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😷 | Corona influence "Takakura Hotel Fukuoka" is closed voluntarily


Influence of Corona "Takakura Hotel Fukuoka" is closed voluntarily

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He also had strengths in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, but decided to voluntarily close the business on January 1, saying that the corona convergence was not foreseen and people in these industries could not use the hotel.

"Takakura Hotel Fukuoka" on Watanabe-dori, Fukuoka City will be on its own at the end of this month, saying that sales have dropped significantly due to the impact of the new Corona. → Continue reading

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Voluntary closure

Voluntary closure(Jishuhaigyo) means that a corporation or sole proprietor voluntarily abolishes the business.This refers to the case of voluntarily closing the business in consideration of the financial situation of the business, the circumstances of the officers, the future potential of the business, etc.

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