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    📢 | US asset management company Farallon Capital requests Toshiba to convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders

    -A rational explanation of the 1 trillion yen growth investment policy that deviates significantly from the Toshiba Next Plan-
    Tokyo – (BUSINESS WIRE) — US asset management company Farallon Capital (“Company”) today told Toshiba Corporation (“Toshiba”) that it is in Toshiba. Requested Toshiba to formulate a capital policy proposal including a rational explanation of growth investment policy and convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to request a proposal to the general meeting of shareholders for the purpose of achieving long-term corporate value improvement ..

    Since 2017, Toshiba has been a major shareholder of Toshiba ... More

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    📢 | X-Prize announces winners of the $ 100 million next-generation mask challenge, revealing next-generation face masks through virtual pitch slam

    A six-month contest calling on global innovators aged 15 to 24 to create mask designs that can overcome common barriers to help combat pandemics.
    Los Angeles-(BUSINESS WIRE)-X-Prize, a non-profit organization that uses a global contest to cloud-source solutions to the world's biggest challenges, went through a pitch slam last week to market ideas to the United States. Luminosity Lab announces that it has been selected for the Grand Prize of the Next Generation Mask Challenge. Lumin ... More

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    📢 | Interactive Brokers Group establishes Irish corporation

    米コネティカット州グリニッジ & ダブリン–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — グローバルな証券会社のインタラクティブ・ブローカーズ・グループ(Nasdaq:IBKR)は本日、アイルランド中央銀行からインタラクティブ・ブローカーズ・アイルランド・リミテッドの承認を受けたと発表しました。

    当社は、インタラクティブ・ブローカーズの欧州事業の継続的な力強い成長に対応するため、今後1年間に従業員数を大きく増加させるこ… More

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    📢 | Black Eyed Peas encourages fans to #PlayApartTogether on holidays in a social campaign with Zinga

    Platinum recording pioneers share a message of appreciation and social distance for a safe holiday season as part of an ongoing gaming industry campaign
    – (BUSINESS WIRE) – (Business Wire) — Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA):

    Announcement company:
    Global leader in interactive entertainment, Nasdaq (ZNGA), works with world-renowned recording artist Black Eyed Peas to share positive, encouraging and hopeful holidays.

    ... More

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    📢 | Takeda Obtains Approval of Drug Approval Change Application from US FDA to Extend Indications for Iclusig (Ponatinib) to Resistant or Tolerant Chronic CML Adult Patients

    – The revised Iclusig package insert changes practice and expands indications to CP-CML patients who are resistant or intolerant to pretreatment with at least two tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) –

    – Data-based approval from a Phase 2 OPTIC trial evaluating dose-adjusting regimens based on Iclusig response in CP-CML patients –

    – New dose-adjusted regimen in CP-CML ensures efficacy and improves safety by optimizing benefit and risk profiles –
    Cambridge, Massachusetts & Osaka ... More

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    📢 | Medical professionals petition CDC to develop guidelines: Americans use nasal sprays to combat the global epidemic of COVID-19, and doctors use them to treat patients

    "Studies show that nasal sprays such as Xlear reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and infection."
    Washington – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today, a consortium of 15 doctors, nurses and other public health professionals has petitioned the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for guidance.This guideline encourages Americans to use nasal sprays to combat the global epidemic of COVID-19 and doctors to use them to treat COVID-19 patients.

    This petition is Change.o ... More

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    📢 | Alentis founder wins the prestigious French Academy of Sciences Award

    Basel, Switzerland – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Alentis Therapeutics, a Swiss biotechnology company developing breakthrough treatments for fibrosis, is today the founder and world of the field. Professor Thomas Baumart, a leading authority, has announced that he has been awarded the Mémain-Pelletier of the French Academy of Sciences.This award is given for its groundbreaking research to understand the etiology of liver cancer.

    Professor Thomas Baumart said: "This is big ... More

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    📢 | Moody's Announces Initiatives for “Say on Climate” Campaign

    NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Moody's Corporation (NYSE: MCO) today announced its support for the principles set out in the Say on Climate campaign for sustainability.This includes disclosure of emissions, a comprehensive plan for emission control, and the adoption of the plan at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.Moody's is the first S & P 500 employer to participate in the initiative, which is our continued leadership and commitment to climate behavior and corporate sustainability ... More

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    📢 | ExaGrid concludes 7 with seven industry awards and new ransomware recovery solutions

    Highlights include the release of software version 6.0, continued global expansion, solid quarterly sales performance, and consecutive awards.
    Marlborough, Mass. – (BUSINESS WIRE) — ExaGrid, the industry's only tiered backup and storage solution, today wrestles with the global epidemic of COVID-19. Despite this, it announced that it had made this year a successful year.

    Bill Andrews, President and CEO of ExaGrid, said: More

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    📢 | Velodyne joins Qualcomm Smart City Accelerator Program

    米カリフォルニア州サンノゼ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — ベロダイン・ライダー(Nasdaq:VLDR, VLDRW)は本日、スマートシティー・ソリューションでのライダー技術の利用を促進するために、クアルコム・スマートシティー・アクセラレーター・プログラムに参加したと発表しました。ベロダインは、クアルコム・スマートシティー・エコシステムの一員となり、クアルコム・テクノロジーズ、政府機関、ソリューション開発者とよ… More

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    📢 | Moody's Analytics Wins Structured Finance Award in 100 categories at Chartis' RiskTech 3®

    NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Moody's Analytics Structured Finance Products at this year's Chartis RiskTech 100®, Pricing & Analytics-Bank Account Credits, Pricing & Analytics-CLO Credits, OpsTech -Awarded three categories of securitization services.Moody's Analytics has also risen from 3th place to 2nd place in the overall ranking for the past two years, winning a total of 4 categories.

    Structured Finance Portal and its ... More

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    📢 | Soul Biosys Bioreds Module Demonstrates 99% Killing of Viruses in Air with Results from Recent Tests

    Ansan, South Korea – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ansan, Representative Director: Lee Young-ju, hereinafter referred to as “Soul Biosys”), an optical semiconductor specialist Through the results of tests by the Korea Industrial Technology Research Institute (KTL), we have demonstrated that our air conditioning and heating system equipped with UV LED Violeds modules kills 99% of the viruses in the air.The test is a COVID-19 pandemic caused by a virus that has become an aerosolized bioreds ... More

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    📢 | Arthur D. Little Appoints Hiroto Suzuki as New Global Practice Leader in Automotive & Manufacturing Division

    LONDON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Arthur D. Little (ADL) today announced the appointment of Hiroto Suzuki as Global Leader in Automotive and Manufacturing Practices.With its growing global presence and diversification into a variety of secondary industries, Giancarlo Agresti has been a key driver of the practice for the past nine years. ) Will be taken over by Hiroto Suzuki.

    Hiroto Suzuki has been based in ADL's Tokyo office, and ADL's Southeast Asia ... More

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    📢 | SPIE virtualizes photonics west, advanced lithography, AR / VR / MR and other early 2021 events in 2021

    SPIE will use its digital forum platform to host the first five conferences in 2021
    Bellingham, WA – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Usually held in San Francisco, SPIE Photonics West will be a two-way virtual conference, March 2021-3, 6. The largest optical and photonics technology event in North America (co-hosted by the well-established BIOS, LASE, and OPTO conferences) held by SPIE (International Society of Optical Engineering) includes two digital exhibitions and the industry ... More

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    📢 | "Harry Potter: Spells and Magic Puzzles" will spice up the winter holiday season with Christmas-themed collection events, new magical creatures, and social media surprises throughout December.

    Zayn Malik reveals Harry Potter's familiar style avatars and messages to fans of Harry Potter: Spells and Magic Puzzles
    San Francisco – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA):

    Announcement company:
    Interactive entertainment global leader Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA) is launching an event to liven up the winter holiday season with the recently launched mobile game Harry Potter: Spells and Magic Puzzles ... More

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    📢 | Idemia and Swipe Achieve Important milestones for Next Generation Biometric Cards

    仏クールブボワ & ノルウェー・オスロ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — 拡張された本人確認技術の世界的リーダー企業であるアイデミアは、ズワイプが世界規模の販売権1を確保している次世代生体認証カード向けセキュアチップについて、EMVCoからICCNセキュリティー証明書を計画通りに取得しました。


    非接触型決済に対する世界的な需要が急伸している状況では、生体認証カードがセキュ… More

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    📢 | The latest Christmas situation in Hong Kong in 2020

    ~ Effective fusion of online and offline ~
    Hong Kong – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, this winter requires a different way of spending.Hong Kong uses a variety of technologies to combine online and offline to provide a new Christmas experience.Here are some of them.

    360 degree virtual tour of Central Business District

    Held from December 2020, 12 to January 4, 2021

    Hong Kong held annually by the Hong Kong Tourism Board ... More

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    📢 | Lionbridge expands global testing capabilities with new Chinese gaming lab

    New gaming labs in Jinan and Beijing improve local and follow-the-sun capabilities
    Beijing – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Lionbridge, a world leader in translation and localization, is launching new gaming in Jinan and Beijing, China to further expand the global capabilities of its Lionbridge gaming sector. We have opened a lab.

    The new lab offers a full suite of scalable functional testing, localization testing and localization services to customers in the Chinese market and to China initiatives for customers in Europe, Asia and the United States ... More

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    📢 | Moody's Analytics' new early warning system helps identify credit risk quickly

    NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Moody's Analytics today announced a new early warning system, a single platform for identifying multiple early warning signals regarding credit risk.The system helps credit professionals make feasible decisions and effectively monitor their portfolios.

    This early warning Sith, accessible from Moody's Analytics CreditEdge ™ and RiskCalc ™ solutions… More

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    📢 | Weta Digital Opens Office in California with Outstanding Industry Leaders on Board

    Former Disney COO Tom Stags, former Google executive Jeff Hoover, and Peter Jackson's longtime partner Ken Cummins join the growing visual effects and animation company
    Los Angeles – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Weta Digital, the parent company of Weta Animated at the world's leading visual effects studio, welcomes industry leaders Tom Stags, Jeff Hoover and Ken Cummins to the board. Announced.The appointment of directors of Stags, Hoover and Cummins is the continued growth of the Company ... More

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    📢 | RMB Capital: Dialogue with Faith, Inc.

    Chicago – (BUSINESS WIRE) – RMB Capital (hereinafter referred to as “RMB”) has been issued by Faith, Inc. (code number 4295, First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, hereinafter referred to as “Faith”). A long-term shareholder who holds 10.7% of the total number of shares.

    As a responsible investor, RMB has made various proposals to improve Faith's corporate value. In 2018 and 2019, we made shareholder proposals at the company's annual general meeting of shareholders and appealed for the improvement of corporate governance and the strengthening of shareholder returns at the company.As a result, the company ... More

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    📢 | Spotify expands into South Korea in the first half of 2021

    ニューヨーク & ソウル–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — スポティファイ(NYSE:SPOT)は本日、2021年上半期に韓国でサービスを開始すると発表しました。この世界で最も人気があるオーディオ・ストリーミング・サブスクリプション・サービスによって、韓国のリスナーに6000万曲以上の楽曲と40億個以上のプレイリストへのアクセスが提供されます。このサービス開始により、韓国のアーティストは、国内の音楽ファンに加えて世界の3億2000万人のリスナーにリーチできるようになります… More

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    📢 | World Remit selects top 2020 migrant achievements in 20

    Praise migrants to commemorate International Migration Day
    London – (BUSINESS WIRE) — World Remit, a leading cross-border payments company, today announced a list of the top 2020 migrant achievements by migrants in 20 to commemorate International Migration Day.This list covers developments that have had a significant impact on communities around the world.From the first COVID-19 vaccine to the US presidential election and SpaceX, migrants from around the world have contributed to each of the groundbreaking events. 2020 laps of International Organization for Migration Day in 20 ... More

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    📢 | Yugabyte announces the first decentralized SQL Summit Asia

    VMware, Vertusa, CAST AI database and cloud-native development experts present at virtual event
    Sunnyvale, CA – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Yugabyte, a leader in open source distributed SQL databases, will host its first distributed SQL Summit Asia today, January 2021-1, 20. Announced.This virtual event includes VMware, CAST AI, Astronomer, Wipro Digital, Infrastructure Cloud ... More

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    📢 | Moody's Corporation Appoints Lloyd W. Howell as Director

    ニューヨーク–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — ムーディーズ・コーポレーション(NYSE:MCO)は本日、ロイド・W・ハウエルJr.氏が2021年3月15日付けで当社取締役に選任されたと発表しました。ハウエル氏は、取締役会の監査委員会、報酬・人材委員会、ガバナンス・指名委員会に加わります。ハウエル氏の選任により、ムーディーズの取締役会は11人の取締役で構成されることになります。

    「ハウエル氏の財務面の専門能力と、政府機関や民間クライアントと共に働いた幅広い経験は、ムーデ… More

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    📢 | Southeast Asian logistics pioneer Zeek raises US $ 1000 million despite market adversity

    The transformation of the delivery ecosystem is progressing
    Hong Kong – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Southeast Asia-focused logistics technology startup Zeek today announced that it has secured approximately US $ 1000 million from regional strategic investors and investment funds in pre-series A financing. Did.With this new funding, Zeek will use it to further expand its Southeast Asian market and enhance and improve its logistics management technology and data analytics applications.In this round of funding, Zeek's total funding to date is approximately US $ 1500 million.The investor is ... More

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    📢 | New World Nha Trang Hotel opens in 2023

    New World Hotels & Resorts Expands Asia Portfolio with Vietnam's Fourth High Quality Hotel
    Nha Trang, Vietnam – (BUSINESS WIRE) — New World Hotels & Resorts has been appointed by KDI Holdings to operate the 2023 New World Nha Trang Hotel, which will open in 306.The New World Nha Trang Hotel, the first step towards a new chapter in expansion in Asia, will open to the iconic New World Saigon Hotel and to Hoi An and Phu Quoc in 1 ... More

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    📢 | Idemia Accelerates Offering Digital Identity Products for Government

    Idemia, a world leader in enhanced identity verification technology, is strengthening its citizens' leadership in the identity verification market by responding to the surge in government needs for remote services.

    IDEMIA complements our IDway by providing a personal digital identity with a secure and trustworthy system.

    Reliable digital identity allows citizens to use multiple online services safely and seamlessly.Service suppliers also benefit from increased security and trust.

    France Cool Buboir – (BU… More

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    📢 | eLichens' NDIR CO2 sensor is used to protect workers throughout the cold supply chain of the Covid-19 vaccine

    仏グルノーブル–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — 凍った二酸化炭素(CO2)であるドライアイスは、Covid-19ワクチンを非常に低温に保つことができます。しかし、ドライアイスが温まり、凍った状態から気体に変化すると、過剰にCO2ガスが発生し、作業員の健康に影響を及ぼす可能性があります。

    eLichensのクランベリーNDIR(非分散型赤外線)CO2センサーは、そうした重要な用途向けに設計されています。Honeywell BW™ SOLO CO2製品に統合された当社のC… More

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    📢 | Velodyne Lidar signs multi-year sales contract to provide alpha prime sensor for momentary self-driving cars

    米カリフォルニア州サンノゼ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — ベロダイン・ライダー(Nasdaq: VLDR)は本日、自動運転技術の世界的リーダー企業であるモーショナルとのアルファ・プライム(Alpha Prime™)センサーの複数年販売契約を発表しました。ベロダインは、モーショナルのSAEレベル4自動運転車向けに長距離サラウンドビューライダーセンサーを提供する独占企業になります。

    アルファ・プライム・センサーは、自律車両に求められる高性能の条件に全体として対応できるレ… More

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    📢 | Schlumberger Holds Conference Call on 2020 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Performance

    ヒューストン–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — シュルンベルジェ・リミテッド(NYSE:SLB)は、2021年1月22日に電話会議を開催し、2021年12月31日に終了する第4四半期および通期の業績について説明します。


    電話会議にアクセスするには、会議開始の約10分前に北米からは+1 (844) 721-7241、北米外からは+1 (409) 207… More

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    📢 | 79% off! An Xmas gift set including 5 software such as VideoProc and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum will be offered for 6680 yen for a week only!

    Mac版VideoProcとMacX DVD Ripper ProとMacX MediaTransのセットも5550円でお買い得!
    CHENGDU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DVDコピー–(ビジネスワイヤ) – 2020年クリスマスのお得情報をお届けします。Digiarty社は12月18日(金)からの一週間に売れ筋製品VideoProcやWinX DVD Ripper Platinum、WinX DVD Copy Pro、、WinX MediaTrans、WinX D… More

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    📢 | Mavenia creates a business unit to accelerate the OpenRAN RRU (remote radio unit) ecosystem

    Business unit that develops production quality hardware and software for wireless design
    Richardson, Texas, USA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Mavenia, the industry's only end-to-end network software provider, is driven by our continued industry leadership and progress in the OpenRAN space. Announcing the expansion of the wireless organization.Mavenia has been advocating OpenRAN from early on to promote openness, innovation and security in 5G, and with this expansion, the remote radio unit D ... More

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    📢 | Andersen Global expands into Malta

    サンフランシスコ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — アンダーセン・グローバルは、マルタのバレッタの法律事務所Chetcuti Cauchi Advocatesと関連コーポレート・サービス事務所のCCA Interserv Ltdと協力契約を締結し、欧州での業務範囲をさらに拡大しました。

    チェンバース・アンド・パートナーズ、リーガル500、IFLR1000から高く評価されているChetcuti Cauchiは、起業家、ファミリービジネス、機関の国内外でのニーズに対応してい… More