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😷 | <New Corona> Cluster in Urawa Gakuin's baseball club, 33 positive students living in dormitories 10 dead in Saitama, 257 infected

Photo Saitama Prefectural Office = Takasago, Urawa-ku, Saitama City

<New Corona> Cluster in Urawa Gakuin's baseball club, 33 positive students living in dormitories 10 dead in Saitama, 257 infected

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At Ouchi Internal Medicine and Neurology Hospital (Misato City), 3 inpatients were infected, bringing the total to 97.

Saitama Prefecture and others announced on the 3rd that 10 people who had been infected with the new coronavirus died and 257 new infections were confirmed ... → Continue reading

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Ouchi Internal Medicine Nerve


Misato(Misato)SaitamaLocated in the southeast ofCity.

The population is about 14Toda-shi17th place in the prefecture after.


It is located in the easternmost part of the southern part of Saitama prefecture.Central TokyoAbout 20km from the eastern border of the cityEdogawaBut on the western border中But in the centerOba RiverFlows.In addition, there are several rivers running north and south through the city.Before the city system came into effectKitakatsushikaBelong to.


Kanto PlainThe land is flat on the whole, and the highest point is about 8m above sea level (on the embankment).Shinmisato Lala CityDistrict), the lowest point is the lowland topography of about 1.4 m above sea level. According to the data on January 2007, 1, the high floor is 1m (Iwanoki 3.092) and the low floor is 110m (Yanaka 1.392).[1].TokyoIn the southern part of the city adjacent to the city, residential land conversion has progressed since the period of high economic growth, and in the northern part of the cityJRMusashino LineAlong the railway line, a large-scale housing complex (also planned during the period of high economic miracle)Misato housing complex,Satsukidaira housing complex) And other compartmentalized residential areas.In addition to residential areas in the central part of the cityUrbanization promotion areaThere is alsoMetropolitan New City RailwayTsukuba ExpressDevelopment is progressing with the opening of.In addition, the eastern part is also developing rapidly.

Rivers, etc.


  • Yayoi PeriodLate (2st centuryから3st century) Begins to settle[2].
  • Kofun period(5st centuryから6st century) Depends on the riverWater transportationWill be the base of.
  • Ancient times, The whole cityShimosaKatsushikaIt became.
  • 1683 (Sacredness3 years) or during the Kanei era (1622-1643)Musashi countryWas incorporated into Katsushika-gun, Musashi Province.
  • 1871 (Meiji4 years)- Abandoned DomainBySaitamaKatsushikaBecomes
  • 1878 (Meiji 11) --Katsushika-gun was separated due to the enforcement of the county-ward, town-village organization law, and the entire area of ​​Misato city was Saitama prefecture.KitakatsushikaBecomes
  • 1889 (22th year of Meiji)- Municipal systemThe following 4 villages were established by the merger accompanying the enforcement.
    • Hikonari Village, Banshomen Village, Kamiguchi Village, Hikokura Village, Hikoito Village, Hikono Village, Shimohiko Kawado Village, Kamihiko Kawado Village, Kamihikona Village, Hikooto Village, Hikozawa Village, Hikoe Village, Hanawada Village, Taniguchi Village Kamihikona Nittamura → Hikonari Village
    • Tango Village, Yanaka Village, Gotani Village, Koyabori Village, Maema Village, Komagata Village, Minami Hasunuma Village, Sasazuka Village, Iwanoki Village, Yukifusa Village, Shigetai Village, Daiko Advertising Village, Nizo Village, Handa Village, Tanaka Nitta Village → Waseda Village
    • Togasaki Village (near Togasaki XNUMX-chome), Sakaigi Village, XNUMX Village, Sakai Village, Naganuma Village, Yorimaki Village (near Takano XNUMX-chome), Maekawa Village, Kamakura Village (near Takano XNUMX-chome), Maedani Village → Togasaki Village
    • Nagatoro Village (near Takano XNUMX-chome), Shimo Nitta Village (near Takasu XNUMX-chome), Tokushima Village (near Takano XNUMX-chome), Hinoguchi Village (near Takano XNUMX-chome), Kubei Village (near Takasu XNUMX-chome), Takasu Village (Takasu) Near XNUMX-chome), Komukai-mura (near Takasu XNUMX-chome), Hachimachi-dori-mura, Ichimotoki-mura, Ozen-mura, Yokobori-mura, Ichisuke-mura → Yagisato Village
  • 1933 (Showa18 years) May 7 - Togasaki VillageとYagisato VillageMerged,Towa VillageIs established.
  • 1956 (31)May 9 - Towa Village,Hikonari Village,Waseda VillageMergedMisato VillageIs established.
  • 1964 (39)May 10 --Misato Village enforces the town systemMisato TownBecomes
  • 1967 (42)May 12 --Changed the boundary between Misato-cho Oaza Zenma and Yoshikawa-cho Oaza Miwanoe.
  • 1972 (47)May 5 --Sango Town enforces the city systemMisatoBecomes
  • 1973 (48)May 4 --At the same time as the Musashino Line opened, Misato Station, the city's first railway station, opened.
  • 1985 (60)May 1 --Misato JCT opened on the Shuto Expressway and Joban Expressway.
  • 1985May 3 --Opened Musashino Line Shin Misato Station.
  • 1992 (04)May 11 --Tokyo Gaikan Expressway Gaikan Misato Nishi IC opened.
  • 2005 (17)May 7 - Northwestern Chiba EarthquakeThen, a seismic intensity of less than 5 was observed in Kobo, Misato City.
  • 2005May 8 --Tsukuba Express Misato Chuo Station opened.
  • 2005May 11 --Opened between Misato JCT and Misato Minami IC on the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway.
  • 2008 (20)May 10 --The area and name of the new town in the former Musashino yard development area will be enforced (Shin Misato Lala City 1-3-chome)[3].
  • 2008May 12 --Misato Toll Gate smart IC socialization experiment started[4].
  • 2009 (21)May 4 --Misato Toll Gate smart IC full-scale operation started[5].
  • 2009May 9 --LaLa Hot Misato OPEN[6].
  • 2011 (23)May 3 - Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeOccurrence.Observed seismic intensity 5 upper in Uchisaiwaicho.
  • 2011May 3 - FukushimaHirono TownBased on the agreement on mutual support in the event of a disaster, about 230 victims of the Mizunuma Civic CenterShelterAccepted to[7].
  • 2011May 5 - National Instant Warning SystemStarted operation[8].
  • 2011May 5 - Crown princeThe couple visits the Mizunuma Civic Center in the evacuation center[9].
  • 2012 (24)May 2 --High-rise apartmentThe Lions Misato CentralIs completed.
  • 2013 (25)May 3 ――Declare "the best reading town in Japan"[10].
  • 2014 (26)May 5 - Japan Policy CouncilAnnounces Misato City as a "City with the Potential Extinction" (54.9%).
  • 2018 (30)May 6 --Tokyo Gaikan Expressway Misato Minami IC --Opened between Takaya JCT.

High economic growthA large-scale housing complex was created during the period, and the population increased rapidly.villageOnly 16 years after the establishment ofMunicipal system enforcementIs playing.

1956 17,313 people (Misato Village)
1964 21,766 people (Sango Town)
1967 30,849 people
1972 49,618 people (Misato City)

Origin of city name

  • Three villages, Towa Village, Hikonari Village, and Waseda Village, merged.・ ・ ・ The character of "three"
  • This area has long been called.・ ・ ・ Character of "town"

From the above, it was named Misato.


Place name

There are towns and large characters in Misato City.The residential addressing system is only in Shinmisato LaLa City XNUMX-XNUMX-chome and Satsukidaira XNUMX-XNUMX-chome, and lot numbers are rearranged in other towns.

Waseda district
Waseda Village until the merger of the three villages in 1956.The 3 large characters that made up the village (the old village before the enforcement of the town and village system in 15) have been taken over by the local name.
  • Tanaka Shinden
  • Zenma
  • Koyabori
  • Gotani
  • Tango
  • Handa
  • Nizo
  • Komagata
  • Minamihasunuma
  • Sasazuka
  • Ohiroto
  • Iwanoki
  • Motai
  • Kobo
  • Yanaka
  • Misato XNUMX-XNUMX-chome
  • Waseda Ichi --- XNUMX-chome
  • Shin Misato Lala City XNUMX-XNUMX-chome
Hikosei district
Hikonari Village until the merger of the three villages in 1956.The 3 large characters that made up the village (the old village before the enforcement of the town and village system in 15) have been taken over by the local name.
  • Uneme Nitta
  • Uneme XNUMX-chome
  • Hikoito Ichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Hikooto XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Hikonari Ichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Hikonari
  • Kamihikona
  • Hikokawado XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Kamihikokawado
  • Shimohiko Kawato
  • Tenjin XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Spring
  • Hikono XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Hikono
  • Hikokura XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Hikokura
  • Kamiguchi XNUMX-XNUMX-chome
  • Upper mouth
  • Banshomen-XNUMX-chome
  • Banshomen
  • Hikosawa Ichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Hikosawa
  • Hikoe Ichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Hikoe
  • Hanawada
  • Taniguchi
  • Satsukidaira XNUMX-XNUMX chome
  • Piarashiti XNUMX-XNUMX chome
Of the above, "Hikonari" without "Chome" is a narrow district that remained without the town name and lot number arrangement after the establishment of "Hikonari 1-5 Chome". The same applies to Hikono, Hikokura, Kamiguchi, Banshomen, Hikosawa, and Hikoe without "chome".Although Hikoito 3-chome and Hikooto 3-chome formally exist, since they are part of the Misato housing complex site, the actual address display is "Hikonari 3-chome", which is the address of the housing complex.[11]..However, the address display of Misato Hikari Kindergarten is "Hikoito 3-chome".
Towa district
The district that belonged to the former Towa village. In 1943, Togasaki Village and Yagisato Village merged to form Towa Village, and in 1956 Towa Village, Hikonari Village, and Waseda Village merged to form Misato Village.
  • Ichisuke
  • Shinwaichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Eiichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Miyo Takano-XNUMX-chome
  • Takasu XNUMX-XNUMX-chome
  • Higashimachi (Azumacho)
  • Togasaki Ichi-XNUMX-chome
  • Togasaki
  • Yomaki
  • Kamakura
In the former Togasaki village, there were nine large characters: Togasaki, Sakaigi, Sakai, 9, Naganuma, Maekawa, Maeya, Yorimaki, and Kamakura.Of these, Togasaki, Yomaki, and Kamakura still exist, and the others were abolished due to the reorganization of town names and lot numbers in 1982 (currently: Eiichi-XNUMX-chome, etc.).In addition, in Oaza Kamakura, only the old excelave in the Oaza Yori winding area remains.
In the former Yagisato village, there were 12 large characters: Ichisuke, Yagisato, Shimo Nitta, Komukai, Hinokuchi, Nagatoro, Tokushima, Ippongi, Kubei, Yokobori, Takasu, and Ozen.Of these, Ichisuke still exists, and the others were abolished due to the reorganization of town names and lot numbers in 1982 (currently Takano XNUMX-XNUMX-chome, etc.).


Municipal junior high schools have adopted a school choice system (free choice system).The elementary school is a school district system.

primary school
Municipal elementary school (19 schools in total)
  • Waseda Elementary School (Opened in July 1884 (Meiji 17), called Waseda Elementary School in April 7 (Meiji 1889))
  • Yagisato Elementary School (Established Yagisato Jinjo Elementary School on January 1893, 26)
  • Togasaki Elementary School(Established at Togasaki Village Jorakuji Temple on February 1873, 6 (Meiji 2) under the name of Kaichi Elementary School, and renamed to April 15, 1875 (Meiji 8))
  • Hikonari Elementary School(Established in July 1873 (Meiji 6))
  • Takasu Elementary School (Opened as Misato Municipal No. 1969 Elementary School on April 44, 4)
  • Fukiage Elementary School(Established on April 1972, 47 as Misato Municipal No. 4 Elementary School, renamed to April 1, 1975)
  • Sakura Elementary School (Established on April 1973, 48 as Misato Municipal No. 4 Elementary School, renamed as of April 2, 1975)
  • Takano Elementary School (established on April 1974, 49)
  • Shinwa Elementary School(Established on April 1974, 49)
  • Kobo Elementary School (established on April 1974, 49)
  • Tachibana Elementary School(December 1974, 49 (Showa 12) Separated from Misato City Sakura Elementary School and opened)
  • Hikoito Elementary School (established on April 1975, 50, opened on May 4)
  • Maetani Elementary School (founded on April 1978, 53)
  • Takasu Higashi Elementary School (founded on April 1980, 55)
  • Hikosato Elementary School(Founded on April 1980, 55)
  • Tango Elementary School (established on April 1981, 56)
  • Zenma Elementary School(Established on April 1984, 59)
  • Ushiroya Elementary School (opened in April 1992)
  • Mizuki Elementary School(Former Satsuki Elementary School (opened in April 1991) and former Mizunuma Elementary School integrated, opened on April 3, 4)
Junior high school
Municipal junior high school (8 schools in total)
  • Minami Junior High School(Established as Towa Village Towa Junior High School on April 1947, 22 (Showa 4) Renamed April 1, 1962 (Showa 37))
  • Kita Junior High School(Founded on April 1962, 37)
  • Sakae Junior High School (opened on April 1974, 49)
  • Hikonari Junior High School (opened on April 1975, 50)
  • Hikoito Junior High School (founded on April 1981, 56, opened on May 4)
  • Maekawa Junior High School (Opened April 1982, 57)
  • Waseda Junior High School(Opened on April 1984, 59)
  • Mizuho Junior High School (Opened April 1990, 2)
high school
Public high school
Vocational school
Special school
Closed school
  • Mizunuma Elementary School (Opened on April 1984, 59, closed on March 4, 1. Currently used as Mizunuma Civic Center)
  • Satsuki Elementary School (Opened on April 1991, 3, closed on March 4, 1. Currently used as Mizuki Elementary School)
  • Hokugo Elementary School (Opened on April 1979, 54, closed on March 4, 1. Currently used as a facility related to the University of Japan)

Cultural facility

  • Gymnasium
  • Takasu district gymnasium
  • Worker gymnasium
  • Misato City Cultural Hall
  • Takano Cultural Center
  • Takasu District Cultural Center
  • Towa East District Cultural Center
  • Hikosei District Cultural Center
  • Generation Exchange Center Fureai Park
  • Local Museum
  • Misato City Library(Municipal Library, Waseda Library, Northern Library)
  • Waseda Park Pool
  • Shinomi Gakuen
  • Work Center Shinoki
  • Satsuki Gakuen
  • Community Center
  • South Children's Center
  • Waseda Children's Center
  • Mizunuma Civic Center (former Mizunuma Elementary School)



  • Yoshikawa Police Station(Location is Kamihikona, Misato City)
    • Misato station square police box
    • Misato Central Station Police Box
    • New Misato station square police box (Misato housing complex police box moved)
    • Togasaki police box
    • Takasu police box
  • Highway traffic police forceMisato Branch

Private police box

  • Misato Waseda Private Police Box[12]
  • Misato housing complex crime prevention station[13][14]

Postal service

Zip CodeIs "341-00xx" throughout the city.

  • Misato Post Office --In charge of collection and delivery throughout Misato City
  • Misato Ichi Post Office
  • Misato Satsuki Post Office
  • Misato Takasu Post Office
  • Misato Tango Post Office
  • Misato housing complex post office
  • Misato Tennobashi Dori Post Office
  • Misato Togasaki Post Office
  • Misato Hikosei Post Office


Other facilities

National facility
Prefecture facilities
Facilities in Tokyo

Residential estate


Population distribution of Misato, Saitama, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Misato City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Misato City (2005)
■Purple-Misato City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Misato City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Masaaki Kizu(2006 May 11Inauguration, 4th term, former mayor Saburo Kizu's child)

  • Former Mayor:
  • Mayor before before:
  • Mayor before last:

City branch office

  • Misato housing complex branch office
  • Takano Liaison Office
  • Togasaki Liaison Office
  • Hikosei Liaison Office
  • Waseda Liaison Office
  • LaLa Hot Misato (LaLaport Shin Misato 1F)


Livelihood protection application refusal / termination lawsuit

2013 years,Saitama District CourtIs from a female citizen who has dealt with the Lifestyle Division, which refused the application for welfare protection and terminated it even after it was accepted.State redress proceedingsIt was found that the application right was infringed, and the city was ordered to pay about 540 million yen for welfare expenses, and the decision was finalized.

Wide area administration

Some office associations
  • : With Koshigaya City, Soka City, Yashio City, Yoshikawa City, Matsubushi Townpublic facilityMutual use,libraryWide area use,Severely disabled childThe facility Nakagawa no Sato Rehabilitation Center is jointly established, and the Saitama Prefecture Southeastern Area Public Facility Reservation Information System (Manmaru Yoyaku) is operated.Also,Government-designated cityIt holds meetings on mergers with the goal of transition and holds projects in which residents of the constituent local governments can participate.


City council

Constant and term

Constant: 24 Term:2017 (Heisei29) August 8-2021 (Reiwa3 years) April 8

Chair and Vice Chair

PositionNameAffiliated group
ChairTeruo NakanoKomeito
Vice-chairmanKoji TakeiPolitical Society

Constitutional composition

Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember of the Diet
21st century club8Akira Okanaiwa Hiroshi Kikuna Fumio Ichikawa Toru Nomura Keiichiro Aizawa Hideizumi Kato Katsuhiko Yanase Goichi Shibata
Komeito5Soichi Sakamaki Teruo Nakano Fukashi Suzuki Mutsuro Sato Kazumi Narumi
Political Society5Susumu Shinoda Koji Takei Hiroyuki Sato Osamu Sasaki Hiroyuki Nomura
Japan Communist Party4Haruo Inaba Chikako Kudo Tomohito Sato Tomoka Fukagawa
Citizen's club1Kayoko Murakami
Japan Restoration Party1Masato Watanabe

Prefectural assembly

Constituencies and constants

Constituency: Saitama Prefecture 14th Ward (Misato City), Constant: 2


2019 (31) April 4-2023 May 4

Elected member

NameAffiliated group
Keiichiro AizawaSaitama Prefectural AssemblyLDPLegislature
Muneaki MitaSaitama Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Members

Sister cities/partner cities



Main commercial facilities

Major companies with offices in the city


Railway line

In the northern part of the cityMusashino LineTo pass through the center of the city on August 2005, 17 (Heisei 8)Tsukuba ExpressWas opened.

 East Japan Railway(JR East)

■Yoshikawa Minami Station(Yoshikawa) Are in close proximity.
 Metropolitan New City Railway(Tsukuba Express)

City Central Station: Misato Chuo Station (In the JTB timetable, Misato Station was the representative station before the opening of the Tsukuba Express)

Transit Bus

While there is a railway station in the central and northern part of the city, the southern part of the city is a blank area for railways, and access to the nearest railway station is basically by local bus.Tsukuba Express in the southern part of the cityYashio StationFrom JRJoban Line-Shin-Keisei LineBy bus connecting to Matsudo Station and from Misato Station via Misato Chuo StationKanamachi StationThese two are the main routes that operate relatively frequently in the city.others,Yoshikawa station,Yoshikawa Minami Station,Dokkyodaigomae StationDeparture / arrival routes, Misato City Office,Piala CityThere are also routes within the Waseda area, as well as departures and arrivals at Misato housing complex.

Express Bus

 (Weekdays = Monday to Friday excluding holidays)


Taxi business area TheSoutheastern part of the prefectureso,Kasukabe-Soka-Koshigaya-Kuki-Yashio cityIt is the same area as.


Shuto ExpresswayMisato LineとTokyo Outer Ring Road,Joban ExpresswayConnect the threeMisato IC-Misato JCTThere is a lot of traffic.

General national road
Prefectural road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

マ ス コ ッ ト

2009 (21)May 2To the city birdGrebeWith the motifMascot character"Kai-chan" and "Tsubu-chan" debut[15].SaitamaMunicipalityYuru CharaConsists ofYurutama cheering partyAlso participates in. (Children's "Tsubu-chan" is not a member because the costume has not been created.)


Of the shrine in Misato CityLanternMany of them have three holes in the fire bag.Misato City Shrine Torii Survey Report (Misato City Cultural Properties Survey Report Vol. 15) What can be confirmed by the Misato City Board of Education

  • Inari Shrine
    • 430 Hanta, Misato City
    • 171 Zenma, Misato City
    • 86-XNUMX Sakae, Misato City
    • 35 Yaguchi, Misato City
    • 289-XNUMX Takasu, Misato City
  • Katori Shrine
    • 14-4-XNUMX Misato, Misato-shi
    • 74-XNUMX Kamiguchi, Misato City
    • 250-XNUMX Hikokawado, Misato City
    • 108-XNUMX Takasu, Misato City
  • Neno Shrine
    • 60-XNUMX Hikokura, Misato City
  • Miwa Shrine
    • 137-XNUMX Takasu, Misato City
  • Water shrine
    • 513-1-XNUMX, Takano, Misato-shi
  • Tenjinsha
    • 216-XNUMX Togasaki, Misato City
  • Tentoyo Shrine
    • 34-1-XNUMX Takano, Misato City

Sumida WardMimeguri ShrineThere is also a similar three-hole lantern.

Famous people

Person related to Misato City


Area codeIs "048" throughout the city.Calls to areas with a local code of "9XX" can be used at local call charges (Soka)MA).The detention stations are Saitama Misato Station, Misato Koyabori Station, and Misato Takano Station.

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