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😷 | [Breaking news] Iwate Prefecture Confirmed infection of XNUMX new people A total of XNUMX people in the prefecture New Corona


[Breaking news] Iwate Prefecture Confirmed infection of XNUMX new people A total of XNUMX people in the prefecture New Corona

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The areas under the jurisdiction of the Prefectural Central Health Center are Hachimantai City, Takizawa City, Shizukuishi Town, Kuzumaki Town, Iwate Town, Shiwa Town, and Yahaba Town.

Iwate Prefecture announced on the afternoon of January XNUMX that a new type of coronavirus was detected in four new people in the prefecture.This time the virus ... → Continue reading

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Shiwa Town

Shiwa Town(Shiwacho) isMorioka metropolitan areaSouth of theIwateLocated in the middleShiwa-gun Oftown.


Shiwa TownMoriokaAs a commuter town, the population is increasing.

There are several theories about the place name "Shiwa", and there are also "Konami", "Shiba", and "Shiwa" in history books.[1].

  • Kitakami RiverRolling of the brim (cliff) of the river terrace in the basin
  • Wrinkled terrain
  • Wrinkles (where they bend and bend)
  • Shiwa Inari Shrineから
  • Shiha (end / end) of the Yamato court
  • Shigariwake ShrineAbbreviation of God
  • Floodplain of rivers in "Swa"





Population distribution by age in Shiwa Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Shiwa Town (2005)
■Purple-Shiwa Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Shiwa Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Looking at the population change from the previous survey from the 27 national census, it was 2.02 people, a 32,614% decrease, and the rate of change is 33th among 5 municipalities in the prefecture.

License plate

Shiwa Town has been the "Iwate" number (Iwate Transport Bureau) Was assigned, but from November 2014, 11 ()Iwate Police StationOnly in the jurisdiction)Local numberThe "Morioka" number is issued.

Iwate number allocation area (~ November 2014, 11)
  • All over Iwate prefecture
Morioka number allocation area (November 2014, 11-)

TV channel / radio frequency

Shiwa Town Broadcasting Station
  • Johor(TV ・FM radioTransmission station)
    • AM radioThe transmission station is in Yahaba Town, which is next to the north.

sister city



Industrial / specialty products

  • Paddy rice: Himenomochi
  • Fruit trees: apples, vines, pears, etc.
  • Vegetables: Cucumber
  • Livestock: Mochimochi beef, Shiwa black pig


post office

  • Shiwa Post Office[Collection and Delivery Bureau] (〒028-3399. Has jurisdiction over 〒028-33XX area and 028-34XX area)
  • Furudate Post Office
  • Hizume station square post office
  • Kamihirasawa Post Office
  • Akazawa Post Office

Simple post office

  • Hikobe Post Office
  • Sahinai Post Office
  • Higashi Nagaoka Post Office
  • Katayose Simple Post Office


high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • Shiwa Municipal Hizume Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Akaishi Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Kokan Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Moisture Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Kamihirasawa Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Katayose Elementary School
  • Shiwa Town Hikobe Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Hoshiyama Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Sahinai Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Akazawa Elementary School
  • Shiwa Municipal Nagaoka Elementary School



East Japan Railway(JR East)

Transit Bus


Highway national road

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road




Prefecture agency

Town institution

Third sector

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Celebrity from Shiwa Town


  • Zenigata Heita-kun (commonly known as Heita-kun) --Hizume Shopping Street

Weather related

  • 2011å¹´(23)7/9,1976å¹´The highest temperature ever since the start of observation 34.6° CWas recorded.
  • 2012å¹´(24)2/28, The lowest temperature ever since the start of observation in 1976-16.6° CWas recorded.


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