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Alone-A Mt. Yarigatake

A Mt. Yarigatake, Karasawa Valley, January 26, Sunny, 6/00 Islands, 1/00, Sawawatari, 1/30 Nakanoyu, 3 / 15-3, 500 Taishoike Inlet, 4/500 The area around the Takachi hot spring Nakanoyu was full of people, such as the power plant entrance and waterway construction, so there was little snow and it was easy. This ...

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A Mt. Yarigatake

January 26 Sunny 6/00 Islands 1 1/00 ​​Sawawatari 1/30 Nakanoyu 3 / 15-3 / 50 Taisho Pond Entrance 4/500 Kamikochi Onsen

In the vicinity of Nakanoyu, people such as the power plant entrance and waterway construction pass all the way, so there was little snow and it was easy. Wear skiing here, go down the tunnel, go down to the riverside and go to the riverbed. Listen to the mountain at the waterway entrance of Taisho Pond, which is always taken care of. Last February, when I was in Kamikochi, I was regretful to know that the person here who came to play was killed by an unexpected calamity that summer. People here often go to the hot springs, so spurs remain, and they walk unknowingly. And that kind of old woman was happy to welcome me.

27th Sunny 6/00 Departure 100/30-11/001 No. 2/30 Oiso Hut Ski Depot 5/15 Summit 7/00 Ski Depot Nine / Three 〇 One spear

The grandfather always said that the weather would be fine if he / she was watching the thermometer. That's true weather today. Last year, I went out in the dark and was really in trouble, so I decided to leave after it got brighter. Proceed along the river to Myojin Pond, and go up the rocky shores of the riverside without going too high from the end of Yokoo Valley to Ichinoko. The amount of snow in the vicinity of the hut is about three, and this year the snow on the roof turns red with smoke, probably because more people use the hut. There is a lot of snow around Serizawa.AkazawadakeAn avalanche like a waterfall fell from the rock wall, and the sound was surprisingly loud. The avalanche caused by direct sunlight in winter seems to be only such steep slopes such as rock walls. Moreover, because the snow quality is damp, it bites into the fallen slope and hardly pushes it out. I thought it was slow to climb the mountain, but the weather was good and the snow was hard and cramped and easy. The wind is not strong but it is quite cold. The black cocoon ears are close to the bottom, but it takes time. Of course, when snow freezes on the rocks around March and April, it will not be able to climb to me who is not good at rock climbing. What a wonderful view at the top of the pass. That sad mountain of memories,Mt. TsurugidakeShe is still overwhelmed by her high spirits. No emotion.

Twenty-eight days Cloudy 7/00 departure 11/00 Karasawa departure 3/00 ski depot 5/00 hotaka hut 5/40 ski depot 8/00 Karasawa departure

Yokoo Valley has little snow, so it travels along the summer road and goes down to the riverbed near Karasawa Dei. Karasawa-dani is a little avalanche after entering, but there is almost no sign of avalanche since then. This valley is surrounded by high mountains on all sides, so there is no strong wind and the snow is not tightened.ring* ("Thu + Tsuru", 3 level 1-86-7)CanIs necessary. In the vicinity of Hotaka hut,Karasawa TakeThe wind blowing along the west side of the shore bounces off the rock wall of Okuho and blows out very amazingly. I was a little surprised when the snow began to fall a little and the moths were frozen and I couldn't see my eyes. Even though the wind was strong, I thought it was about Karasawa-dake, but it was quite difficult even to the hut. Sit in the shade of the hut and retreat, just seeing that there is not much snow on the rock wall in Okuho. It ’s like a lie when you go down a bit. Walking down is also very bad because of the breakable crust, and since it was too dark and skiing even after wearing skis, as usual, I went up and down. When I met Motoya and tried to ignite the lantern, the candle was just wet with snow and made a noise. I ca n’t help but go down. If you have a flashlight, it's okay if you regret it. Finally I jumped into the river a little down from the encounter. The depth seemed to be about one scale, but it fell down and got all wet from the waist down. I thought that there was a risk of breaking the skis in this condition, so I'm going out with a little rock shade. I took my shoes off and put my feet in a look zack, and when I sat down, the wet trousers touched my feet and got cold so I stood up all night. It was so long before dawn. Fortunately, it was snowing heavily, so the temperature was high and the wet objects were not frozen, and the frostbite was avoided. But this caused a little cold. Also from ski depotKarasawa hutAs I walked hard in the soft snow, I hurt my niece and it hurt if it got cold and didn't heal for about a month.

29th day Cloudy 6/00 departure 9 / 30-100 / 301 no 俣 6/00 Kamikochi hot spring

As the sun sometimes appeared as I approached Ichinomori and descended to Kamikochi, snow fell on the skis, and it took a long time due to the fatigue of yesterday. The wind was strong all day and snow fell occasionally.

30 days cloudy 7/00 departure 7/50 water intake entrance 1/30 Nagawa Watari

I couldn't walk as my niece hurt. I drove ahead of Nagawato to get on the train past 4:30 Matsumoto.

(192, 5, 5, 1)

Buntaro Kato Memorial Library

A library and library centered on mountain books in Hamasaka Onsenkyo, Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo. Opened in 1994 month. Jiro Nitta "Lonely personIt was built mainly for the recognition of Buntaro Kato, a mountain climber from the former Hamasaka town who was active from the famous Taisho to the early Showa era. The 2 floor consists of Kato Bun Mt. Tarousan and the library reading room (about 3600 book collection), and the 1 floor is a general library (about 3000 book collection). The exterior of the building is said to have been inspired by the foot of the Northern Alps, and the hall is a spacious space without pillars with a colonnade and top light in the center.

Sources: Free encyclopedia "Wikipedia (Wikipedia)"

◆ Location
842-2 Hamazaka, Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Prefecture, 669-6702

◆ Facility use
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm
Closed days: Every Thursday, 3rd Tuesday (book arrangement day) and 4th Monday
(In the case of holidays, the next day)
Year-end and New Year holidays
Facilities: 1st floor / general, children's room, AV corner, talking room, face-to-face reading room, etc.
2nd floor / Buntaro Kato Resource Room, Mountain Library Reading Room, Audiovisual Room, etc.

Written by Buntaro Kato
Buntaro Kato, 1905 year (Meiji 38 year) 3 month 11 day-1936 year (Showa 11 year) 1 month 5 day) is a Japanese climber. Active from the Taisho to Showa eras. Born in Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo. Graduated from Hyogo Prefectural Technical School at night. Multiple companions cooperated, overturning the common knowledge of the mountain world, where it is common knowledge to make a party and climb, leaving numerous records of climbing as a single. From the spirit of mountain climbing and his dramatic life, he became a model for novels (Jiro Nitta “The Solitary Man”, Kou Tani “Soloman Align Genger Shin / Buntaro Kato”) and drama models. Source: Free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” View Buntaro Kato in the Kindle Store Profile
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