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😷 | New Corona 137 infected, 4 dead Hokkaido


New Corona 137 infected, 4 dead Hokkaido

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The welfare facility "Meiwaen" in Hakodate has been confirmed to be infected by two new residents, and the infection has spread to 2 people.

In Hokkaido, on the 23rd, 137 new coronavirus-infected persons and 4 deaths were announced.New infection ... → Continue reading

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welfare facility

welfare facility(Fukushi set)lawAccording tosocial welfareA facility created for The staffcare worker,Social worker,Mental health workerIn addition to 3 welfare officers,Part-time job(Some facilitiesFull time)ofDoctor,nurse,The instructor,ChildminderAnd so on.

Child welfare facility

Child Welfare ActDefined byChildren, A facility that provides social welfare. Basically, if you are 18 years old, the deadline specified in the Child Welfare Act as a childbirthdayHowever, depending on the condition of the child andDisabledIt can be shortened (from 16 years old independently) or extended (22 years old-23 years old). Children with intellectual disabilitiesEnvironmentThere are many facilities for people with intellectual disabilities because they are vulnerable to changes.


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