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😷 | Beware of corona vaccine fraud "If you pay, give priority" The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan warns you of suspicious calls


Beware of corona vaccine fraud "If you pay, give priority" The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan warns against suspicious calls

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We also support 188, which connects to the nearest consumer service center.

Vaccination of the new coronavirus for healthcare professionals is about to begin.While many people are looking forward to the vaccine, ... → Continue reading

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Consumer Center

Consumer CenterWhat is (Shohi Seikatsu Center)?Local governmentInstalled byAdministrative agencyAnd for the businessconsumerIn addition to complaints and consultations, consumer awareness activities andLifeProvide information about.

Is obliged to set up facilities, etc. to handle office work such as consultation on consumer complaints to businessesPrefecturesImposing on市町村It imposes an obligation to make efforts to install it. The name is not limited to "Consumer Affairs Center", but depending on the installer, there are cases where the Consumer Affairs Center, Consumer Affairs Center, Consumer Affairs Center, Life Science Center, Citizen's Life Center, etc. are in charge of the Citizen's Counseling Room. ..

Information exchange on malicious business methods and product accidents, sharing of consumer affairs consultation database,Consumer life counselorTraining business etc.National Life CenterIt works with, but it is not a subordinate organization.

Consumer hotline

Consumer Affairs AgencyNationwide unified phone number after the inauguration ofNavi dial The "Consumer Hotline" was opened at 0570-064-370. Follow the voice guidanceZip CodeEnter, etc. to connect to the nearest center[1]To do. Initially, it was planned to start all over the country, but work was delayed.[2]By2009Started in advance in 9 prefectures of Fukushima, Yamanashi, Shimane, Kagawa and Okinawa on September 14th[3][1]Then,2010Started nationwide on January 1th[2].

Outgoing and receiving telephone linesDirect telephone,IP phone,Prepaid mobile phone,PHSIn the case of, the connection is not possible. In addition, the following measures are taken when connection is not possible, such as on holidays such as public holidays and when the center is busy.

  • If the local government's telephone line is a direct-revenue telephone or IP telephone, provide the consultation counter number.
  • Local government holidaysNational Life CenterConnect to.
  • If the nearest center is busy, we will guide you to the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan "Weekday Backup Consultation" 03-3446-1423.

In addition to 0570-064-3702015From July 7st, "I don't like it!"pun"Without area code188"No. [4]Started operation.


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