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😷 | EXIT ・ Kanechika, anxious about the difference in the sense of crisis towards Corona "People who don't care don't care at all"


EXIT / Kanechika, anxious about the difference in the sense of crisis towards Corona "People who don't care don't care at all"

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Naoki Tsuji, who is also a doctor but has experience of corona infection, said about the subjective symptoms when the symptoms suddenly changed, "I was the same, but the number of breaths increases dramatically.

"ABEMA Prime" broadcast on the 21st, which covered issues such as home recuperation for the new Corona. EXIT / Kanechika ... → Continue reading


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Subjective symptoms

Subjective symptomsWhat is (Jikaku Shojo)?sickFeels to those who depend onsymptomAnd even though there have been no major changes in living conditions,pain,苦 し み,MalaiseI came to sense such things, and from there I myselfdiseaseThat it is a situationAwarenessLike you canStatusIt refers to the symptoms such as pain and suffering that are felt at that time.

In general illness, the individual feels some physical abnormality due to subjective symptoms,DiagnosisBy receiving治療Is started.Therefore, it is difficult to detect diseases that have no or few subjective symptoms at the beginning.cancerAlthough these are dangerous diseases with extremely high case fatality rates, they have no subjective symptoms at the initial stage when they are considered to be easy to treat.As a result, there are many cases in which the opportunity for treatment is missed, and at a critical time, both oneself and others realize that they have cancer from their subjective symptoms.Therefore, regularlyDiagnosisIt is preferable to pay attention to your physical condition on a daily basis, such as receiving[1].Lifestyle-related diseasesIs also an example of this.Also,liverAlthough the abnormality can sometimes be a serious life-threatening problem, subjective symptoms rarely appear until it becomes serious, which is why it is nicknamed the "silent organ".


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