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Hideki Kondo

Occupation, qualification, etc.

Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut) master

About me

Hideki Kondo

You are the owner of Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut) and also the administrator of Mt.

One of the best known people of Niseko's nature and history throughout the year.

He is a guide to Mt. Yotei with NHK BS "Nippon Hyakumeizan", and guides the winter season of Yotsuya in winter in BS Fuji "Scenery Hyakumeizan", and the snow season in BS TBS "Discovering the scenic spots in Japan".

In the year of 2018, he is recognized for his achievements in mountain accident prevention as a national park instructor, and receives an award from the Ministry of the Environment, Natural Environment Bureau.

I will advise anything about Mt. Yotei and Niseko.

mikketa mountain hut and mountain weather forecast
Mountain hut information related to Hideki Kondo

Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut)

It is located at the entrance of Shikotsu Toya National Park Mt. It is a quiet and green environment. Mt. Mt. Yotei mountain climbing, trekking to Lake Half Moon, and Mt. Yotei mountain back country skiing can also approach directly based on Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut).

Youteizan Hinangoya Refuge hut

It is an evacuation shelter located at Mt. Yotei 9. The present evacuation shelter was built next to the old cabin that the Ministry of the Environment aged in 2014. Located between the links connecting the 9 stations of the Kutchan Hirafu and Makkari Courses, staff from both the 6 mid-month to the 10 mid-month are stationed as conservationists and shelter shelters.

Ezofuji Goya (Ezofuji Hut) Weather Information
Weather information for the past month by Mr. Hideki Kondo

2019 / 02 / 03 Sunny throughout the day. The wind is weak and stable. Best for BC Tour!

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