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😷 | My own mask case If it is handmade, it will surely attract attention


There is no doubt that your own mask case will attract attention if it is handmade

If you write the contents roughly
Simple tunics, dresses, and tuck pants are excellent designs that casually cover your body shape.

Masks, mask cases, eco-bags, etc. are often used on a daily basis.Commercially available ones are good, but they are handmade ... → Continue reading

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Dresses(Japanglish: one-piece) IscoatとSkirtsOf shapes that are connected togetherFemaleForclothingIs. The abbreviation is "Wampi".


If you say "one piece" in Japan,Outerwear OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euRefers to. In addition, for a dress, a piece divided into a jacket and a skirt is called "two-piece", and a jacket and a skirt.BestWhat is divided into threeThree-piece".

in EnglishOne piece dress(one-piece dress), "one-piece"In itself,Swimwear・Children's clothesRacing suitSuch asConnectionIt is a word that means "clothes" in general.

It also means that it is made of one piece of cloth. For example, a "one-piece skirt" is a skirt made of one piece of cloth, and a "one-piece sleeve" is a sleeve made of one piece of cloth.

There are also dresses with elastic in the waist.


The shape of the dress is a series of a jacket and a skirt, butclothIt is not necessarily made from, but it is a one-piece piece if the upper and lower parts are sewn together as a whole and are one piece.

In addition, as a rule, what you can wear as a dress by wearing only one piece is a "one piece", andTopsWear onJumper skirtOr anotherBottomsWear withTunicAnd the like are distinguished from one piece even if they have the same shape.


One piece has a long history as women's clothing,trendWhile incorporating, skirt length, etc.DesignWhile changing the, continue to be worn today.20st centurySince entering the two-piece and pants look has also been recognized as women's clothing, but there is still a strong tendency for one-piece dresses to become women's formal wear.

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