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    👍 | Twitter push "Relief function"! ??Impact of the arrival of the esports industry

    Twitter 發 虼 虼 虼 虼 虼 虼 虼 虼 贊 贊Some of the functions that can be used, some of the functions that can be used, and some of the functions that can be used to complete the release.Completed the scholarship.No mistake, required confirmation before use.Careful remarks "Tip Jar" -like assistance (Hibashi) Ability and non-reasonable reason Twitter provided, external service.The reason is that the Twitter-like Tip Jar book is linked under demand.In addition, the external nickname, the absentee's nickname, and the user's nickname.In addition, it is necessary to set up an external service book, and to certify the return demand.The influence of esports after a day! ??Public example Child comprehensive Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, etc. (Individual use) At the time of the service, the cost of the service is the same as the cost of the service.Esports esports, esports, esports, esports, and esports. SNS or Instagram Direct sowing can be done as a gamer.A non-extraordinary gamer or a direct seeder, useful Twitter, this time Twitter-like "Tip Jar" function.Expected future exhibition. © 2021 Twitter, Inc.