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😷 | "Cospa's strongest mask" for 3 yen per sheet with 1COINS The best comfort and convenience


"Cospa's strongest mask" for 3 yen per sheet with 1COINS The best comfort and convenience

If you write the contents roughly
When purchasing a new mask, why not look for it at 3COINS?

At 3COINS, I found a super cospa mask for about 1 yen per sheet.I would like to introduce its ease of use.New Coronau ... → Continue reading


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3COINS(Three Coins)PalA store that sells miscellaneous goods, mainly 300 yen, operated by.


We have a wide range of items from basic items such as kitchen goods, bath items, interior goods, socks, accessories, shoes, etc. to fun designs, mainly for 300 yen.[1].

Depending on the store type, "3COINS","3COINS + plus, "In the station yard"3COINS OOOPS!","3COINS stationIt is divided into four parts. The interior of the store is designed based on white and yellow-green.

1994å¹´,OsakaKitaChayamachiThe first store opens in. An employee who liked not only clothes but also miscellaneous goods challenged Pal's first miscellaneous goods business. At that time, 1 yen was already available and various products were sold.100 Yen shop) Existed, we focused on 300 yen as an easy-to-buy price that can be expected to be "impulse buying", and created a store saying "Let's sell things that are a little particular about fashion as a pal."[2].


The number of items is 1 to 1600 per store, and the products handled are almost replaced in a month and a half.

In April 24, 2018 years after the first store opened, the number of stores expanded to 4.


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