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About mikketa mikketa is a system proposed by PORTALFIELD to access comprehensive local information for mountain climbing and mountain trips. In preparation for climbing and actually going to the outdoor field ...

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About mikketa

mikketa (rich)Is a system proposed by PORTALFIELD to access comprehensive local information for mountain climbing and mountain trips.

One of the most important things in preparation for going to the outdoor field, including climbing, is to make a plan. It brought together all the fresh information needed.
If you can get the information you were looking for "mikketa!" Here, when you are planning where you want to go.
I made mikketa with such thoughts.

A number of useful sources of information are available, including the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, the Hundred Peaks of Japan and the Hundred Peaks of Flowers, as well as the latest information on "now" related to mountain areas such as mountains and huts nationwide.
Above all, the weather information you care about is, every 1 time from up to 8 days ahead.You can see the weather forecast for the mountain top. It is also possible to print weather forecasts on 1 sheets from a PC.

The total number of “mikketa” recorded is more than 2000. All services can be used free of charge without registration.

Including basic information of each mountain and accommodation facilities, several kinds of surrounding maps, characteristic weather information, search results of related SNS and mountain records community site, local activity information as well as access and accommodation, reservation guide such as tours Well done.

For example,

Wind direction · Rain · Snow · Thunder · Temperature · pressure · sunrise on the day · Clouds · Weekly time series weather information, Geographical Survey Institute topographical map, applicable "Yama-To-Kogen-Chizu" map, GoogleMap aerial photograph, related Video, Twitter / Facebook SNS, related mountain records list, access method and reservation guide by car, train, bus, plane, distance of the nearest train station, word-of-mouth site information, tent makuei, presence of water place, presence of bathing facilities, Day bathing availability, mobile phone area, nearby mountain / facilities list, reservation by Jalan. Of course, if it is mountain, altitude, latitude and longitude, if it is facility, business period, address, contact information.

All this information can be checked in one place.

As your supporter, mikketa is committed to providing information on mountain travel.

In the PORTALFIELD journal,PORTALFIELD main siteWhen,mikketaIt is planned to be used as a space for posting information sent from all of the facilities such as mountain huts and mountain accommodation facilities.

Please use it.