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😷 | First university common test begins XNUMX venues in Kumamoto prefecture, XNUMX applicants

Photo Student who finally confirms the reference book in front of the venue of the university entrance test = Kumamoto University Kurokami Campus (Yusuke Ikeda), Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, around XNUMX am on the XNUMXth

The first university common test begins XNUMX venues in Kumamoto prefecture, XNUMX applicants

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After listening to the supervisor's attention in the examination room where he disinfected his hands and entered the room, he faced the first geography history and public citizens from 9:XNUMX.

The National Center Test for University Admissions, which is the successor to the National Center Test for University Admissions, began all over the country on the XNUMXth. Until the XNUMXth.New roller ... → Continue reading

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The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Geography history

Geography history(DustBritish: geography and history) IsJapan Ofschool educationInSubjectone of.GeographyIt is sometimes abbreviated as (chireki).

high schoolIt is a subject set up in elementary and junior high schoolSocial studiesOf the contents handled in, it corresponds to the geographical field and historical field.Geography,Japanese history,World history such asSubjectsThis name is used as the name of the subject that deals with.


Since the inauguration of the Department of Geography and HistoryCourse of StudyThen,Geography-Japanese history-World historyThere are two types of courses, one with 2 standard credits and the other with 4 standard credits, and the Department of Geography and History consists of the following 2 courses.

As a general rule, it is necessary to satisfy all of the following 1 and 2.

  1. Required to select one subject from "Geography A", "Geography B", "Japanese History A", and "Japanese History B"
  2. Required to select one subject from "World History A" and "World History B"

In other words, world history is compulsory, and at least one of geography and Japanese history will be taken as an elective course.The grades and order of courses for each subject belonging to the Department of Geography and History are not specified.

In many schools, the curriculum is organized so that one A subject and one B subject include world history.Then, in order to take the B subject as an elective subject for the entrance examination, the study will be focused on.

新 し いCourse of Study(Scheduled to be implemented annually from the 4th year of Reiwa) will be reorganized into Geography synthesis, history synthesis, geography exploration, Japanese history exploration, and world history exploration.Of these, two subjects are geography and history.CompulsoryIs[1].

Background of Department of Geography and History

conventionallyhigh schoolAlsoSocial studiesThe contents of geography and history currently handled by the Department of Geography and History were handled by the Department of Social Studies.However, the high school social studies department was reorganized into a geography history department.Civil AffairsThe Department of Geography and History will be divided into1994(6) Introduced in grades from the first grade.However, even now, the Department of Geography and History and the Department of Civil and Civil Studies are sometimes collectively called Social Studies.

Treatment for university entrance exams

Liberal artsThen.English,National languageIt is also an important subject.National public universityMany of them need to choose from two subjects, including the public, and may be subject to geography in the secondary exam.However, neither country nor I take geography as an examination subject.UniversityThere are quite a few.

OneScienceThen.Center examMost universities only need it and do not impose a geography as a secondary exam.private universityIn most cases, it is outside the entrance examination subject.

Required subjects not yet taken

ToyamaIn high school2006(18)10, Courses in the Department of Geography and History, which would otherwise have to be taken in two or more courses, including world historyCollege entrance examTake only one subject as a countermeasureCurriculumIt turned out that it was.Therefore, at this high school, students who choose world history lack credits for geography or Japanese history, and students who choose geography or Japanese history do not take the required world history, and all meet the requirements. It means that it was not.
As a result of subsequent investigations, many similar cases were reported nationwide.For more information on this issueHigh school compulsory subjects not yet takenPlease refer to.

Compulsory Japanese history

With the development of the international communityHistory,cultureIt is becoming more important to understand such things.for that reason,Japanese historyThere are many opinions that make the subject a compulsory subject,PrefecturesThere is a movement to make it a compulsory subject in credits.TokyoFor students who do not choose Japanese history subjectsEdoからTokyoThe subject of Japanese history called "he" has become compulsory.KanagawaHowever, for students who do not take Japanese history, we have set up multiple prefectural-specific school-set courses, making Japanese history a compulsory subject.Also in Tokyo, Kanagawa,Chiba-Saitama(Capital Area1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures)Ministry of educationI requested that Japanese history be a compulsory subject.The council of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is also discussing making it compulsory.As a result, a comprehensive history course will be set up to study modern and contemporary times, combining Japanese history and world history.


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