, occupation

Sakaiya Sports Mail Order Manager

Company organization
Limited company Sakaiya Sports
Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2-48
General Manager of Mail-order Division

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Lightweight aluminum alloy tripod. The loading chain is made of stainless steel 304, which has both strength and corrosion resistance.
The body can be peg-downable with the supplied φ1.8 Dyneema rope.

What is the "fill power" of feathers?

In the catalog data and advertising complaints of climbing supplies such as sleeping bags and down jackets, I think that the number "fill power (FP)" is often seen. As a measure of the quality of the feathers, the feathers used for mountain climbing equipment etc. are said to be used with good quality down of about "XNUM X fill power" or more.

Anti-cold measures of wear are layered system liver! XNUM X Theory for Enjoying in Cold Weather (Part 2)

In the first part, I told what "layered system" "underwear (base layer)" and "mid layer (inner)" are. The fact that perspiration of the body is closely related to the wear, what is the base of the layered system, [...]

Anti-cold measures of wear are layered system liver! XNUM X Theory for Enjoying Even in Cold Weather (Part 1)

It is a well-known thing that basics of layering (layering, layering) are basic throughout the year in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and clothes in outdoor activities that move actively, including climbing. On the other hand, although I should be aware of layering, altitude and time in Natsuyama [...]

Serizawa Kazuhiro "Yamakei Bunko Introduction to backpacking"

An illusionary book that looked like an era was reprinted as a paperback book. It is an epoch-making book published in Showa 51 by the late Mr. Kazuhiro Serizawa. In Japan, outdoor sports are mostly climbing, and so-called alpinism centered on France. In fact, there was no word "outdoor".

<Series> Yuichi Kaneko ・ Square Mountain Story (1) on alpine plants

Many mountain climbers think of "alpine plant" when they think of a flower garden in the flock, and it is probably not a major per Shinanokinbai, Hakusanichige, Tinguruma. On the other hand, if it is said "the queen of alpine plants"

You need to be careful when choosing climbing shoes or trekking shoes XNUM X points (the second part)

In the first part, I told you "What is the best shoes recommended?" And "One shoe size". I think that I feel that it is more important than anything when choosing good shoes how I fit my feet. Climbing shoes and trekking shoes [...]

You need to be careful when choosing mountaineering shoes or trekking shoes XNUM X points (Part 1)

"Walking" This is one of the most important basic actions that forms the basis of outdoor activities. It is no exaggeration to say that even cross-country skiing and rock climbing is an activity that ultimately consists of the action of "walking" [...]

Mountain to death: The facts of the world's most creepy accident "Diatorov's Tomb Case"

1959 Year 2 month, a distress incident occurred in which the young men and women of 9 all died in the snowy mountains of Ural Mountains in the USSR. The situation of the distress that the search party discovered was too mysterious ...

Gripwell ・ carbon pole

Yamaki's gear report in the past is a superb thing that also won the "BEST BUY" of 1. In the late fall Tanigawadake. It is safe because it will be lightly and securely tightened even if your hands are cold due to cold.

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