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😷 | Impact of the new corona Chiba Castle Sakura Festival Canceled this year as well

Photo Impact of the new corona Chiba Castle Sakura Festival Canceled this year as well

Impact of the new corona Chiba Castle Sakura Festival Canceled this year as well

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At the "Chiba Castle Sakura Festival", about 100 Yoshino cherry trees can be enjoyed at Inohana Park facing Chiba Castle in Chuo-ku, Chiba City, and the weather was blessed with more than 10 cherry blossom viewing visitors. is.

The "Chiba Castle Sakura Festival", which is usually held in conjunction with the cherry blossom viewing season from the end of March, was last year due to the influence of the new corona ... → Continue reading

 Cibatere + Plus

It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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Inohana Park

Inohana Park(Inohana Koen)ChibaChibaChuo-kuIt is inHistorical park.Yahana CastleLocated on the ruins, it is also called Inohanayama and Inohanayama Park.[1].


Inohana Castle was once locatedInohanaIt is a park that occupies the entire hill1861(BunkyuIt has been popular as a historic site for a long time, such as "Mochizuki of Mt.[2]..In the parkSomei YoshinoThere are about 100 bottles, and every springChiba Castle"Sakura Festival" is held, and during the periodCherry-blossom viewing・ Cherry blossoms at nightChiba City Folk Museum Oflight upIt is also popular as a famous place for cherry blossoms, as you can enjoy many stores.[3].

Ota Bunka-no-mori

Inohana Park,Chiba UniversityFaculty of Education (former:Chiba Normal School) TracesGokoku Shrine6.22 hectares of land, which is said to be traces, is called "Cultural Forest".Chiba City Folk Museum,Chiba Prefectural Central Library,Chiba Cultural Center, Seikendo,garden,Parking LotIs comprehensively arranged as a place for cultural education and relaxation.[4].


The ruins of the castle1909(MeijiIt was opened as a park after 42)1959(Showa34 years) with an area of ​​10293 square metersHistorical parkMaintained as, on the hillside of Mt. Inohana1967In (Showa 42), Chiba City Folk Museum, Inohana-tei (Tea roomas well as the garden) Was built[1]. Also,1926(ShowaIn the first year), the 800th anniversary of the opening of Chiba, at the site of Inohana Castle1976In (51), a monument to the 850th anniversary of the opening of Chiba was erected.[5].


In the park博物馆,library,Cultural CenterCulture such asFacilityAre aggregated.In the parkBarrier-freeIn terms of equipment, steps and slopes have been almost eliminated.slopebywheelchairIt is fully considered for use in.Multi-functional toilets (wheelchair-accessible) are installed on the first floor of the museum and in the park (in front of Inohana-tei).[6].

Historic site

other than this,Dewa MiyamaOther stone monuments,Kan KaseMonument, Chiba Cultural Forest Inscription,CenotaphAnd so on.


Public transport



  • Keisei Bus
    • Thousand 03:Chiba Station --Central XNUMX-chome - Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall --Central Museum --Chiba University Hospital (Weekdays only)
    • Thousands 03-1: Chiba Station-Chuo XNUMX-chome- Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall --Central Museum --Chiba University Hospital-- Municipal Aoba Hospital --Minami Yahagi
    • Thousand 04: Chiba Station-Chuo XNUMX-chome- Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall --Central Museum-(not via Chiba University Hospital)-Municipal Aoba Hospital-Minami Yahagi (early morning / night-midnight only)
  • Chiba City Bus
    • Thousand 21: Chiba Station-Hirokoji- Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall --Central Museum --Chiba University Hospital-- Municipal Aoba Hospital --Minami Yahagi --Kawado Miyakoen
    • Rice 102: Inage Station-Chiba Station-Hirokoji- Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall --Central Museum --Chiba University Hospital-- Municipal Aoba Hospital --Minami Yahagi --Kawado Miyakoen



Parking Lot

  • Parking available, 25 cars (free)


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