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😷 | Inpatients are less than 100 ... XNUMX new infected people [Fukushima Prefecture] Announced on February XNUMX


Less than 100 inpatients ... XNUMX new infected [Fukushima Prefecture] announced on February XNUMX

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Since 10 patients who had been treated by yesterday were discharged, the number of inpatients was 94, which was less than 100 following yesterday.

Five new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed yesterday (February XNUMX) in Fukushima prefecture.New infection confirmed ... → Continue reading

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hospitalized patient

"hospitalized patient"(Nyuinkan,The Resident Patient) Is a British novelist,Arthur Conan DoyleShort story by.Sherlock Holmes seriesThis is the 56st work of 21 short stories. British "Strand MagazineAnnounced in August 1893, USA, "Harpers Weekly" August 8, 1893 issue. Second short edition published in the same year "Sherlock Holmes Memories''(The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes) Was recorded in[1].


Late 1880s (Detailed yearCanonOctober (not listed in)HolmesReceives a request from a medical practitioner, Dr. Trevelian.

When Trevelian opened, Bresington decided to live as a patient admitted to his hospital, following the proposal of Bresington, who offered to sponsor for speculation. About a few weeks ago, Blessington said he was upset that there was a robbery nearby, and told him to lock the lock in the room more sturdy.

Two days ago, Trevelian received a letter requesting that his father be examined, and the next day, the patient's parents and children came. A seizure occurred during the medical examination, but the patient disappeared with his son while Trevelian took the medicine. But the next day, or today, they come back and continue their medical treatment. That night, Blessington treacherously interrogated Trevelian when someone had invaded his room. There was a footprint of a third party. Perhaps the son of the patient who came today seems to have invaded, and the doctor asks Holmes to clarify the truth of the case. Holmes visits the hospital to investigate, but Holmes hardens his attitude against Bresington's allegation that he doesn't know who he is aiming for, and he terminates the investigation.

The next morning, Blessington is found hanging around and Holmes challenges the mystery of the incident. Police speculate that it was a suicide, but Holmes concludes that it is a well-planned murder, and finds that there were three criminals from the footprints and cigar butts.


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