Send photos and feedback of the mountain hut rice and get an Amazon Gift Certificate!

Campaign summary

I will introduce you to the charm of Yamagoya rice.

Of the meals offered at the mountain hut,What was delicious or happyPlease send me your own photos, comments and comments.Those who have been posted on mikketa will receive an 100 yen gift voucher.

mikketa (rich)And

A PORTALFIELD service that provides weather forecasts and the latest information on mountain huts and mountains nationwide.

You can search with a search engine such as Google in combination with the name of a mountain hut or mountain and "mikketa".You can also access it here.

Campaign name

Let's introduce recommended mountain hut rice! campaign

Campaign period

Contents necessary for application

・ Photos of meals served at the mountain hut (Breakfast, dinner, or lunch box, excluding lunch menu and cafe menu)

・ The name of the hut and the shooting date

・ Impressions and comments about how the food was delicious and happy (more than 180 characters)

・ Contributor name (A real name or other free name is acceptable.

・ Applicant's Twitter or Facebook account

・ Contact email address (Used for shipping Amazon gift certificates. Not published)


If you have your own Twitter or Facebook account.

Minors need parental consent. Entries are considered to have been given parental consent.

How to apply

Name of contributor(A real name or any other free name is acceptable and will be posted as the name of the contributor)Contact email address(Will not be published),Twitter or Facebook account name(User name) is described,Please send your application (photo, text, date of shooting) to PORTALFIELD's email address "info at (atto @)". The email title is "Application for mountain hut rice campaign"Please.

(2) After confirming whether the entry meets the requirements for submission on PORTALFIELD and posting on mikketa, we will contact the applicant with the URL of the corresponding page. (We will not contact you in case of postponed posting. We can not tell you the reason in that case)

③The page of mikketa's mountain hut where the entry was posted is a hashtag "#Delicious mountain hut rice mikketa”And share on Twitter or Facebook. At that time, you may add a sentence.

④ We will check the page you shared on Twitter or Facebook on PORTALFIELD, and we will send you an Amazon Gift Certificate 100 yen to the contact email address after the campaign ends.

* How to attach a hashtag

' #Delicious mountain hut rice mikketa"Enter.No quotes ("") spacePlease put # IsHalf-width symbolMikketaSingle-byte lowercase letters.

hashtag"#Delicious mountain hut rice mikketaIf you want to continue writing after "", you can use "# Delicious Yamagoya Rice mikketa"Please put a half-width space behind.

We look forward to a lot of your application.

Tips and notes

・ If the mountain hut or the type of meal (dinner, breakfast, lunch box) is different, multiple applications can be made by one person.

・ The campaign ends as soon as the number of entries reaches the specified number.

・ Photos that are significantly out of focus, jagged, or photos whose size is less than 480px cannot be used.

・ Applications that interfere with the operation of facilities such as mountain huts or are deemed annoying are not eligible for the campaign.

-When sharing on Twitter or Facebook, posts without hashtags, posts with mistyped hashtags, etc., posts whose post setting is `` private '' or `` privately published '' are not eligible for the campaign The

・ This campaign may be changed or terminated without notice.

Regarding entries

(Please read)

(1) Submitted works can be used free of charge on websites operated by PORTALFIELD, official SNS accounts, events / exhibitions, printed materials, promotional materials, and promotional materials. At that time, PORTALFIELD may use part of the submitted work after processing and modification as necessary. A PORTALFIELD watermark will be included in the photo of the entry.
(2) Although the copyright of the entry belongs to the applicant, it is deemed that PORTALFIELD has agreed to use it free of charge at the time of entry.
(3) Entries must be photographs taken by the applicant or written by you, not the same or similar to those already published and not infringing on the rights of third parties.
(4) Applicants are responsible for all issues related to infringement of third-party rights such as portrait rights and copyrights.
(5) Please delete the EXIF ​​data of the photo of the entry if necessary.
(6) Parental consent is required for minors. Entries are considered to have been given parental consent.
(7) Applicants who have deleted or unpublished various SNS accounts within the campaign period, deleted tweets or posts on SNS, or other frauds will be excluded from the campaign.
(8) Personal information obtained from applicants will be used only to the extent necessary for the purpose of this campaign.
(9) Entries that fall under the following content are prohibited. Also, if PORTALFIELD determines that the following applies, it will be excluded from the campaign.
・ Contents that violate or may violate laws and regulations
・ Does slander or slander specific individuals / groups
・ For politics and religious activities
・ Infringes on PORTALFIELD such as copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights, etc. or intellectual property rights of third parties
・ Advertisement, promotion, solicitation, sales activities, and other profit-making purposes
・ Race, thought, creed, etc.
・ Contents that violate public order or good manners
・ Contents that differ from falsehoods and facts, and those that promote mere rumors and rumors
・ Private harms such as identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the person
・ Harmful programs
・ Inappropriate content including obscene expressions
・ Other things that PORTALFIELD deems inappropriate