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PORTALFIELD General Manager

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Thank you for using PORTAL FIELD.
I think that meeting "like" things and meeting "like" people is the result of their efforts and talents.It's a proof that the person is alive, extending his antenna high in search of something to put his passion into.Therefore, I want you to be proud and confident that you are doing your best to meet "like".
By valuing such "likes" and shining a spotlight on those who are passionate about it, we hope that PORTAL FIELD will help you to become the energy to become "likes" of someone else.

"A field that is irreplaceable in life."
We hope that we can continue to seek and pursue what we like.


I enjoy mountain climbing, running, and tap dancing.
The most memorable mountain trips to date are the Shimono Corridor, and the "Mt. Tsurugi" from Hayatsuki Ridge to Mt. Tsurugi and Murodo.The tap dance I've been learning for a long time started the day after I saw the stage "Crazy for You" (laughs).

Nice to meet you.

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