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😷 | Foreign technical intern trainees struggling with life in distress due to corona

Photo Earrings and bracelets for a birthday present given by a former Vietnamese technical intern trainee during the training period in Japan. He said that he pushed his back, saying, "Even if there is a difficult situation, you can always overcome it."

Foreign technical intern trainees suffering from hardships due to corona

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Ai Yamamoto, Deputy Secretary General of the Toyonaka International Association (Toyonaka City), which works to support foreigners, said, "In some cases, the supervising organization leaves technical intern trainees unattended when the employment relationship is cut off.

Foreign technical intern trainees are struggling due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.The history of the company that accepts the training ... → Continue reading

 Osaka Nichi-Nichi Newspaper

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Ai Yamamoto, Deputy Secretary General

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